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Effects of different ring die compression ratios on feed milling rate of Penaeus vannamei——experimen

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Penaeus vannamei, is known for its fast growth rate, high meat yield, good meat quality, and strong adaptability. It is recognized as one of the best prawn species in the world.

percentage of powdered pellet refers to the proportion of the weight of the fine powder produced by the granulated unit pellet feed after external forces such as vibration, impact, extrusion, and friction during the flow and transportation process to the total unit weight.

Generally, box pulverization rate tester is used for measurement. Reducing feed powdering rate can effectively reduce the waste caused by the loss of feed powder in water, thereby effectively reducing feed cost and feed coefficient. Let's explore the effect of different ring membrane compression ratios on feed milling rate of P. vannamei.

Effects of different ring die compression ratios on feed milling rate of Penaeus vannamei
Effects of different ring die compression ratios on feed milling rate of Penaeus vannamei

Test materials and methods

1.Penaeus vannamei feed formula

Penaeus vannamei shrimp feed formula: 25% fish meal, 23% soybean meal, 18% flour, 5% squid meal, 6% shrimp bran, 15% peanut meal, and other 8%.

2.Shrimp feed pellet equipment

Pulverizer, ultrafine grinder, mixer, shrimp feed pellet machine, cooler, vibrating screen and other auxiliary equipment.

3.Processing process

Raw material crushing → ingredient → first mixing → ultrafine crushing → second mixing → modulation → granulation → thick maturation → cooling → screening → Finished product.

4.Measurement indicators and methods

The tempering vapor pressure is 0.35-0.4mpa, the feeding frequency is 75Hz, the tempering temperature is 95-100 ℃, the tempering is about 180s, the mold moisture is 15-16.5%, and the ring membrane linear speed is 4-6m / s. After the production is stable, randomly take 5 samples (each is greater than 500g) at the sampling port after granulation, dry naturally for 1 hour, when the feed moisture reaches about 13%, put it in a vibrating sieve, sieving for 1 min, take the sieve 500g of the material was put into a feed powder meter, rotated for 10min, and then placed in a vibrating screen for 1min to weigh the powder under the sieve, and calculate the feed powder rate.

Feed powdering rate (%) = weight of powder under the sieve after sample powdering ÷ sample weight (500g) x 100%

5.Data statistics

SPSS 15.0 software was used for one-way analysis of variance, and the results were expressed as mean ± standard error.

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