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Do any farmers make their own feed?

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Asker: Ethan

Ask Date: 4.26.2019,3:56PM

Question: Do any farmers make their own feed?

Detail: We are a chicken farm. Now we buy pellet feed from the outside, but the cost is relatively high. Can we produce feed ourselves? Do you have any cases of farmers breeding their own feed equipment?

Richi Engineer Reply

Answer: of course. Although most chicken feed equipment is purchased by large feed mills, But there are also some farmers purchase equipment to produce feed themselves.

We have a case in Sudan where a chicken farmer purchased a chicken feed production line with a capacity of 2 tons. I will send you some detailed parameters for your reference:

Country: Sudan

Date: April 24th,2018

Name: Chicken Feed Pellet Line

Capacity: 1-2T/H

Total Power: 63.83KW

Customer's Main Raw material: Corn, wheat,Soybean Meal, and other Grain.

Customer's Feed Pellet Size: 1-2mm small baby chicken feed, 3mm,4mm,6mm chicken feed

This customer did not visit our factory, but ordered the chicken feed production line online. This chicken feed production line is simply equipped without packaging system and boiler equipment. It took us 15 days to install the equipment, and the test results were very good.

Of course, we very much hope that you will have time to visit our factories and equipment in China. Many customers are satisfied with our equipment after visiting China. We also hope to have a deeper understanding and communication with you.

Mr. Samuel Usman, who has raised chicken for several years, turned to use pellet feed 2 years ago. The reason why he chose feed pellets was that his chicken did not like feed powder, so he wanted to bring a new taste to chicken. What he did not expect was that, ever since he used pellet feed, he never changed. “The feed pellet is so economical! It saves me a lot of money!” said Mr. Samuel Usman. Besides, he also said that compared to powder feed, feed pellets have much higher utilization rate.

The above is the article for you: Do any farmers make their own feed?. If you are interested in our products or project solutions, please contact us. We will give you the best product quality and the best price. Email:

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