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What is the reason why the biomass pellet mill can not produce pellet when it is started?

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When the mold hole is blocked when the machine is turned on, no particles can be caused. The possible reason is that the ring die hole is rusted, the finish is poor, or the gap between the die plate and the pressure roller is too large.

biomass pellet machine
biomass pellet machine

The common reasons why the biomass pellet mill does not discharge are:

1. Material moisture is inappropriate.

Too much or too little moisture in the material will cause the die holes to be blocked, resulting in the pellet machine not discharging. In this case, check the summarized materials and control the moisture content between 10% and 15%.

2. The mold platen and rollers are severely worn.

The die platen and roller are the main parts of the granulator, and they are also vulnerable. If the parts are aging or malfunctioning, these will also cause the biomass pellet mill to fail to discharge. If it is a newly purchased granulator, you can tell which problem is the problem by only looking at which parts are not running. If it is a granulator that has been used for many years, it means that the parts are aging and it is OK to replace the parts.

3. The mold compression ratio is inappropriate.

Different materials require different compression ratio molds. Selecting regular large manufacturer will initially customize them individually according to customer needs. Generally, this problem does not occur. If the material is not discharged, check the compression ratio of the mold. If it is not suitable, replace the material mold.

4. High crude fiber content.

Granulators have different models and powers. For different types of biomass pellet mill, the requirements for granulation are also different. Some granulators are suitable for specifically pressing coarse fibers, and some are suitable for specifically pressing fine fibers. If a small granulator is selected to press the coarse fiber material, it is also the reason why the granulator does not discharge. Solution to communicate with the manufacturer, replace a pellet machine.

biomass pellet machine
biomass pellet machine

5. The distance between the mold and the roller is not suitable.

The granulator is used to push the granules through the pressing of the roller and the die to promote the forming of the granules. If the spacing is not suitable, the granulator will not be able to discharge normally. The solution is to adjust the spacing properly.

6. There is accumulation in the biomass pellet mill.

After the granulator is produced, there will be some deposits and no clean residue. After the next granulator operation, due to the high temperature, it will solidify and become a hard block, so the granulator cannot be discharged normally. The solution is to clean the interior and clean up the residue.

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