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How to extend the life of our granulator equipment

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Pelletizer equipment is classified according to the application industry. For example, straw pelletizer equipment, feed pelletizer equipment, and wood pellet pelletizer equipment are all very common. These biomass materials such as straw and wood pellets can be manufactured by this equipment. Into valuable substances, thus avoiding serious pollution to the environment. So, let's find out how to extend the life of our granulator equipment.

How to extend the life of our granulator equipment
How to extend the life of our granulator equipment

1. Use supporting power according to the instructions. Too small, low output, poor effect, too large, wasting electromechanical, accelerating mechanical wear and shortening service life.

2. If the moisture is too large, it is not easy to smash, which increases the number of impacts of the hammer blade. At the same time, heat is generated due to the friction of the material and the impact of the hammer blade. Blocking the sieve opening reduces the discharge of the grinder.

3. The moisture of the material is too low, the hardness of the processing object is too high, and the power consumption during processing is large, which increases the production cost of the enterprise and reduces the service life of the pellet machine equipment.

4. Generally, the moisture of raw materials such as grain and corn is controlled below 14%.

5. Maintenance should be performed in the state of power failure, and should be placed in a place suitable for work.

6. Reduce the number of moving as much as possible, frequent maintenance, waterproof immersion, rain protection, leakage prevention, fire prevention, and prevent the use of moldy feed.

7. A permanent magnet cylinder or iron remover can be set at the equipment inlet to avoid affecting the service life of the pressure roller, mold and intermediate shaft.

8. The temperature of the equipment during the extrusion process is as high as 50-85 ° C, and the pressure roller is subjected to a strong passive force during operation, but it lacks the necessary and useful dust protection devices. Therefore, the bearings must be cleaned every 2-5 working days, and high temperature grease should be added.

9. The main shaft of the granulator equipment is cleaned and refueled every other month, and the gear box is cleaned and maintained every six months. The screw fastening and replacement of the transmission part should be performed at any time.

10. When the material pressing is about to end, mix a little wheat husk with cooking oil and put it into the machine for pressing for 1-2 minutes and then stop. Fill the hole with oil so that it can be put into production next time the machine is turned on. Not only maintain the mold, but also save man-hours.

11. After the machine is stopped, loosen the pressure roller adjustment screw and clean up the residual material.

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