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2 T/H Wood Pellet Production Line In France

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Name:Wood pellet manufacturing plant project
Capacity:5000 t/a
Pellet Size:8mm
The install period:30 Days
Control Mode:Semi-automatic
Guiding Price:250,000 USD

2 T/H Wood Pellet Production Line In France

Origin of 2 t/h Wood pellet production line in France project

The development of wood pellet energy is a strategic measure to promote energy conservation and emission reduction. It is also an effective way to protect the ecological environment and utilize forestry resources reasonably and effectively. With the advancement of global carbon emission strategies, biomass energy has received wider attention.

2 T/H Wood Pellet Production Line In France

France has been vigorously promoting clean energy. Wood pellet fuel is an ideal fuel to replace coal and oil. It can save energy and reduce pollutant emissions. It has good environmental, economic and social benefits. It is an efficient, clean and renewable energy.

Based on the sustained local demand for high-quality wood pellets in France, this French customer seized the market opportunity and used the existing vacant factory building as a production site. It purchased wood pellet machines, crushers and other facilities from RICHI MACHINERY, and built a new biomass pellet fuel production projects.

The total investment of the 2 t/h wood pellet production line in France project is 250,000 USD, and a new 2t/h biomass pellet fuel production line will be built. After being put into operation, it will produce 5,000 tons of biomass pellet fuel annually.

Construction content

The 2 t/h wood pellet production line in France project covers an area of approximately 5000m2, with a construction area of 4000m2. The factory construction area is 1200m2, the finished product warehouse area is 2500m2, and the office area is 300m2.

Two new fuel biomass pellet production lines will be built (the raw materials of the two biomass pellet production lines are pre-processed by a crushing line and a dryer), with an annual production of 5,000 tons of biomass pellet fuel. The construction content is mainly equipment installation.

A steel structure standard workshop with an area of 1,200 square meters will be built in the open space in the southwest corner of the factory area. Since the land has been leveled, the construction content mainly includes the erection of steel structure workshops and equipment installation.

This project consists of main engineering, environmental protection engineering and public engineering. The detailed engineering content is shown in the table below.

Construction Content Details Building area (m2) Remark
Production plant area Raw material storage yard, scrap crushing workshop, drying workshop, granulating workshop 1200 New
Finished product warehouse area Product warehouse 2500 Original
Office area Office, dormitory, canteen, kitchen 300 Original

Product solutions

The specific product plans for this 2 t/h wood pellet production line in France project are as follows:

Product name Production capacity Running time
Wood pellet fuel 5000t/a 2400h/a

The type of biomass pellet fuel in this 2 t/h wood pellet production line in France project is forestry biomass. It is a pellet fuel formed by high-pressure and low-temperature compression using professional machinery and special processes without any chemical additives.

Biomass wood pellet fuel has high calorific value, is clean and pollution-free, and is a high-tech environmentally friendly product that replaces fossil energy. The types and calorific value of forestry biomass pellets are as follows:

Biomass wood pellet types and calorific value

The main source of biomass pellets in this 2 t/h wood pellet production line in France project is wood processing residues, with a low calorific value of approximately 4300 kg/kcal.

Biomass pellet types Biomass source Low calorific value (kg/kcal)
Forestry biomass Logging and wood-making residues 4300~4500
Wood processing residues
Forest pruning
Forestry mixture

Major equipment for 2 t/h wood pellet plant in France

The equipment required during the production process of this 2 t/h wood pellet production line in France project is shown in the table below.

Number Device name QTY
1 Wood hammer mill grinder 1
2 Biomass pellet mill 2
3 Auger conveyor 4
4 Three-pass dryer 1
5 Biomass burner 1
6 Trommel screen 2
7 Cyclone 2
8 Dust removal device 1
9 Pulse bag dust collector 1
10 Exhaust pipe 1
11 Forklift 1

Process design of 2 t/h wood pellet manufacturing plant in France

The main raw materials of this 2 t/h wood pellet production line in France project are sawdust and waste wood scraps. The sawdust does not need to be crushed for the first time. The waste wood scraps need to be crushed.

The sawdust and the crushed waste wood scraps are dried to make the moisture content less than 5% before entering the granulator for granulation.

The granulated biomass wood pellets are transported through natural cooling so that the temperature can reach the conditions for packaging and storage, and finally package and store.

  1. Crushing: Waste wood scraps are crushed through a crusher to make the particle size less than 5mm.
  2. Drying: The rotary dryer of the project uses a biomass pellet hot air stove as a heat source for drying. The combustion flue gas and dust raw materials enter the drying tube together, and the moisture in the raw materials is evaporated during the high-speed hot air flow transportation. The drying tube is closely connected to the cyclone separator, and the raw materials and water vapor are separated in the cyclone separator. A small amount of dust is generated during the cyclone drying process. To make the moisture content meet the requirements for granulation (moisture content less than 5%), the dryer of this 2 t/h wood pellet line in France project is equipped with a biomass hot air stove, which can burn 200t of biomass pellets annually (the biomass pellet fuel comes from the products of this project).
  3. Transportation: The raw materials pass through the auger conveyor and are input into the feed port of the granulator, and the finished products are transported to the drum screen for screening through the belt.
  4. Granulation: The raw materials are fed into the wood pellet mill machine through the auger conveyor, and are extruded into finished products. The extrusion process is a physical process. No adhesive is added and no chemical reaction occurs. Except for the joints of the auger conveyor and The discharge port and the outside of the equipment are all sealed.
  5. Conveying and cooling: The granulated biomass pellets are naturally cooled through transportation, so that their temperature can reach the conditions for packaging and storage, and are finally transported to the finished product warehouse.
  6. Screening: The finished products are screened through a trommel screen and the qualified wood pellets products are put into storage. The unqualified products are crushed and granulated again.
  7. Packaging and storage: Pack the cooled products and store them in storage.

Environmental protection measures


Dust management

The air pollutants in this 2 t/h wood pellet production line in France project are mainly waste gas generated during the production process: raw material storage dust, crushing dust, transportation dust, water vapor, and drying waste gas.


Wastewater treatment

The main water used in this 2 t/h wood pellet production line in France project is dust removal water. The drying waste gas of the project is processed by the cyclone dust collector and then processed by the impact water bath dust removal device to meet the emission standards.

The water bath dust removal water consumption is 2m3/d, the sewage discharge coefficient is 0.8, and the amount of wastewater generated is 1.6m3/d.


Noise processing

The main noise of the 2 t/h wood pellet production line in France project is: production equipment crushers, dryers, conveyor belts, granulators, drum screens and fans, etc. The noise source of a single piece of equipment is about 80-85Db(A).


High Output And Low Energ Consumption

The solid waste in this 2 t/h wood pellet production line in France project mainly includes employees’ domestic garbage, dryer (hot blast stove) ash and slag, dust collected by bag dust collector, screened defective products, particles collected by cyclone dust collector, sedimentation tank sediment, waste packaging bags and Waste engine oil.

Why build a wood pellet production line in France?

More than half of the EU's renewable energy now comes from wood pellets, well ahead of solar and wind. The annual carbon emissions from burning biomass in the EU reach 400 million tons, which is approximately equal to the combined emissions of Italy and Poland. The EU has therefore become the world's largest consumer of wood pellets for energy and heating.

wood pellets

Wood pellets are processed from low-value wood and waste wood from the wood industry, such as branches, processing residues and forest thinning products (trees felled to regulate forest spacing), so they do not harm Europe's dense native forests and nature. , on the contrary, it is a reasonable part of the circular economy.

In France, the price of wood pellets has almost doubled to 600 euros per ton. Hungary has even banned the export of wood pellets, while Romania has imposed limits on firewood prices to prevent panic buying.

The alarming increase in the price of wood pellets has also forced some poor Europeans to turn into woodcutter, cutting down trees in forests, orchards and even city parks. This is also the main reason why the client of this project wants to build a wood pellet production line in France.

Although the output of this project is not large, it must be sufficient for self-use and sales to surrounding areas.

Currently, in addition to this 2 t/h wood pellet production line in France project, our wood pellet production plants are also exported to Germany, Poland, Romania, Spain, the Netherlands, Italy and other countries. If you want to know more about the wood pellet production line projects we have done in EU countries, please contact Richi Machinery for details!

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