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What are the advantages and precautions of feed extruder

  • Date: 2020-05-11 08:49:23
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1. Extruded feed has good palatability, can effectively avoid feed grading, and will not affect the use effect because of the uneven nutritional composition.

2. Various pressures and mechanical effects in the extrusion process can improve the gelatinization of starch in feed, destroy and soften the cell wall of fibers, denaturate protein, improve the stability of fat, and improve the digestibility and utilization of feed. At the same time, fat penetrates into the surface from the inside of the particles, which makes the feed have special flavor and is beneficial to increase the appetite of animals.

3. Feed materials can kill many harmful bacteria after being expanded at high temperature and high pressure, thus effectively reducing the occurrence of digestive tract diseases.

4. Expanded feeds with various settling speeds can be made, such as floatability, slow settling and sinking, to meet the requirements of different habits of aquatic animals, reduce feed loss and avoid water pollution.

5. Products of different shapes can be produced according to animal preferences. For example, cat feed can be made into fish-shaped, dog feed can be made into rib-shaped, which greatly improves the appearance and attractive value of feed.

6. Some young animals with underdeveloped digestive organs or fur animals with short digestive system are difficult to digest complex feeds, so they can use puffed feeds which are easy to digest and absorb.

7. It plays a special role in the development and utilization of feed resources, such as the production of full-fat soybean powder, expanded feather powder and blood meal by extruder.

8. Extruded feed has low moisture content and is convenient for long-term storage.

What are the advantages and precautions of feed extruder
What are the advantages and precautions of feed extruder

Precautions for using large fish feed extruder

1. For soybean, its moisture content is 12.5%-14%, and its impurities are no more than 25%.

2. The particle size of the material entering the chamber is 3-6 mm, so as to achieve constant quality and increase productivity.

3. In order to ensure the constant quality, the residence time of raw materials in the chamber and the temperature in the chamber should be recorded in the production process. Generally speaking, the time of raw material in the chamber does not exceed 30 seconds, the maximum temperature lasts for 5 to 6 seconds, the last section temperature needs to be 130 - 145 degrees Celsius, and the moisture content of the product is less than 8%. It can also add some moisture during processing.

4. The temperature of whole-fat Soybean after extrusion is very high, so it should be cooled and lowered as soon as possible in order to prevent the product from overripening and the protein from being destroyed. Caution should be taken that the product expanded by wet method has a higher moisture content, and it must be fully dried and cooled to achieve safe storage moisture.

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