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Pig income is difficult to try pig feed pellet machine

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A few days ago, RICHI was invited to visit old customers and chat with the pig breeder for a long time. He has been raising pigs for more than 10 years. In the past, pig breeding is a direct purchase contract with feed mills, and the feed mills supplied him regularly. However, in recent years, the feed prices of bagged feed in feed mills have continued to increase, which has made the pig farmer sad. Later, I found RICHI and entered a set of feed pellet production line equipment. Feed costs have now come down and pig farming has become easier.

He said: "In the beginning, I was thinking about saving money, and there were not many pigs. I raised it myself, and it took a bit of effort. So I did n’t buy all the energy-saving feed machinery. Now The pig farm has expanded and I am tired from busy work. I am going to buy a semi-automatic pellet feed unit to help me take better care of this pig farm. "

pig feed pellet machine
pig feed pellet machine

Before this pig farmer only bought zigzag iron remover, feed crushing and mixing machine and pellet machine. The pulverized feed from the pulverizer needs to be manually transferred to the feeding port of the mixer, and then the pulverized and mixed product is fed to the feeding port of the granulator for granulation.

Generally speaking, in addition to the above equipment, the granulation unit we often say also has a silo to be mixed, a finished product silo, and a conveying equipment. Commonly used conveying equipment are screw elevators and bucket elevators. The bucket elevator has the characteristics of hopper feeding, and the transported materials are not easy to deform and crack, and can increase the chassis and increase the transport height according to requirements. It is generally used on medium and large units. Ordinary units use a screw elevators. The auger blades in the screw elevators push the material to the other side, which saves the material transportation work.

pig feed pellet production line
pig feed pellet production line 

Each process of a complete small and medium feed unit is directly connected and orderly. Compared with the powder feed, the pellet feed not only has more mature granulation parts, but also effectively reduces dust pollution in pig farms. This is also effective to reduce the hidden dangers of diseases such as pig respiratory tract. Compared with self-ingredients, the raw materials of pellet feed can be better controlled by oneself. The excess feed can be stored for subsequent use, or it can be sold to others to increase an income.

In summary, a set of small and medium-sized pellet feed units is still very reliable. For the majority of cattle and sheep farmers, there are also exclusive grass meal pellet units. Friends in need of breeding can still consider taking a look.

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