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3.5 Tons/hour Rice Husk Wood Pellet Production Line Project

  • Date: 2020-12-16 08:23:09
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The construction project of a production line for forming Wood pellets with an annual output of 5,000 tons, with an hourly output of 3.5 tons/hour, using a set of MZLH858 pelletizing equipment. The MZLH858 ring die pellet machine produces 3-4.5t/h. In addition, Including crushers, dryers, coolers, screening systems, packing systems, feeders, fans, coolers, etc.

3.5 Tons/hour Rice Husk Wood Pellet Production Line Project

3.5 Tons/hour Rice Husk Wood Pellet Production Line Project

I. Wood Pellet Production Line Project

  • Project name: 3.5 tons/hour wood rice husk pellet production line project
  • Project annual output: 5000 tons/year wood pellet production line project
  • Project location: Heshan District, Yiyang City
  • Construction nature: expansion
  • Area: 1230 square meters
  • Total project investment: 640,055 million yuan

This project is located in Jintang Village, Lanxi Town, Heshan District, Yiyang City. It uses the existing vacant workshops to build a new molding wood pellet production line with a production scale of 5,000 tons/year, which mainly includes a production workshop and a finished product warehouse. Purchase a set of MZLH858 pelletizing production equipment, which can produce Wood pellets with a capacity of 3.5 tons per hour. These include granulators, feeders, fans, coolers, etc. The total investment of the project is RMB 640,55 million to build a production line for forming wood pellets. For a list of construction project composition, see Table 1-1.

Table 1-1 List of project composition

Engineering category Construction content and scale
structural work Production workshop The first floor, the building area is about 600m2 (30m×10m×2), the height is about 9m,
four production lines are set up, the production scale is 5000 tons/year; the drying room is 480 m
Auxiliary engineering general Office Located on the southeast side of the factory, it mainly includes restrooms, toilets and offices
Warehousing engineering
Raw material bucket Consists of 4 hoppers, each hopper has an outlet
Finished bucket 18 finished buckets
Finished product library The area is about 630m2 (30×21m) and the height is about 9m. It is used for stacking bagged
Public works
Water supply Provided by the municipal network
powered by The power for the plant is supplied uniformly by the local power supply network
Environmental Engineering
Airtight ducts are used to transport materials, the dust generated by granulation is processed by cyclone dust collector
, and the escaping dust settles to the ground by gravity and is cleaned; hot blast stove exhaust gas: bag dust removal + 15m high exhaust tube
Waste water No production wastewater is produced, and domestic sewage is treated by the existing septic tank and used as agricultural fertilizer
noise Use low-noise equipment, take measures such as shock absorption and sound insulation
Solid waste
The dust collected by the dust collector is reused in the granulation process, and the household garbage is collected and processed by the environmental sanitation department; the waste lubricating oil is temporarily stored in the factory and then handed over to a qualified unit for treatment and disposal, and the waste oil barrel is handed over to the manufacturer that provides the lubricating oil recycling; new
increase in temporary storage of hazardous waste between 1m2

Table 1-2 Project product plan

product name Designed production capacity (tons/year) Packing
Wood particles 5000 Bagged

Table 1-3 List of main raw and auxiliary materials and energy consumption for project production

Serial number name unit Quantity source
1 Chaff t/a 5500 The chaff produced by the rice production line is purchased when not enough
2 lubricating oil t/a 0.06 Outsourcing
The raw material size is about 1-7mm , and the moisture content is about 8-12%

The formed wood pellets have a diameter of about 8mm and a length of about 8cm.

Table 1-4 List of main production equipment of the project

Serial number Equipment name Quantity unit
Wood production line
1 Granulator MZLH858 type unit 1 station
2 MZLH858 Wood Pellet Mill 3 station
3 Feeder Φ273 4 station
4 Rotating steel frame XZJ-80 4 station
5 Finished bucket 18 A
6 Conveyor 10 Article
7 Cooler LQC02.5 4 station
8 Fan 9-26 4 station
9 Shacron Φ120 4 station
10 Simple sieve 4 station
11 Forklift 1 station
12 Electric control cabinet 1 station
Drying workshop
1 Bihua Grain Machine 5H-32 8 station
2 Hot stove 1 station

Work system and number of employees

The project produces 240 days a year, 8 hours a day, no production at night; the project has a total of 2 people, and no boarding and lodging in the factory.

MZLH858 Wood Pellet Mill
MZLH858 Wood Pellet Mill

II. Process Flow of Wood Rice Husk Pellet Production Line

1. Raw materials: The raw materials are taken from the rice production line and transported to the granulator through a closed duct. The raw material hopper is installed on the top of the production workshop.

2. Granulation mechanism: The material in the raw material hopper is conveyed to the feed inlet of the granulator due to the action of the center of gravity. Under the conditions of high temperature and high pressure, the water is discharged to the atmosphere in the form of water vapor, and the raw material is compressed into molded wood pellets. It is transported to the next process by belt conveyor. The granulating process adopts electric heating, and the granulating temperature is about 80℃-120°C. This process generates dust.

3. Conveyor belt conveying: After being processed by the pelletizer, the formed wood pellets fall from the discharge port to the belt conveyor, and are conveyed by the belt conveyor to the finished product hopper.

4. Cooling: The temperature of the pellets is as high as 80-90℃ when the pelletizer is discharged, and must be cooled to room temperature before storage. This project adopts air cooling. Since the Wood particles have been compressed and compacted, there is basically no dust generated during the cooling process.

5. Finished product bagging and storage: the bottom of the finished product warehouse is a funnel-shaped discharge port, which is pneumatically discharged. The finished product falls on the conveyor belt, is transported by the conveyor belt to the packaging bag, and is transported to the finished product warehouse by forklift.

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