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What is the fish feed pelleting process?

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Asker: Husan

Ask Date: 2.19.2019, 4;42:35PM

Question: Pelleting Process of Fish Feed

Detail: I want to purchase fish feed pelletizing equipment, I want to know about the fish feed pelletizing process, what are the differences from other animal feed.

Richi Engineer Reply

Let us now go through the detailed process of making fish feed pellets.

1.Grinding: in order to accelerate mixing process and increase nutritional utilization, people need to grind raw materials of fish feed into small particles, which always requires a crushing machine – droplet fish feed crusher.

In the meantime, the particle sizes of materials have great effect on feed size and quality in the next pelleting process.

Generally speaking, the grinding degree for most freshwater adult fish is about 40 mesh (420um), while for juvenile fish, it is around 60 mesh (250um).

2.Mixing: the daily feeding amount of fish is small, hence, feed ingredients should be mixed uniformly after grinding process in order to make sure fish can get complete nutrition from daily feed. The mixing degree of blender is very important in feed production processing because it can influence the quality of fish feed, so choosing a suitable mixing machine is quite significant. Here, we recommend well-designed fish feed mixer 500 for equably blending powder or particle materials with good flow ability.

3.Pelleting: if fish farmers want to produce feed pellet that hits precise quality targets in terms of size, durability, density and nutritional composition, they should choose suitable pelleting machine according to their investment cost, production scale, and feeding characteristics and habits of different aquatic animals.

Our pellet mill is able to produce high quality feed pellets for fish and also for pets like dog and cat. Moreover, it is not hard to produce feed pellets with different diameters (usually from 0.9mm to 15mm), just changing the size of pellet mill die mold, which gives fish farmers more flexible choice according to fish type and growth situation.

Is fish feed different from other animal feeds?

There are differences, of course. The nutritional value of fish feed is much higher than that of poultry and livestock, which is determined by the nutritional ratio required for the growth of aquatic animals.In addition, the fish feed must have a certain waterproof effect to facilitate fish feeding, which is usually achieved by adding a binder and spraying oil.

In addition, there are certain requirements for water floating and large internal voids. Poultry and animal feed do not have these requirements, the pellets have high compactness, are not waterproof, and have a higher crushing rate than fish feed.

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