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5T/H Customized Animal Food Processing Plant in Peru

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Name:Automatic Animal Feed Plant
Date:February 2021
Pellet Size:1-4mm
The install period:30 Days
Control Mode:Automatic
Animal Food Processing Plant Cost:220,000-250,000 USD

5T/H Customized Animal Food Processing Plant in Peru

This is a customized animal food processing plant project, as well as an expansion + renovation project, which will be used to process a variety of livestock and poultry pellet feed.

Customer's initial inquiry content:

"Hello, I am communicating from Peru, in charge of the company for which I work, I am in charge of the quotation of machinery for the renovation of its balanced feed plant for animals, I would appreciate your support in this regard".

animal feed manufacturers in gauteng animal food processing plant

At the end of 2019, a sudden epidemic broke out and spread around the world. In the past three years, due to the sharp drop in exchange rates, soaring raw material prices, and soaring shipping costs, many foreign trade industries have suffered setbacks. Nevertheless, RICHI's feed engineering has been built successively in many countries, among which, the 5T/H Customized Animal Food Processing Plant in Peru is a representative project during this period, making "Made by RICHI" particularly dazzling in the local area.

Initially, what the customer gave us was just an idea and a budget. We have to devote a lot of energy to tailor-made according to the actual situation of the customer, guarantee the quality, quantity and delivery time, and give the customer a satisfactory project.

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5T/H Animal Food Processing Plant Solution

Even the best design should focus on the needs of customers, otherwise it will be a castle in the air. In the process of customizing the plan, RICHI understands the customer's needs from the beginning - preliminary design of the plan - review by various departments - communication and adjustment with the customer - modification of the plan - second review - communication adjustment - re-examination..... .and again and again, finalized.
animal feed production line animal food processing plant

During this period, time difference and language have never been our obstacles. Patience, care, focus, and professionalism are the consistent professionalism of RICHI.

Animal Feed Production Process design

The animal food processing plant in Peru project adopts manual weighing and batching, and the designed total production capacity is 5T/H. The raw materials need to be weighed in advance, and then fed into the pellet production line from two different feeding ports. Among them, the raw materials to be crushed are fed into the pulverizer from the granular feeding port in batches, and the pulverizer is fed by a screw conveyor. The crushed powder is pre-weighed and enters the feed production line from the powder feeding port, and then mixed by a feed mixer.

animal food processing plant  how to produce animal feed

The mixed material can directly enter the finished product bin as a powder product, or enter the granulation section for granulation cooling. Finally, manual measurement and weighing are used for packaging. The total power of the unit is about 172KW; the size of the whole set of animal feed equipment is about 13×6×11m; it is equipped with a 0.5T boiler. The entire animal feed pellet production line adopts a spliced frame, which is compact in design, reasonable in structure, and meets environmental protection requirements.

Peru 5T/H animal food processing plant Equipment configuration



From technical support to quality control to on-schedule delivery, the price of raw materials has risen repeatedly, but it cannot change our original intention of manufacturing "model projects". Exquisite materials are used, the technology is exquisite, and the management and workshop personnel are all certified to work.



Orderly, without chaos. 10 containers, the 5t/h animal food processing plant equipment needs to be packed to the corresponding location according to the box number and list according to the packing plan to facilitate customer inspection and later installation after the goods arrive at the site, and the loading of the containers is completed within 1 day. Under the careful and meticulous calculation and review of logistics, the task was finally completed as scheduled.

animal feed plant animal food processing plant



Good equipment is divided into three parts for manufacturing and seven parts for installation. The quality of the installation directly determines the stability of the whole set of 5t/h animal food processing plant equipment in the later operation process. The RICHI Engineering Department dispatched an experienced project manager to the customer site to personally guide the installation, just to control every detail in place, as small as the installation of a screw.

animal feed production business plan animal food processing plant

In the current epidemic situation, it is hard to find the next ticket, flights are cut off frequently, and round-trip quarantine is the norm. Despite this, RICHI still stands up to this feed project under the severe international situation! Looking forward to RICHI's equipment, quickly realizing its due value.


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