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Application Of Feed Hammer Mill In The Feed Pellet Production Line

  • Date: 2020-03-28 09:01:20
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Feed hammer mill is a kind of common feed crushing processing machinery, it can use to crush crops, straw, corn, soybean, and other feed raw materials, users can choose the appropriate diameter of the hammer according to the actual processing needs for replacement.

At present, there are two kinds of crushing technology: first crushing and then batching, first batching and then crushing, or the comprehensive application of the two kinds of technology.

Feed Hammer Mill
Feed Hammer Mill 

1. First Crushing And Then Batching

The first crushing process mainly used for the majority of livestock and poultry feed. The characteristics of the process are according to the nature of raw materials to configure the corresponding feed grinder, in order to obtain economic rationality.

2. First Batching And Then Crushing

Because many raw materials in the formula of aquatic feed contain high protein and oil, if the raw materials through the first crushing process, the oil in the raw materials will easily block the small screen holes on the screen of the hammer crusher. So the first crushing process is not suitable for the crushing of such raw materials. The post-crushing process can better solve the problems in the pre-crushing system. After the mixing of various raw materials, their physical properties play a complementary role. The direct mixing of materials after crushing can save the distribution bin and eliminate the arch phenomenon of materials in the bin.

The above characteristics make most aquatic feed mills tend to use the post-crushing process. Of course, after the use of the post-crushing process, crushing equipment must configure according to the hardest raw materials in the ingredients. So some soft raw materials will produce excessive crushing, not only increase the crushing energy consumption but also reduce the crushing efficiency. So as to accelerate the grinding equipment, especially the hammer wear.

3. Comprehensive Application Of The Two Kinds Of Technology

In the design of the crushing process, the first crushing and then the crushing process can also apply comprehensively, which is especially suitable for the materials requiring micro-crushing. Coarsely crush the granular raw materials that need to be crushed, and then mix them with other powdered raw materials, which is a benefit to the even mixing and micro-crushing of the materials. After the second crushing of the material, it needs to be mixed again, which can improve the mixing evenness of the material and the quality of the product.

Application Of Feed Hammer Mill In The Feed Pellet Production Line
Application Of Feed Hammer Mill In The Feed Pellet Production Line

4. Replace The Hammer Piece Of Wearing Parts

Hammer of replacement parts is more convenient, only according to the product manual attached to the purchase of feed crusher machine, it can be easily replaced. The hammer type feed crusher can crush the materials once and twice. The feed material that needs to crush is first crushed and entered into the batching bin. Feed ingredients that do not need to crush can directly feed into the feed bin of the feed pellet machine, then carry out the mixing and other processes. Because of its secondary pulverization characteristics, the feed ingredients can crush more thoroughly and delicately, and animal feeding is easier, thereby increasing the feed intake of the animals. In general, for crushing raw materials of different thicknesses, the feed crushing machine needs to use hammers of different specifications (the main difference is the pore size of the hammer), so as to better crush the material.

Hope this article can help you to know more about feed hammer mill. If you want to build the feed pellet production line, please contact us.

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