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Project Analysis of 12,000 Tons/year Sawdust Rice Husk Production Line

  • Date: 2020-12-10 08:44:43
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The raw materials used in this project are mainly wood chips, rice husk and straw. The annual output is 12,000 tons, which is 40 tons per day on average, 5 tons per hour for 8 hours a day, and 2.5 tons per hour for 16 hours if it is two shifts. A total of 4 wood pellet machines are used in this project, and the production and operation are relatively stable.

Project Analysis of 12,000 Tons/year Sawdust Rice Husk Production Line

Project Analysis of 12,000 Tons/year Sawdust Rice Husk Production Line

1. Project Content of Material Wood Pellets Production

The project has a construction area of ​​2020m2, mainly for the production of biomass pellet fuel, with an annual production scale of 12,000 tons. 

The main construction content of the wood pellet plant project is shown in Table 3-1.

Table 3-1 List of project composition

Engineering category EIA design and construction content The actual construction situation
structural work There is a total of 1 production line, equipped with a pelletizer, with an annual output of 12,000 tons of biomass pellet fuel. One production workshop
, covering an area of ​​2020m2.
Consistent with EIA
Supporting project Workshop 400m2, finished goods warehouse 2 124.69m2, raw materials warehouse three 289.59m2, office
building 823.36m2.
Public works
Water supply The project production process water is mainly employees of domestic water, domestic water coming
from the local well water ever since.
Consistent with EIA
Drainage is divided into rain and sewage system. The rainwater is collected by the rainwater pipe network and discharged, and the domestic sewage is treated to reach the "Farmland Irrigation Water Quality Standard" (GB5084-92)
and used for irrigation of surrounding farmland and vegetable fields.
Consistent with EIA
powered by The power supply for the plant is supplied from the Qianshan Red Town grid. Consistent with EIA
Environmental Engineering
Wastewater treatment Domestic sewage is treated by grease traps and septic tanks and used for
irrigation of surrounding farmland and vegetable fields.
Consistent with EIA
Waste gas treatment The dust generated in the production process is treated with a bag filter. Consistent with EIA
Noise control Reasonable layout, and adopt sound insulation and vibration reduction measures for high-noise equipment Consistent with EIA
Solid waste disposal The domestic garbage is handed over to the sanitation department for regular removal Consistent with EIA

2. Raw and Auxiliary Materials and Equipment for the Production of Wood Pellets

The main raw and auxiliary materials and annual consumption of the project, and the main production equipment are shown in Table 3-2 and Table 3-3.

Table 3-2 List of main raw and auxiliary materials

Serial number name Dosage
1 Chaff 360.2
2 Sawdust 480.3
3 Straw scraps 360.2
total 1200.7

Table 3-3 List of main production equipment

Serial number Equipment name unit Quantity
1 Wood Pellet Machine station 4
2 Bag dust collector station 1
3 conveyor Article 2
4 Forklift station 1
5 Weighbridge station 1
6 transformer station 1

3. Brief Description of Process Flow

After the project materials are collected, they are stacked in the material warehouse for later use. The raw materials are sent to the granulation machine through the conveyor belt to be mixed, pressurized, and densified. After simple packaging, they are put into storage for sale. Unqualified products can be reused as raw materials, reprocessed, and recycled. The formed biomass fuel is small in size, large in specificity, resistant to combustion, and convenient for storage and transportation.

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