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How to use the extruder correctly

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Extruding machinery and equipment are the same as general food machinery. It is not only satisfied with the production conditions that mechanical equipment should have, but also satisfied with the special requirements for food. Throughout the career development needs, we can consider the following four aspects roughly:

1. Planning applicability. The equipment used by the puffed food processing enterprises in China is mainly divided into three types: large, medium and small. According to the national industrial policy and professional development requirements, large and medium-sized production planning should be carried out, while small planned production enterprises should survive and die by themselves according to the law of market economy. However, the equipment produced by the expanding machinery industry in China is mainly equipped with small and medium-sized enterprises, while the large-scale complete sets of equipment still have a lot of imports.

How to use the extruder correctly
How to use the extruder correctly

2. Safety applicability. Safety applicability is the mechanical safety, production safety and food safety in extruded food processing. One is mechanical safety. It is caused by the non-damage of machinery, which reduces the mechanical risk to the minimum. Second, production safety. Sufficient to produce safely, industrial hygiene, ensure the safety and health of employees in production as conditions, from the management, production technology and equipment use rules of people's safety behavior and material conditions required for safe production. Third, food safety. Dog food production equipment mainly includes food hygiene, food quality, food nutrients and other related aspects.

3. Suitability of complete set. In industrialized food processing, most of them lack single-machine production, but are matched with production lines for operation. Therefore, the applicability of the complete set is an important link to ensure continuous operation, balanced production, processing function and product quality. Its set of principles is to complete reasonable economic planning, satisfy technological requirements and reasonable matching between equipment and equipment, so as to ensure the normal operation of the production line, safety and hygiene, save energy consumption and convenient maintenance. To ensure the advance, rationality and reliability of the whole production line.

4. Hygienic applicability. It is the guardian requirement of mechanical structure in the design and manufacture process of extruding machinery and equipment. It mainly includes the structural data, appearance structure, cleanliness, durability and viewability of product touch surface and non-product touch surface. As for the mechanical structure of food machinery, the key control points of health risk should be determined and adopted. Measures to ensure the hygienic requirements of mechanical structures.

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