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What are the main production steps of animal feed production lines

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Asker: Magnus

Ask Date: 8.04.2019, 5:38PM

Question: What are the main production steps of animal feed production lines

Detail: I want to know what steps the animal feed production line goes through from the initial raw materials to the pellets?

Richi Engineer Reply

1.Receiving of raw materials: After the raw materials are discharged into the receiving pit, they are transported by conveyors, bucket elevators, and screened by the magnetic separator of the primary cleaning screen, and then sent to the vertical silo for storage or to be crushed Warehouse, ingredients warehouse.

2. Raw material cleaning: It is mainly to remove impurities in the raw materials, and a preliminary magnetic separator can be used to facilitate cleaning.

3. Feed pulverization: The purpose of this is to increase the surface area of ​​the feed so that the animals can digest and absorb it. It can also improve and improve the quality of the feed. Generally, it is pulverized first and then mixed with ingredients. More thorough.

4. Batching: Generally, the batching process of multiple warehouses and multiple scales is used. The batching scale is an electronic batching scale, which can improve the accuracy of batching and improve production management.

5. Feed mixing: It is to mix the good materials uniformly to ensure the quality of the feed. At present, most of the batches are mixed using a horizontal horizontal belt mixer.

6. Liquid addition: It is to add some extra substances in the feed to increase the content of protein, amino acids and vitamins in the feed. Generally, molasses is added.

7. Feed forming: ring forming granulator can be used during feed forming. The pellet feed from the granulator should be cooled. After cooling, if the particles are larger, they can be broken into smaller particles. Through classification and screening, qualified products are extracted, and those that fail are re-granulated and granulated.

8. Feed packaging and transportation: The steps of feed packaging and transportation are: silo interface → automatic quantitative weighing and weighing → manual bagging → pneumatic bagging → unloading → inlet bag → seam → cut line → conveying.

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