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1-2 T/H Sawdust Wood Pellet Production Line in Italy

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Name:Sawdust pellet plant
Date:May, 2023
Pellet Size:8mm
The install period:20 Days
Control Mode:Semi-automatic
Guiding Price:80,000 USD

1-2 T/H Sawdust Wood Pellet Production Line in Italy

Origin of the 1-2 t/h sawdust wood pellet production line in Italy

Italy is a net importer of wood pellets. Wood pellets are mainly imported from countries such as Germany, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Croatia, Poland, Lithuania, Romania, France, Russia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Latvia, Estonia and Egypt.

1-2 T/H Sawdust Wood Pellet Production Line in Italy

Wood pellets in Italy are mainly used for heating small-scale private homes and industrial boilers. Around 96% of Italian pellet consumption comes from these heating industries, with the majority of pellets delivered in bags.

Bulk pellets up to 20,000 tons are transported by silo trucks. The report pointed out that its domestic production can only meet less than 30% of domestic pellet demand, and more than 70% of wood pellets need to be met through imports.

If there is demand, there must be a market. Currently, more and more Italian investors are interested in entering the wood pellet processing industry. Especially those industries related to wood pellet processing, such as furniture factories, sawdust factories, wood chip factories, etc.

These investors with raw material resources have also noticed the field of wood pellet processing and regarded wood pellet processing as a new business for their expansion.

The client of this 1-2 t/h sawdust pellet production line project is a furniture factory from Italy, which has abundant raw materials. In order to make full use of these processing residues and expand business channels, the Italian customer decided to invest US$80,000 to build this "annual biomass pellet fuel processing project of 4,500 tons." It is worth mentioning that this customer is an old friend of RICHI. Because in 2021, the customer purchased a wood chip dryer from RICHI to dry the wood scraps from the furniture factory, and then sell these wood chips and sawdust.

  • Project area: The factory covers an area of 350m2, which is construction land
  • Project investment: 80,000 USD
  • Raw materials: pure sawdust
  • Construction period: 1 month
  • Annual power consumption: 50,000 kWh, powered by the local power grid
  • Labor capacity: 5 people
  • Working system: Production implements an 8-hour day shift system, no production at night, and annual working hours are 300 days
1-2 T/H Sawdust Wood Pellet Production Line in Italy

Construction Content

This 1-2 t/h sawdust wood pellet production line in Italy project uses the existing factory building and purchases a total of 12 main production equipment such as pellet machines, distributors, hoppers, conveyor belts, and air pumps. The specific construction content is shown in the table below:

Project Category Name Construction Content
Structural work Production workshop 1 building, covering an area of 450m2, 1 floor
Auxiliary works Finished product warehouse 1 building, covering an area of 550m2, 1 floor
Public works Water supply Provided by local water pipe network
Powered by local power grid
Heating Electricity supply
Environmental Engineering Exhaust gas 1 set of "gas collecting hood + bag dust collector + 15m exhaust pipe"; sawdust is unloaded and stored in a closed workshop; belt conveyor is closed for transportation; factory roads and workshop floors are hardened
Wastewater bathroom
Noise Vibration reduction, sound insulation and other devices
Solid waste General solid waste temporary storage area

Main production equipment

The main production equipment of this 1-2 t/h sawdust wood pellet production line in Italy project is shown in the table below:

Number Device name QTY
1 Wood pellet making machine 2
2 Distributor 1
3 Hopper 2
4 Conveyor belt 6
5 Air pump 1

Main raw and auxiliary material consumption

This is a sawdust pellet production line, the raw material is only sawdust. The consumption of main raw and auxiliary materials for this project is shown in the table below:

Name of raw and auxiliary materials Consumption (t/a)
Sawdust 4500

Process design of 1-2 t/h sawdust wood pellet production line in Italy

Brief description of process flow:

  1. Unloading:
    The raw and auxiliary materials used by the company are mainly sawdust, which comes from the customer's furniture factory. The crushing degree and dryness are both qualified. No further crushing and drying are required.
    The moisture content of the sawdust is 6%-12%. In between, the particle size is about 3mm-20mm. The sawdust is directly placed in the factory building, and unloading is completed in a closed workshop.
  2. Granulation:
    The raw materials are lifted by the belt conveyor, sealed and transported to the warehouse to be granulated, and then formed in the wood pellet mill. No additives are required during the granulation process.
    The raw materials enter the wood granulator from the granulator bin. Through electric heating, the temperature of the powder can reach 80°C to 90°C.
    The extruded pellet fuel is continuously squeezed out to the outer end of the die hole, and the cutter cuts the molded pellets into required pieces. length, the final formed granules flow out of the sawdust pellet press and fall into the product conveyor.
  3. Screening and warehousing:
    The cooled sawdust pellets enter the rotary grading screen. The sawdust pellets that meet the requirements enter the finished product bin through the conveyor.
    The sawdust pellets that do not meet the requirements fall into the lower layer of the screen and are discharged before entering the finished product bin, reused in the granulation process.
    Qualified sawdust pellets fall into the finished product bin. The bottom of the finished product bin is a funnel-shaped outlet, which is pneumatically discharged.
    The finished product can be directly dropped into the packaging bag, and can be sold after being packed with a baler. The formed sawdust pellets have been pressed and compacted, and basically no dust is generated during the bagging process.

Layout: The factory area of this 1-2 t/h sawdust wood pellet production line in Italy project covers an area of 3000m2. The entrance and exit are located on the west side of the factory area, close to the road. The production workshop is located on the east side of the factory area, and the warehouse is located on the north side of the workshop.

Main polluting processes and environmental protection measures

In response to the above pollution, the environmental protection measures adopted by this 1-2 t/h sawdust wood pellet production line in Italy project are as follows:

Pollution source Pollutants Governance facilities Acceptance metrics
Exhaust gas Granulation and screening process Organized particulate matter Gas collecting hood + 1 bag dust collector + 1 15m exhaust tube ≤120mg/m3, ≤3.5kg/h
Exhaust gas and unloading and conveying processes are not collected in the granulation and screening processes. Unorganized particulate matter Work in a closed workshop, the factory roads and workshop floors are hardened; a closed belt conveyor is used for feeding Factory boundary≤1.0mg/m3
Wastewater Domestic sewage COD, SS, NH3-N Mainly used for dust suppression in factory areas. Do not row outside
Noise Equipment noise LA Basic vibration reduction, noise reduction, factory sound insulation ≤60dB(A) during the day (no production at night)
Solid waste Production Defective products, dust Centralized collection and reuse in granulation process  
Staff life Domestic waste Environmental sanitation department disposal Do not row outside

How to build sawdust wood pellet production line in Italy?


Italy wood pellet production line Investment

Your funds and budget are the first things to consider in your sawdust pellet production line in Italy construction. Your budget tends to tell the scale of the wood pellet line regarding large size or small scale. In case you do not have sufficient funds, then consider lowering your capacity.

Consequently, you can get even lower some relatively unimportant equipment. However, in cutting cost, it is never advisable to substitute the necessary equipment with low price and low-quality ones. You might end up regretting the move.


wood pellet production line Design and layout


Raw materials

To keep the best of the wood pellet production line design, the following measures need to be included primarily to the wood pellet raw materials:

At present, in addition to the 1-2t/h sawdust wood pellet production line in Italy, we also provide cat litter pellet production lines, pet feed production lines, air purifier pellet production lines, waste tire pellet production lines, etc. to Italy.

Whether it is the grasp of the Italian market conditions or the applicability of program design and equipment configuration, RICHI MACHINERY has been recognized by every Italian customer. If you want to carry out a wood pellet project, contact us to get professional technical support!

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