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Australia 1-2T/H Small Scale Chicken Feed Mill Project

Name:Small chicken feed mill
Date:July 11th, 2019
Chicken feed pellet size:2-6mm
The install period:10 Days
Total Power:59.7KW
Guiding Price:18,000 USD
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If you are looking for chicken feed mill near me or chicken pellet machine in Australia, you can check this 1-2t/h chicken poultry feed mill project built in Australia.

Strictness of chicken feed production quarantine in Australia

Australia is one of the world's largest producers and exporters of animal products. Sheepskin, chicken, leather, milk products, food, and meat enjoy a high reputation in the international market. This Australia 1-2 ton per hour automatic small plant chicken feed mill project is mainly for broiler chicken feed production, because the Australia chicken breeding industry has excellent development prospects.

 Australia chicken feed manufacturing plant customers visit RICHI factory

 Australia chicken feed manufacturing plant customers visit RICHI factory

The strictness of food quarantine in Australia is world-famous. The fast-raised meat and eggs have the same nutritional value as traditional stocking methods, but the hormone and cholesterol content is high.

Australia food regulations have provisions on the nutritional ingredients that chicken feed must possess, there are standards for the addition of certain raw materials, there are prohibited ingredients, etc., which are very detailed. Therefore, the Australian customer's requirements on the easy to operate 1-2t/h chicken feed mill process and chicken feed mill equipment are very high.

Overview of Australia 1-2t/h broiler feed mill for chicken

This 1-2 ton per hour chicken feed mill constructed by Richi Machinery. It has a small site area and has local standards for limiting the height of the 1-2t/h small capacity chicken feed manufacturing plant. Therefore, Richi Machinery has designed a customized 1-2 ton per hour poultry chicken feed pellet making plant solution according to the actual site situation of the customer:

Broiler chicken feed making machine Model QTY
Screw conveyor TLSS16 1
Hammer mill feed grinder 15-200 (Directly driving type with hammers) 1
Chicken feed mixture machine SLHY0.5A 1
Storage bin 1m³ 1
Stainless steel condtioner TZQ22*180 1
Chicken feed pellet mill SZLH250 1
Cooling belt WLSS50 1
MCC Control Center ;Mimic Control Panel Power range from 22 kw to 55 kw for star triangle star 1
Cables and wires / 1

Obviously, due to the limitations of the small chicken feed mill, we have configured a simple chicken feed production line for our customers. In addition, except for the limitation of the 1-2tph chicken feed mill plant area, because the feed pellets produced by the customer feed the broilers directly, instead of being used for sales.

So we did not recommend that the customer configure chicken feed machine such as automatic ingredient weighing and automatic packaging weighing, which greatly saves the cost of the poultry chicken broiler animal feed pellet plant construction. Thereby reducing the cost of the entire customized feed mill plant for chicken.

It is worth mentioning that we have also configured a pulse dust collector with very good dust removal effect for our customers, which not only guarantees high-quality finished feed pellets, but also saves the cost of conventional dust removal systems.

According to customer requirements, we tested the chicken feed pellet press before shipmentAccording to customer requirements, we tested the chicken feed pellet press before shipment

Customer feedback of the 1-2t/h automatic complete chicken feed line with reasonable price:

We have adopted the 1-2t/h advanced small poultry feed mill equipment of Richi Machinery, and overall we are very satisfied. The entire small chicken feed mill process not only has reasonable configuration, high degree of automation, and large output, but also adopts appropriate dust-proof treatment. The important thing is that I get a gratifying economic profit from it. Thanks to my friend-Richi.
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