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Customized 3 Tons Per Hour Small Capacity Sawdust Pellet Production Line For Sale China

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Name:Simple design wood sawdust pellet line
Country:Hunan Province, China
Date:Sep 13th, 2017
Capacity:3000 tons per year
Pellet Size:6-8mm
The install period:10 Days
Control Mode:Automatic
Sawdust wood pellet production line price:160,000 USD

Customized 3 Tons Per Hour Small Capacity Sawdust Pellet Production Line For Sale China

Basic situation of the 3 t/h customized biomass wood pellet line project for making wood pellet from sawdust

The origin of the 3000 tons per year cheap price high return sawdust pellet production line

Biomass pellet fuel is essentially the direct combustion of biomass energy and the processing and utilization of biomass. Direct combustion methods can be divided into four situations: stove combustion, boiler combustion, garbage combustion and solid fuel combustion. Among them, solid fuel combustion is a newly promoted technology. After the biomass is solidified and formed, it is then burned with traditional coal-burning equipment.
machines needed to pelletize sawdust

Its advantage is to make full use of biomass energy to replace coal, reduce CO2 and SO2 emissions, which is conducive to environmental protection and control of greenhouse gas emissions, slowing climate deterioration, and reducing the occurrence of natural disasters. China attaches great importance to the development and utilization of bio-energy.

Since the 1980s, the Chinese government has always listed the research and application of biomass energy utilization technology as a key scientific and technological project, and has carried out research and development of new technologies for the utilization of biomass energy, which has made biomass energy technology a further step.
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However, the research on the utilization of biomass energy in China is mainly focused on projects such as large and medium-sized livestock farm biogas engineering technology, straw gasification centralized gas supply technology and landfill power generation technology. For biomass energy pellet fuel products The research on the production and processing and direct combustion utilization of China is still in its infancy.

The client of this China sawdust wood pellet production line project, Keli Biomass Energy Co., Ltd., was established in January 2021 and is located in Chenzhou City, Hunan Province, China. The customer leased an existing local plant for the construction of a small capacity sawdust pellet line with ce, which mainly produces biomass pellets for small scale wood pellet production.

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Construction content and scale of the 3 tons per hour automatic wood pellet mill line for sawdust

The construction content of the 3tph sawdust wood pellet mill production line is divided into main projects, auxiliary projects, public works, office buildings and environmental protection projects according to functions. The main project is located in the sawdust pellet plant production workshop. The main project is the production area; the auxiliary projects are the raw material area and the finished product area.

sawdust pellet block making machine price pellets from sawdust machine manufacturers
Because the client's budget is small, the lease is an older factory

The public works of the best price sawdust pellet production line mainly include power supply and water supply. The water supply and power supply are provided by the local water supply pipe network and the national grid respectively. The environmental protection project of the 3t/h best price wood pellet mill plant mainly includes pulse bag filter, general solid Waste warehouse, hazardous waste warehouse, etc.

Category Building name Structural form Occupation area (m²) Quantity Use
Main project Production area brick-concrete structure 300 1F Screening, granulating process
Finished product area Steel structure
Auxiliary project Material warehouse brick-concrete structure 100 Raw material storage
Office space Office brick and concrete 110 1F Office life
Utilities Water supply Local water supply network
Power supply National Grid
Environmental protection project Exhaust gas (feeding, screening process, granulating process) Air collecting device + bag filter + 15m high exhaust cylinder
Wastewater After the septic tank is collected and processed, it is used to fertilize the surrounding farmland
Solid waste (general solid waste, hazardous waste) Build a 5m² general solid waste warehouse and 5m² hazardous waste warehouse
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Main equipment needed for making pellets from sawdust in the 3 tons sawdust wood pellet production line with factory price

Complete sawdust pellet production line machine name Quantity Capacity/Power
Sawdust pellet machine 1 90KW
Trum Screener 1 2KW
Silo 1 10m3
Conveyor belt 2 /

Raw and auxiliary materials of the factory price sawdust wood pellet production line

The main raw material of the factory price wood pellet production line project is sawdust. There is no crushing in the wood sawdust pellet factory, and the sawdust is directly formed into biomass pellets. The main raw and auxiliary materials of the 3 tph completely wood pellet production line project are shown in the table below.

Raw materials
Name Annual consumption
Sawdust 3333 tons
Lubricants 0.1 ton
Electricity 80,000kw·h/a
Product capacity
Biomass particles 3000 tons

Note: The pellet production equipment of this 3 ton per hour biomass fuel sawdust pellet production line project needs lubricating oil. After repeated use of the lubricating oil, the impurity content will increase, which will affect the processing accuracy. According to the information provided by the construction unit, the lubricating oil replacement cycle is 1 year, and the sawdust wood pellet plant equipment replacement volume is 0.1t/a.

How to make wood pellets from sawdust? Process flow of turning sawdust into wood pellets

How to make pellets from sawdust? The product of this China factory offered biomass wood pellet production line project is sawdust pellets, among which the main sawdust wood pellet production process is outsourcing of raw materials, feeding, screening, granulating, finished products and other processes.

  1. Prepare raw materials

    The 3t/h factory price biomass wood pellet production line project will use the method of automobile transportation for the purchased raw materials (sawdust), and pull them into the factory in bulk, and store the raw materials in the raw material workshop after entering the sawdust wood pellet factory.

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  2. Sieving section

    Since the material with a particle size> 9mm will block the feed port of the sawdust pellet press machine, a sieving machine is installed in the project to screen the material, and the particle size of the sieved material is 9mm or below 9mm, the sieving machine uses the relative movement between the material and the screen surface to make the material with a particle size of 9mm or less pass through the sieve holes.

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    And the material with a particle size of 9mm or less is conveyed to the wood sawdust pellet forming machine through a closed belt conveyor, and then directly enters the granulation process for sawdust pellet maker. After screening the materials with a size of 9mm or more by a screening machine, they are collected in the general solid waste temporary storage room and sent to a local power plant on a regular basis.

  3. Granulation

    The sawdust materials with a particle size of ≤9mm are sent to the sawdust pellet making machine through a closed belt conveyor by a feeding machine. The materials are continuously and evenly scattered in the drum under the rotation of the sawdust biomass pellet mill, and are crushed by a sawdust pelletizer pressure roller.
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    The material is extruded from the through hole of the sawdust pellet mill machine die on the inner side of the barrel to produce large pellets with a shape of 6-9mm cylindrical solid body, which is a biomass pellet product. The sawdust pellet press machine pelletizing process does not heat up and does not add any adhesive. There is no chemical reaction, only through physical extrusion.

  4. Sale of finished products from the 3 tons sawdust pellet making line

    The finished wood pellets from sawdust are transported out for sale in airtight compartments.

General layout of the 3 tons per hour sawdust pellet production line for biomass wood pellets

This good selling wood pellet production line project is located in Heye Group, Lianhua Village, Pailou Township, Anren County, Chenzhou City, covering an area of ​​300m2. The entrance and exit are set on the southwest side of the sawdust fuel pellet factory area; from south to north, there are sawdust pellet plant production workshops, raw material warehouses and finished products warehouses in sequence.

making wood pellets from sawdust kiln dryer for dying sawdust for sale ireland
Surroundings of the 3t/h wood sawdust pellet factory

General solid waste temporary storage rooms and hazardous waste temporary storage rooms are located in the southeast corner of wood sawdust pellet factory.

This 3t/h wood mill wood pellet production line project is located in Heye Group, Lianhua Village, Pailou Township, Anren County, Chenzhou City, Hunan Province. It leases the grain warehouse of Anren County Grain Purchase and Sales Company.

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Analysis on the rationality of 3 t/h industry wood pellet production line project site selection

The surrounding areas of the small wood pellet factory are mainly residential areas. It has obvious location and transportation advantages. The construction of supporting urban public facilities such as transportation, water supply, power supply, medical treatment, and communication in the project area is complete.
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Wood pellet production line layout

The main pollutants of this best price small capacity wood biomass pellet production line project are domestic sewage and particulate matter produced during production. There is no sewage pipe network in the sawdust pellet production line project area, and the domestic sewage depends on the septic tank in the grain station, which is regularly cleared for agricultural fertilizer.

At the same time, the status of regional environmental quality monitoring surface area ambient air quality and acoustic environment are both good. From the on-site survey and regional planning, it can be seen that there are no large factories, exhaust gas emission sources and noise emission sources within the evaluation area, and the atmospheric environment of the small capacity 3 ton per hour wood pellet production line project site is of good quality.

About the noise treatment of the best price complete 3 tons per hour sawdust wood pellet production line

In order to further reduce the impact of the easy to handle 1-3 tph stable performance biomass pellet plant project operation on the regional acoustic environment, the customer paid special attention to noise protection measures, because regarding noise treatment, we provided the customer with the following solutions:

  1. Choose low-noise equipment for the wood fuel pellet plant, adopt reasonable installation techniques, and appropriately carry out vibration and noise reduction treatments, reasonably arrange noise sources, install sound insulation covers for high-noise equipment, and take appropriate sound insulation measures, plus natural distance.

    The attenuation function effectively attenuates the mechanical noise and avoids the impact of production noise on the surrounding acoustic environment to the greatest extent.
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  2. Strengthen equipment maintenance and maintenance, regularly check and maintain wood sawdust pellet production equipment, keep the equipment in good operating condition, add lubricating oil in time, and reduce the noise generated during sawdust pellet plant operation.

  3. Reasonably arrange working hours and prohibit production at night to prevent noise from having a major impact on the lives of residents near the factory sale new design biomass fuel sawdust pellet production line project.

To sum up, the noise equipment of this factory sale new design biomass fuel sawdust pellet production line project is attenuated by distance and the sound insulation of the wall can reach the standard emission, which has little impact on the surrounding acoustic environment.

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