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The 20 T/H Large-scale Livestock Poultry & Ruminant Feed Production Line Project in the United States was Completed

  • Date: 2024-03-20 17:11:09
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In March 2024, the 120,000-ton high-end livestock and poultry feed and high-end ruminant feed production project designed and constructed by RICHI, covering an area of approximately 4,077 square meters and with a total investment of US$1.2 million, was officially completed and put into production.

The entire project is tailor-made by RICHI Machinery. Reasonable general planning, strict epidemic prevention zoning, standardized architectural design, professional processing technology, and stable and efficient feed processing equipment can effectively reduce the comprehensive operating costs of the entire plant and improve feed and breeding. quality and create long-term profits.

Ruminant Feed Production Line Project in the United States

The livestock and poultry and ruminant feed production line workshops are designed as two completely independent production systems. While meeting regulatory requirements and product needs, they also achieve centralized control, improve the control efficiency of the production system, and ensure production safety.

The crushing system is mainly equipped with the RICHI SFSP series wide-type crusher. This series of crushers has the characteristics of stability, efficiency, low noise, and small amplitude. It is suitable for the crushing requirements of livestock, poultry, and ruminant medium and large particle sizes.

At the same time, it is connected in series with the SFSP60 series dedicated to laying hen feed. The crusher takes into account the first coarse powder of laying hen feed, and the configuration is reasonably optimized.

The mixing system is equipped with two independent three-scale batching systems, which are fast in efficiency and high in accuracy. The average batching efficiency can reach 20 batches/hour. Combined with the RICHI double-shaft paddle mixer, the efficiency and accuracy are perfectly matched;

The granulation system is equipped with a RICHI gear-driven ring-die ruminant feed pellet machine, which has stronger torque, higher efficiency, and stable production capacity. The power consumption per ton of conventional livestock and poultry feed can be controlled at about 9.0KW/ton. With the granulator automatic control system, equipment production can be realized maximize efficiency.

The silos of the entire plant are reasonably configured according to the proportion of each raw material, so that all raw materials are basically packed in bulk, and replenishment is monitored in a timely manner according to the needs of the production system, moving towards lean production and pull-type production lines for feed enterprises.

At present, the project has entered the mass production stage. The equipment is running smoothly and the feed produced is of high quality, nutritious and palatable. After the first batch of finished products was put into the market, it received widespread praise from customers.

With its excellent technical strength, rich engineering construction experience and efficient engineering construction team, RICHI has set another benchmark in the customer's local feed processing industry and won high praise from the person in charge of the feed mill of the project.

Richi Machinery, as the industry's leading service provider of feed equipment and whole plant engineering systems, will continue to innovate independently in the future, meet customer development needs with excellent quality and lean services, and help partners succeed!

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