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Pellet feed from the pellet mill is really good, sheep eat well and grow fast

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  The traditional way of feeding sheep is forage and some grain feed, but the effect of this kind of feeding is not ideal. The scientific way of feeding is to mix grass, straw and grain into granules, which can be added with some premix or concentrate. In this way, not only the nutrition of cattle and sheep is balanced, but also the pellets produced by these feed granulators will allow the sheep to eat well and grow faster.

  How are feed pellets made?

  This requires the use of a pelletizer.The pellets are pressed out of the die holes under the pressure of a pressure roller, and the length of the pellets can be selected at will by adjusting the cutter. After grinding the material through high temperature granulation, can kill harmful bacteria and disease microorganisms, and has a high degree of maturity. For this reason, many sheep farmers choose sheep pellet mills to make feed for sheep.

  How good is the sheep feed pellet machine

  Because sheep belong to ruminant animals, the pellets made by the feed pellet machine can be beneficial to rumination of the flock, and can reduce diseases in the digestive tract of the flock. According to statistics, the sheep fed with pellet feed should weigh about 10 kg more than the sheep raised extensively, and the time of delivery will be accordingly a few months earlierTherefore, the sheep feed pellet machine is deeply loved by the majority of sheep farmers.

How to choose the right sheep feed pellet machine
How to choose the right sheep feed pellet machine

  How to choose the right sheep feed pellet machine?

  1. According to the different output, choose the sheep feed pellet machine that suits you. Generally speaking, sheep feed pellet machines are divided into ring die feed pellet machines and flat die feed pellet machines.

  The common ring mold feed pellet machine is matched with grass powder pellet machine. Generally suitable for medium and large sheep farms. The feeding method uses forced feeding.

  The flat die feed pellet machine is more suitable for small and medium-sized farmers. The feeding mode of the flat-die feed pellet machine is straight up and down, but the output is relatively low.

  2. According to different feed formulas, choose the sheep feed pellet machine that suits you. Generally speaking, larger sheep farms will choose to supplement some concentrated feed in sheep feed. If there is too much concentrated feed in the formula and the degree of maturity is required, you can choose to use a ring-shaped feed pellet machine, and increase the number of modulators to determine the maturity of the feed.

The above is the article for you: Pellet feed from the pellet mill is really good, sheep eat well and grow fast. If you are interested in our products or project solutions, please contact us. We will give you the best product quality and the best price. Email:

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