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Analysis of Economic and Social Benefits of Straw Pellet Feed Processing

  • Date: 2020-12-21 08:57:40
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Analysis of economic and social benefits of straw pellet feed processing
Analysis of economic and social benefits of straw pellet feed processing

I. Economic Benefits

(1) Production cost estimation

Take 20 tons of pellet feed in a shift as an example, the specific analysis is as follows

1. Raw materials: corn stalks, soybean stalks, straw, etc., 0.04 RMB/kg×2000 kg=80 RMB/ton

2. Electricity fee: 1 RMB/kWh. Total power 7.5KW

7.5 degrees / hour × 1 RMB / degree × 5 hours ÷ 20 tons = 0.375 RMB

3. Biological bacteria and dressing: 17.5 RMB/ton

4. Packing fee: 20 pieces/ton×2 RMB/piece=40 RMB/ton

5. Fuel cost: 0.4 RMB/ton (consumption) × 20 tons = 8 RMB

6. Water fee: 0.5 RMB/ton (consumption) × 5 tons = 2.5 RMB

7. Management fees, expenses, equipment depreciation fees, etc.: 20 RMB/ton

8. Labor cost: monthly salary of workers is 1500 RMB, 1500×10 people ÷ 30 days ÷ 20 tons = 25 (RMB/ton)

9. Depreciation of fixed assets:

Building depreciation (30 years)=967.20×5%=48.36

Equipment depreciation: (15 years)=1239.4×8%=99.15

Total cost: 80+0.375+62+20+10=363.39 RMB/ton

363.39 RMB / ton × 10,000 tons = 36.339 million RMB

(2) Estimated sales revenue

Ensure that the product output is 10,000 tons, sold at 4,000 RMB per ton, and the annual sales revenue totals 40 million RMB

(3) Taxes and surcharges

According to national regulations, this project is a tax-exempt enterprise.

Urban construction and maintenance costs: 4000×5%=2 million RMB

Education surcharge: 4000×3%=1.2 million RMB

(4) Project profit calculation

1. Sales profit = sales revenue-sales expenses = 4000-3633.9 = 3.661 million RMB

2. Sales profit rate=sales profit/sales revenue×100%=366.1/4000×100%=9.15%

3. Profit rate of cost of sales=Sales profit/Total cost×100%=366.1/3633.9×100%=10.1%

(5) Analysis of financial benefits

1. Investment profit rate=sales income/total project investment×100%=4000/2866.6×100%=139.54%

2. Investment payback period = investment amount / estimated annual profit + annual depreciation = 2866.6/366.1+147.51 = 5.58 (years)

II. Social Benefits

1. Eliminate pollution and purify the environment. For a long time, straw cannot be processed in many places, and it is often burned to pollute the environment. The application of this technology to convert straw into feed reduces environmental pollution and reduces fire hazards. Therefore, the project has good environmental benefits.

2. Protect the grassland and restore the ecology. The development and utilization of straw turns a large amount of straw into fodder, replacing forage grass, reducing the pressure on the forage grass, thereby effectively protecting the grassland and restoring a good natural ecology.

3. Develop breeding, save food and grass. The promotion of straw fodder can effectively solve the contradiction between human and livestock competing for grain and grain and grassland, and save a lot of grain and forage. With only 470 million pigs in stock using straw decomposer feeding, 188 billion kilograms of grain can be saved each year, which is enough to feed 376 million people a year.

4. Turn waste into treasure and make the people rich. my country's "three rural issues" is a major issue in the construction of a well-off society in rural areas, and there are still a considerable part of rural areas in poverty. Using straw to develop aquaculture has opened up a convenient and feasible way for poverty-stricken areas in our country to get rid of poverty and become rich.

5. Return to the field and conserve the land. The application of this technology has realized the national straw stalk return to the field project, reduced fertilizer input and pollution, effectively maintained the land, greatly reduced agricultural production costs, and improved the economic benefits of the planting industry.

6. One industry rises, and many industries follow up. The industrialization of the straw pellet feed production project has a huge pulling and promoting effect on the development of machinery manufacturing, meat processing, raw material production and other industries, thereby promoting the development of the national economy.

7. Provide manure source and develop energy. Biogas is a new energy source in rural areas. The development and utilization of this new technology requires a sufficient source of manure. Feeding livestock and poultry with straw decomposition agent can provide a sufficient source of manure for the development of biogas. Therefore, the promotion of straw decomposers is conducive to the development of new energy in rural areas, and at the same time can effectively realize the virtuous circle of planting and breeding.

8. Broaden the channels and get more employment. Each link of straw pellet feed production requires manpower to construct, therefore, it can provide new employment channels for the society. Every year in our country, a large number of college graduates and technical secondary school graduates want to find employment; enterprises go bankrupt and laid-off workers have to find jobs again; every year a large number of changed jobs and veterans have to get reemployed; rural surplus laborers leave their homes to seek employment; there are also disabled people in need Employment and so on. The above-mentioned employment problem closely entangles the government and is difficult to solve. The production and industrialization of straw pellet feed can attract a large number of unemployed people from all walks of life and provide them with employment and life. With an annual output of 366,000 tons of straw pellet feed production and industrialization, 366 small factories with an annual output of 1,000 tons can be built, 4,390 employees, 5,000 marketing personnel, 500,000 new breeders, and total employment Up to 1 million people.

Total investment estimate table

Name Unit and quantity unit price investment amount (Ten thousand RMB)
1. Infrastructure     967.20
1. Office and dormitory 2360 square meters 1200 RMB / square meter 283.20
2. Factory room 4600 square meters 1400 RMB / square meter 644.0
3. Drying field 4000 square meters 100 RMB / square meter 40.0
2. Equipment     1239.40
1. Straw briquetting unit 9LG—1500 115 1150
2. Transportation vehicles 4 12 48
3. Floor scale 12mX4m 3 6
4. Transformer 20KVAx2 10 20
5. Management fees and staff salaries 35 people 4400 RMB/year 15.4
3. Supporting projects and land acquisition     100
4. Working capital     560
Total     2,866.60

The above is the article for you: Analysis of Economic and Social Benefits of Straw Pellet Feed Processing.

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