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Trinidad and Tobago 400-500KG/H Small Animal Feed Plant For Livestock Farm

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Name:Small scale animal feed manufacturing plant
Country:Trinidad and Tobago
Date:November 4, 2019
Feed Pellet Size:2-6mm
The install period:10 Days
Total Power:27KW
Cost of a small pellet feed plant:2500-6000USD

Trinidad and Tobago 400-500KG/H Small Animal Feed Plant For Livestock Farm

The 400-500KG/H livestock animal feed plant project is not the first export of Richi Machinery to Trinia and Tobago. Prior to this, we also exported the wood pellet processing equipment and other feed processing machines to customers in this country. In addition to petroleum and chemical products, livestock are the main products exported by Tobago, which means that there is a large demand for animal feed.

The production capacity of 400-500kg small animal feed mill plant seems to be small, but for Trinia and Tobago, where the breeding industry is not developed, it is already a relatively large production.

automatic small plant poultry pellet feed production plant

This is a project of animal feed plant machinery for small farm in Tobago. The whole small livestock feed production line 500 kilo hour for livestock of this project has a reasonable process layout and the small animal feed plant is smooth and simple; the project is equipped with a series of high-yield and low-consumption products such as Richi's animal grain hammer mill, small feeds mixer, small scale pellet machine for feeds.
Factory Price livestock feed pellet processing line plant

In terms of the operation intensity of the workers and the same output, the small farm livestock feed processing equipment configured by Richi Machinery can reduce the energy consumption of at least 5kw per hour than the peer small scale animal feed plant manufacturers, which reduces the operating cost of the 400-500kg hr small animal livestock feed plant. This small capacity aniaml feed production plant is a turnkey project of Richi Machinery, which has created a good model effect for similar small feed mill plants.

Small animal feed manufacturing process design for 400-500kg/h small animal feed plant in Trinia and Tobago

What is small animal feed plant? Small animal feed plant is also called small feed production line, which is used to process animal feeding pellets. Our small animal feed pellet plant is can produce 2-8mm of feed pellets, the yield is 0.08-1t/h.

This complete set feed procesing machine set is widely used in small and medium size of animal feed production line, livestock farms and individuals who raise animals, etc. The finished feed pellet are suitable for pigs, cattle, sheep, rabbits, chickens, ducks, geese and other aquatic organisms.

The general process flow of the 400-500KG/H small scale animal feed plant: put soybean, soybean meal, bran, corn and other raw materials into the cleaning equipment, the raw materials after debris removal have entered the small scale feed grinder, and after grinding into powder, enter the livestock feed mixers for small farms, according to customer's formula, oils are added in this section, and then mixed with the powdered raw materials, and then enter the small scale animal feed pellet machine. Then you get the finished product, which can be directly used to feed animals. 

The following is the detailed animal feed manufacturing process for 400-500kg/h livestock feed pellet production line for sale Trinia and Tobago:

Small animal feed pellet making machine as explained earlier is a small and less complicated machine. This makes the processing of the pellets a bit easier to comprehend. The initial process is to bring the material for making the pellets. These includes soya bean meal, maize meal, vitamin among others.

As the picture, the corn and bean cake are ground by the self-suction grinding machine. The materials that don't need to be ground like wheat bran, bone meal, microelement, vitamin directly go into the mixing machine from the feeding port. All the materials are mixed uniformly and sent to the hopper then sent into feed bin by screw conveyor.
animal feed manufacturing process for 400-500kg/h livestock feed pellet production line

After that, the materials go into feed pellet mill equipment evenly from the feeding port and are produced into pellets. Those pellets then go into the cooling machine. Under the function of fan, the pellets are cooled to the temperature that is not over 5℃ than the room temperature. The cool pellets are screened by the vibrating screen, then they can be packaged.

  1. Crushing section of 400-500kg small animal feed plant for sale Trinidad and Tobago
    This is the first step to ensuring all the large grains are crushed into powder forms. The small animal pellet mill plant has a grinding machine that is specifically for the crushing purposes. Maize meals, broomcorn, wheat, beans, oilseed meal, soya bean meal may be in large grains and hence must pass the small scale hammer mill process. They are taken to the small farm feed grinder where they are crushed into fine powder. Without this process, it might be next to impossible to make pellets.
  2. Mixing section of small animal feed plant for sale Trinidad and Tobago
    This is where all the ingredients are mixed. The livestock feed mixing machine is known as RI-500 vertical mixing machine for animal feed. It has a large barrel where all the ingredients are put in different proportions. With the help of the small scale animal feed mixers, the powder is mixed in different proportions to form one mixture which is known as feed animal feed pelletizing line plant
  3. Pelletizing section of Trinidad and Tobago small animal feed plant 400-500kg
    The pelletizing system incorporates the small pellet mill for making animal feed. This is meant to press the feed mesh and form pellets. The machine used here is the FDF-260. It is able to make the pellets into uniform sizes. These includes the same diameter and length. This is to ensure that the livestock feed pellet machine produces the required sizes for different animals to ensure that it provides what is required and also avoid wastage during feeding. FDF series feed pellet machine is widely used in small feed pellet production line for animal 400-50000kg/h livestock animal poultry feed processing plant
  4. Cooling section of 400-500kg small modular pelletization plant for sale Trinidad and Tobago
    After crushing, mixing and pelletizing the final process is cooling. The small farm feed processing equipment used here is the counter flow type cooler. The small scale feed mill machine is small in size and convenient when transporting and installing. At the pelleting system, the pellets tend to produce heat which ranges from 70 to 85 degrees.
    small livestock feed pellet manufacturing plant for animal feed
    This heat must be reduced to room temperature to meet the storage requirement. Without cooling process, the hot pellets would produce mildew resulting to damage of the pellets. With a cooling fan in place, the pellets pass through the cooling area and their temperature is reduced to harmless levels. The pellets are then packed or derectly stored in a cool dry place.

Performance of RICHI 0.08-1T/H Small Animal Feed Plant

Advantages Of RICHI Small Scale Livestock Animal Feed Plant Unit

small pellet production making line

PELLET RICHI is a reliable animal feed pellet machine and small animal feeds plant supplier in China, with decades of experiences in livestock and poultry feed manufacturing process.This 400-500 kg per hour small animal feed plant is one of our hot sell products for small animal feed factories around the world.

If you want to buy small animal feed pelleting machine or small animal feed machinery for cows sheep fish poultry for starting your own mini small scale animal feed processing plant, it should be your best choice! Whenever you are interested in our small feed mill palnt equipment for making poultry & livestock feed pellets, don't hesitate to get in touch!

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Small capacity animal feed plant for sale the world

In addition to exporting medium and large animal feed mill plant to the world, we also have a business specializing in selling small feed mill planrs. The following are some of the small animal feed plant projects we have done:

Projects Country
500-600KG/H small animal feed plant Netherlands
400-500KG/H small animal feed plant Germany
500-700KG/H small animal feed making plant Indonesia
500KG/H small animal feed processing plant Philippines
500KG/H small animal feed pellet plant Bangladesh
300KG/H animal feed plant Lebanon
200KG/H small animal feed plant Pakistan
500KG/H animal feed plant UAE
500KG/H animal feed pelleting plant Qatar
100-150KG/H animal feed pelletizing plant Bahrain
400-500KG/H small animal pellet feed plant Bolivia
FDF400 animal feed pellet line Ecuador
300KG/H animal feed plant Colombia
200-300KG/H animal feed machine plant Australia
500KG/H animal feed production plant Tanzania
500KG/H Small Feed Pellet Line Uganda
800-1000KG/H animal feed plant The Gambia
150KG/H animal feed pellet plant Burkina Faso
200-300KG/H animal feed produciton line Botswana
1000KG/H animal feed plant South Africa
700-800KG/H animal feed plant Namibia

All of the above small animal feed plant projects are really effective, please feel free to contact Richi Machinery for project details!

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