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3-5TPH Rubber Wood Pellet Production Line In China

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Name:Rubber wood pellet manufacturing plant
Country:Guangdong, China
Date:July 2018
Pellet Size:8mm
The install period:30 Days
Control Mode:Automatic
Contracting mode:Provide wood pellet plant process design and machines

3-5TPH Rubber Wood Pellet Production Line In China

How wood pellets are made? Use a wood pellet maker or build a complete wood pellet plant. This case is another best solution biomass wood pellet line for rubber wood waste project from Richi Machinery, and the customer is one of the well-known local wood pellet companies. As a wood pellet machine manufacturer in China, customers have chosen RICHI among many wood pellet line manufacturers.

Of course, the most important reason is the result of strict selection of partners. We can also confidently say that we are very professional about wood pellet manufacturing.

factory offered automatic running wood pellet production line

Overview of the 3-5 t/h completely wood pellet production line for rubber wood pellets in China

The client's wood pellet factory was established in October 2012. It is one of the private wood pellet companies engaged in biological extraction, processing and sales; biological extract technology promotion services. The wood pellet production company is currently mainly engaged in biofuel wood pellet making business.

In July 2018, the 3-5 tons per hour biomass wood pellet production line relocated as a whole to the new agricultural science and technology park, invested 1.7 million US dollars in a new high quality 3-5tph rubber wood pellet production line from wood waste.

3-5t/h new design completely biomass wood pellet production line
Site of the automatic wood pellet line 3-5tph


Product plan of 3-5 t/h pellet production line for fuels energy plant

Adopt and introduce the most advanced domestic wood pellet manufacturing equipment and wood pellet production technology to pre-treat and process woody residues (waste) such as forest trees, and solidify them into high-density pellet fuel.


How to make wood pellet in the 3-5 tph completely wood pellet production line?

Wood pellet production process: Rubber wood and other residual raw materials → chipping → crushing → impurity removal → fine powder → screening → mixing → pelleting → drying → cooling → packing→storing→delivery.
best price complete wood pellet production line for sale


Wood pellet manufacturing equipment needed in the 3-5 t/h automatic completely biomass wood pellet production line

What is needed to start a wood pellet plant 3-5 tons per hour? In terms of 3-5 ton per hour wood fuel pellet plant equipment selection, follow the principle of "advanced, applicable, mature, and energy-saving", based on domestic procurement of wood pellet making equipment, taking into account convenient maintenance, main wood pellet line equipment and auxiliary wood pellet plant equipment:

Serial number Equipment name QTY
1 Wood pellet making machine 4
2 Hot sale 3-5 ton per hour industrial wood chipper 1
3 Hammer mill for wood pellets 4
4 Wood pellet rotary dryer for pellet plant 1
5 Conveyors 2
6 Double material filling silo for assembly line unit 2
7 Low-voltage start, power distribution operation cabinet 2
8 Hot gas cooling tower 2
9 Bucket elevator 2
10 Vacuum cooling, dust removal, screening and filling system 2
11 Automatic conveying, measuring, filling, seam and bagging scale 2
12 Automatic numerical control moisture meter 2
13 Distribution pellet fuel cooking stove 2
14 Heating stove series 10
15 Forklift and other tool vehicles 12

The 3-5 t/h biomass wood pellet line price and profit


Estimated 3-5 t/h rubber wood pellet plant system project investment cost

The total cost to set up 3-5t/h wood pellet plant is 1.7 million U.S. dollars, which is composed of construction investment and working capital. Among them: the construction investment is 113,000USD, and the main apportionment projects are: the project land investment is 140,000 US d ollars, the civil engineering and supporting engineering investment is 590,000 US dollars; the whole set wood pellet production equipment (including auxiliary equipment) investment is 680,000 US dollars; the circulating fund is 290,000 US dollars.

Fund source: The total cost to set up wood biomass pellet plant project is 1.79 million US dollars, which is raised by the enterprise itself.
good selling new design pellets machine line wood pellet production line

Storehouse of the 3-5t/h automatic wood pellet production line


Benefits of the 3-5 t/h high quality wood pellet plant in China

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