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"Recipe + Process" Overall Solution to Prevent and Control African Swine Fever

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African swine fever is an acute, hemorrhagic, and severe infectious disease caused by the African swine fever virus. It has extremely high infectivity, pathogenicity, and mortality. Once a pig is sick, it is equivalent to being sentenced to death. At the same time, the virus is stable in a low temperature environment, and thermally inactivated at 56 ° C / 70min and 60 ° C / 20min.

In recent months, the news that a suspected African swine fever virus was detected in a feed sample was even more uproarous, and it sounded the alarm for major feed companies in the country.

As a source of all nutrients for animal growth, feed is closely related to African swine fever. Research by Dr. Scott, an internationally renowned feed expert, has shown that feed materials can also carry this type of virus and can survive for quite a long time under normal conditions, with African swine fever virus surviving even more than 30 days in soybean meal.

RICHI Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. relies on more than 20 years of experience in providing "recipe + process" services to feed enterprises, and looks for ways to completely kill the "African swine fever" virus carried in feed from the "recipe + process" aspect.

"Recipe + Process" Overall Solution to Prevent and Control African Swine Fever
"Recipe + Process" Overall Solution to Prevent and Control African Swine Fever

Prevention and control of African swine fever through formula

1.Purchasing high-quality raw materials

The supply chain of feed ingredients is very important. Therefore, avoid purchasing raw materials from small vendors (such as retail corn), avoiding raw materials that are exposed to the sun, avoid purchasing raw materials from severely infected areas, and stop the attack of African swine fever virus from the source.

2.Do not use homologous products as feed ingredients

Available data indicate that swine-related products are more likely to carry African swine fever virus. In order to ensure the biological safety of the pig farm, Zhengchang Feed Science and Technology formula is designed to stop animal-derived proteins such as plasma and intestinal membrane proteins, attach importance to high-digestibility, low-antigen protein raw materials, and attach importance to maximizing the nutritional input-output ratio of the entire system.

3. Use functional additives

Richi Feed Technology uses the traditional Chinese herbal medicines of our country, using advanced technology, patented products developed, and natural plant extracts-"Fulexing" additives, which can effectively improve pig immunity and enhance resistance to African swine fever virus .

4. Establish a perfect quality control system

Studies have shown that African swine fever virus can survive in different substances, and many feeds and raw materials are inevitable. As the quality control department of the feed factory, it is necessary to strictly control quality and eliminate African swine fever at its source. The purchased raw materials must go through the three procedures of incoming inspection, production inspection, and outgoing inspection, and use the data to control the product quality before, during and after the event.

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