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Make the Rabbit Feed with Richi Best Pellet Mill & Formulation

  • Date: 2020-04-06 09:01:47
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A feed pellet mill is a growing industry since the demand for domestic and pet animals has increased in the recent times. People are worried about not being able to provide a nutrition-packed fodder for their animals and a solution to that problem is having a feed mill where all the nutrients are evenly distributed in the pet's food. Having a rabbit feed pellet machine, in particular, is good because rabbit farming has started to grow as a sought-after business in the recent times.

Richi Best Pellet Mill
Richi Best Pellet Mill

Make the Rabbit Feed with Richi Best Pellet Mill & Formulation

For those planning to own their rabbit pellet mill, these are the necessary information you need to be acquainted with;

1. Ingredients used in the production of rabbit pellets

Based on the general body requirement, ingredients such as lysine, vitamin C, methionine, salt, plant-based protein, chlorine, mineral premise, mold inhibitor, and limestone should be incorporated into rabbits pellet. Some of these essential nutrients are not available in plants, as such; they should be supplemented artificially. The plants used as rabbit pellets include maize, wheat, pollard and bran, vegetables, lucerne crumble, hay, and grasses. The proportion of the raw materials needed is subjected to age, season and the production stage of rabbits.

2. Equipment needed for rabbit pellet making

For home use and small-scale mill production, electric flat or diesel flat die feed pellet mill is sufficient, but in commercial production, ring die feed pellet mill is required.

Rabbit Feed Pellet Formulation

Compounding feed pellets for rabbit requires that you know the right mixing formula. For maintenance diet, 12% crude protein and 2% fat is perfect. Protein and fat level can be kept low. In neutered pets above 17%, crude fiber is sufficient while crude fiber of 22.5% and above is required to combat hairballs and obesity.

Generally, the fiber level must be higher than that of protein; protein should be kept at approximately 15%. Any percentage of protein higher than 15% will increase the urine ammonia concentration.

Fat should be kept at 3% or lower. Higher fat will lead to obesity in kits which is not desirable for proper health.

To produce the best rabbit food pellets, select the raw materials in the right proportion and allow the pellet mill machine to do the mixing.

Rabbit Feed
Rabbit Feed

Benefits In Owning A Rabbit Feed Pellet Mill

1. To avoid any picky eater situation: Since the rabbit feed pellet mill combines all the fodder together the rabbits cannot choose what they eat thus providing them with evenly combined nutritious food. This also ensures that pellets manufactured are of high quality.

2. Cost Effective: Since all the fodders are combined together to make these tiny pellets, its easier and more convenient to pack, store and transport thus saving a huge amount in warehousing and transport.

3. Increased Immunity: The pellets manufactured by the rabbit feed pellet mill contains an equal amount of nutrients which leads to a very healthy combination leading to prevention of animals getting infected by diseases.

4. Increased Growth: These pellets turn ripe during the process of manufacturing it which increases the digestibility of the food that helps the acceleration of the health and growth of a rabbit.

5. Rabbit gets fresh fodder: If you are into rabbit farming business and if you own a rabbit feed pellet mill you can easily have a control over the nutrients in the pellets and also provide fresh food to your rabbits.

The above is the article for you: Make the Rabbit Feed with Richi Best Pellet Mill & Formulation.

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