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Why Pelleting the Feed Ingredients?

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Asker: Emad Nasr

Ask Date: 10.31.2018. 11:14AM

Question: Why Pelleting the Feed Ingredients?

Detail: Why Pelleting the Feed Ingredients?

Richi Engineer Reply

Granular feed formed by compacting a single raw material or a compound mixture through a mechanical action and extruding the die holes is called pelleting.

The purpose of granulation is to make finely divided, dusty, palatable and difficult to transport feed into pellets by using the effects of heat, moisture and pressure during the granulation process.

Compared with powdered feed, pelleted feed has the following advantages:

(1) Increase particle density, reduce transportation costs, and facilitate bulk transportation.

(2) Improve feed digestibility. During the granulation process, due to the combined effects of moisture, temperature and pressure, the starch is gelatinized and the enzyme activity is enhanced, so that the feeding animals digest the feed more quickly and increase the feed conversion rate.

(3) Prevent animals from picky food, ensure a good nutrition formula and reduce feed loss.

(4) Sterilization reduces the activity of microorganisms. Steam high temperature quenching and re-granulation can kill Salmonella in animal feed.

(5) Avoid automatic classification of feed ingredients and reduce environmental pollution.

(6) Increase animal feed intake and reduce waste of feeding.

(7) Animals are easy to accept when changing the formula.

(8) Reduction of hanging materials, agglomeration and dust in the warehouse.

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