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How much is the price of factory direct sales chicken feed pellet machine?

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If you want to know the price of chicken feed making machine, you must first know what is the chicken feed pellet machine. The chicken feed pellet machine is a cylindrical pellet made of corn, soybean meal, rice husk, wheat bran and other raw materials directly processed by the feed pellet machine.

First, the price of chicken feed pellet machine

The price range of chicken feed pellet machines is too wide, because the granulators produced by richi machinery are different depending on the annual output. General feed pellet machines are not only used, they are mainly used in feed production lines. If you want to build a chicken feed production line, you must first determine what the annual output of the chicken feed production line is, followed by what the raw materials are, how much capital is going to be invested, how large the site is, and then our design institute will design a plan and quote for you!

chicken feed pellet machine
How much is the price of factory direct sales chicken feed pellet machine

Second, chicken feed formula

Laying hen feed formula:

1. Chicken (1 ~ 60 days) recipe: ① corn 62%, bran 10%, bean cake 17%, fish meal 9%, bone meal 2%. ② 60% corn, 10% bran, 22% soybean cake, 6% fish meal, 2% bone meal

2. Young chicken (61-120 days) recipe: ① corn 55%, bran 20%, soybean cake 7%, cottonseed cake 5%, rapeseed cake 5%, fish meal 5%, bone meal 2%, shellfish meal 1%. ②66% corn, 18% soybean cake, 11% sunflower seed meal, 3% fish meal, 1.5% bone meal, and 0.5% salt.

3. Feed formula during egg production: ① Corn 56%, miscellaneous grains 10%, bran 6%, soybean cake 17%, fish meal 5%, shellfish meal 3%, and pebbles 3% (methionine 0.1%, table salt 0.4%). ② Corn 68%, bran 6%, soybean cake 8%, fish meal 10%, bone meal 2%, shellfish meal 6%.

Third, chicken feed pellet machine manufacturers

There are many chicken feed manufacturers in the world. Richi Machinery dare not claim it first, but for more than 20 years, Richi Machinery has been making products and services with heart, making our customers all over the world. Our products can not only be exported to developing boilers, but also developed customers such as the United States, Canada and many other customers to buy our products.

The above is the article for you: How much is the price of factory direct sales chicken feed pellet machine?. If you are interested in our products or project solutions, please contact us. We will give you the best product quality and the best price. Email:

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