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Customized 9-10T/H Professional Design Biomass Wood Pellet Mill Plant Project Report

  • Date: 2022-03-01 09:48:07
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Origin of the 9-10t/h new technology biomass wood pellet mill plant project

The client of this 9-10t/h new condition wood pellet plant project, Taizhou Huayue Biomass Pellets Co., Ltd., was established on November 28, 2017. The business scope of the company is the manufacture, processing and sales of biomass materials.

The customer leased a vacant local factory, invested 5 million yuan (785000USD), purchased wood pellet equipment such as new condition pellet durm wood chipper and wood pellet maker machines, and formed a technical transformation project with an annual output of 30,000 tons of biomass material pellet fuel.

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Labor quota and production shift system of the good stability 9-10t/h new biomass wood pellet plant

The number of 9-10tph complete biomass wood pellet mill plant project employees is 38. The hot selling good quality wood pellet plant project works 320 days a year, with a 10-hour production shift.

The wood pellet mill plant project does not have a canteen or accommodation. The calculated output of this wood pelllet mill plant project is 9-10t/h, 93-94t/d, 2500t/m.

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Overview of the China professional factory offered high quality 9-10t/h biomass wood pellet mill plant

The customer leased a vacant factory. The factory has been built and is a one-story building with a construction area of ​​1920㎡. The land is industrial land.

The factory building leased in this 9-10t/h biofuel wood pellet plant project is rectangular, and from east to west are the raw material warehouse, the powder warehouse and the finished product warehouse.

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Product Name Scale Notes
Biomass pellet fuel 30,000 t/a Bag Packaging
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Main biomass pellet making machineof the factory offered new technology 9-10t/h wood pellet mill plant

Biomass pellet making machine name Model Quantity Features
Wood pellet maker machine MZLH520 2 Pressure Forming (pellet)
Briquetting Machine 9JK3500 2 Pressure Forming (block)
Hot sale wood chipper machine 132 2 (1 spare) Block Crushing
Industrial sawdust hammer mill Tc800*1.2 1 Block Crushing
Screw Conveyor 400 2 Auto Powder Feeder
Belt Conveyor Tc600 3 Conveying finished products and discharging powder
Belt Conveyor Tc500 3 Conveying finished products and discharging powder
Packaging Machine 580 1 Product Packaging
Wood pellet cooler 580 1 Finished air cooling
Bucket elevator 580 1 Finished product is lifted to the packaging machine
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Main raw and auxiliary materials of the factory selling 9-10t/h new biomass wood pellet mill plant project

Name Annual consumption (10,000t/a) Notes
Wood block 1.95 Transportation vehicles are added with wrapping cloth. The raw materials are mainly from scraps of wood processing enterprises, without paint, glue, plastic and other impurities, and are stored in the block silo.
Sawdust 1.05 Sealed packaging, transport vehicles and wrapping cloth, the raw materials are mainly from sawdust powder from wood processing enterprises, and do not contain impurities such as paint, glue, plastic, etc., and are stacked in a closed powder storage room.
Butter (Industrial Grease) 0.5t/a 180kg/drum, for equipment lubrication
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Process flow of wood pellet plant with 9-10 tons per hour production capacity

The raw material wood blocks of the new build wood pellet mill plant project are small wood blocks that have been broken, but they are still massive, and need to be further pulverized. The wood chips do not need to be pulverized.

The 9-10t/h wood pellet mill plant project industrial wood hammer mill adopts a closed type. The feeding method is intermittent operation. The wood pellet mill plant project wood hammer mill is located on the east side of the powder room and is arranged against the wall.

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After crushing, the powder is directly transported to the powder room through a closed conveyor belt; The crushed waste wood blocks and sawdust are pressed and formed by the ring die wood pellet maker machine and the briquette machine.

The wood pelletizer machine and the briquette machine are both closed, located on the west side of the powder room, arranged against the wall, and automatically sucked during production. The wood pelletizer machine sucks the material from the powder silo, so no feeding dust will be generated;

The biomass pellet fuel from the biomass wood pelletizing machine and briquetting machine has a high temperature and needs to be cooled. This new build 9-10t/h wood pellet mill plant project uses air cooling by a cooler. The cooled biomass pellet fuel is packaged by a wood pellet packaging machine and shipped out after packaging.

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The wood pellet production process of the easy to operate good quality 9-10t/h wood pellet mill plant project adopts closed conveyor belt for closed transportation and feeding. The wood hammer mill for wood chips, wood granulator and briquetting machine use closed equipment, which has good sealing performance.

The factory directly offered 9-10 ton per hour wood pellet mill plant project is only made into finished products by extrusion molding, and no reaction occurs during the extrusion process. Just a physical change, no adhesive is added.

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Client company opening ceremony

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Auxiliary and public works of the 9-10t/h low consumption biomass wood pellet mill plant

Water supply——9-10tph wood pellet mill plant

The water used in this wood pellet plant project is mainly for the domestic use of employees, with an annual water consumption of 608m³. The water used for the wood pellet plant project is tap water, and the required water is provided by the local water supply system.

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Wood pellet plant layout(Chinese original)

Drainage——9-10tph wood pellet mill plant

The wood pellet plant project drainage adopts rainwater and sewage diversion arrangement. Rainwater is collected by rainwater pipes and discharged into nearby water bodies; the wood pellet mill plant project wastewater is mainly domestic sewage, with an annual discharge of 516.8m3/a.

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Wood pellet plant buildings layout(Chinese original)

Power——9-10tph wood pellet mill plant

Power supply: The electricity is mainly provided by the local substation.

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