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Animal Feed Business Plan Of 9-10T/H Compound Animal Feed Mill Project In China

  • Date: 2020-08-28 16:06:01
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Overview of 9-10t/h automatic animal feed mill project for perfect compound feed production

In view of the large market potential of complete compound feed, combined with its own capital and technical advantages and the advantages of human resources around the feed mill project area, Shandong Bosen Feed Co., Ltd. decided to invest in the construction of an annual output of 45000 tons animal feed mill project.

The animal feed mill plant project with an annual output of 45,000 tons of Shandong Bosen Feed Co., Ltd. is a new build commercial feed mill company project. The 9-10t/h animal feed processing plant is located in Pingyi County, Linyi City. The main construction content is animal feed milling machines, compound animal feed processor, auxiliary facilities and public works.

Overview of 9-10t/h automatic animal feed mill project for perfect compound
        feed production

The cost of setting up an animal feed making plan is 4.8 million yuan, including environmental protection investment of 400,000 yuan, with a total area of ​​3564m2 and a total construction area of ​​3762m2.

The 9-10 tons compound animal feed processing plant project was completed and put into production in April 2016, and has formed a production scale with an annual output of 45,000 tons of full-price compound feed. It can achieve an annual sales income of 80 million yuan and an annual profit of 2 million yuan. The annual production time is 300 days and 4800 hours.

The 9-10t/h compound animal feed processing plant investment payback period is 2 years. Not only that, the completion and commissioning of this compound animal feed processing plant project can also solve the employment problem of 15 people, which has good economic and social benefits.

Main buildings of this 9-10 tons per hour customized compound animal feed processing plant project

Project name Length × width × height (m) Building area (m2) Quantity Structure
Production workshop 66×21×8,1F 1386 1 Steel structure
Storehouse 60×33×7, 1F 1980 1 Steel structure
Office building 33×6×7, 2F 396 1 Steel concrete structure

Animal feed processing steps of the high return 9-10t/h typical compound animal feed plant

Feeding section of the 9-10t/h complete feed production plant

  • Soybean meal, crushed corn, corn germ meal, DDJS and other raw materials are fed through the feeding port and then conveyed by screw conveyor, and conveyed to bucket elevator , lifted into the next step.
  • After the small materials are put in through the powder feeding port, they are conveyed and conveyed by a screw conveyor and lifted by a bucket elevator into the next step process.
  • Soybean oil, etc. are directly transported from the storage tank to the batching process.

Crushing section of the 9-10t/h complete feed production plant

The materials in the silo to be crushed enter the animal feed grinding machine through the impeller feeder, and the crushed particles are conveyed by the screw conveyor and lifted to the batching silo by the bucket elevator.
Crushing section of the 9-10t/h complete feed production plant

The purpose of pulverization by animal feed grinder machine is to increase the specific surface area of ​​the feed, increase the utilization rate of the animal's feed, and increase the contact area of ​​the digestive enzymes with the raw materials; reduce the energy consumption of the animal's chewing during the feeding process, which is conducive to increasing the feed return; improving the quality of the subsequent processes, Improve work efficiency.

Ingredients and mixing section of 9-10tph compound animal feed processing plant

Ingredients refer to the various ingredients of the feed formula, which are mixed according to the specified weight ratio, and processed so that every small part of the whole, even a feed, has the same ingredient ratio as the formula requires. When batching, the materials and small materials are mixed in a certain proportion, and the batching accuracy is less than 0.3%.

Using a high-efficiency animal feed mixer, the mixing cycle is short, and the mixing uniformity variation coefficient is less than or equal to 5%. According to the scientific formula, the materials enter the animal feed mixing machine through a microcomputer and weighing accurately. After a reasonable and scientific mixing time, the microcomputer controls the discharge into the silo to be granulated through the buffer hopper, scraper, elevator, and distributor.

Animal feed pelleting process of 9-10tph compound animal feed processing plant

Before entering the animal food pellet machine, it needs to be tempered. The tempering must be steamed into the material to directly contact and mix and moisten the material. After the tempering is uniform, it will fall to the animal pellet machine for granulation by extrusion. The granular feed formed by compacting and extruding a single raw material or compound mixture through mechanical action of animal pellet making machine is called pelleting.

The purpose of pelleting is to use the heat, moisture and pressure in the pelleting process of animal feed pellet making machine to make pellets from the finely divided, dust-prone, poorly palatable and difficult-to-ship feed.

Animal feed pelleting process of 9-10tph compound animal feed processing

Compared with powdered feed, pelleted feed by animal feed pellet mill has the following advantages: improve feed digestibility; reduce animal picky eaters; make storage and transportation more economical; pelletizing generally increases the bulk density of powdered feed by 40% to 100%; avoids feed ingredients automatic grading, reducing environmental pollution; killing Salmonella in animal feed. The steam of pellet machine for animal feed is provided by a natural gas-fired boiler.

Cooling section of 9-10t/h compound animal feed mill plant

In the pelleting process of animal feed pellet maker, the high temperature and high humidity steam is introduced and the material is extruded to generate a lot of heat, so that when the pellet feed comes out of the animal feed pelletizer equipment, the water content reaches 16%-18%, and the temperature is as high as 75℃ -85. ℃, under this condition, the pellet feed is easy to deform and break, and it will also cause adhesion and mildew during storage.
Cooling section of
        9-10t/h compound animal feed mill plant

The moisture must be reduced to below 14%, and the temperature must be lowered to 8℃ higher than the air temperature. The project is cooled by wind cold, the dust generated during the cooling process is discharged outside after being processed by the cyclone dust collector.

Screening section of 9-10t/h compound animal feed processing plant

After the compound pellet feed is processed by the crushing process, a part of powder clots and other unqualified materials will be produced. Therefore, the crushed pellet feed needs to be sieved into products with neat particles and uniform sizes. The finished compound feed is conveyed to the grading screen by the elevator, and the grading screen is a two-layer sieve. Large debris and other large pellets on the sieve are collected through the trash discharge port and recycled to the cooling process.
Screening section of 9-10t/h compound animal
        feed processing plant

The intermediate sieve is the qualified product through the flow tube to the finished product warehouse, and the powder and other small particles under the sieve are directly returned to the cooling process., granulation process. 

After being concentrated and mixed, the finished powdered material enters the powder sieve for screening, the over-screen material returns to the crushing process, and the under-screen material enters the finished product warehouse as qualified products. 

Packaging section of 9-10t/h commercial compound animal feed processing plant

The finished product is transported to the finished product temporary storage warehouse, and then is packaged and metered and packaged. The finished product warehouse is airtight. Because the powder and fine materials have been screened during the animal feed plant screening process, the amount of dust generated during the packaging process of the pellets is small.
Packaging section of 9-10t/h commercial compound animal feed processing

General layout of the high quality 9-10t/h typical compound animal feed plant project

9-10T/H animal feed processing plant design and layout

The typical compound animal feed plant project is located 410 meters southwest of Xibuyin Village, Baotai Town, Pingyi County, Linyi City, covering a total area of ​​3564m2. The 9-10 tons animal feed plant project site is rectangular, with the widest north-south 54m and the longest east-west 66m. The topography of the animal feed manufacturing plant project site is flat. The animal feed plant main buildings include 1 production workshop, 1 warehouse, and 1 office building.

9-10T/H animal feed processing plant design and layout

According to the customized animal feed production plant project's geographic location, topography and meteorological conditions, the project has carried out a more reasonable distribution of the factory buildings. The function of the 9-10t/h animal feed processing plant project area is mainly production area and office area, and the specific distribution is as follows:

  1. Production area: The 9-10t/h animal feed processing plant production workshop is located in the west of the factory area, and the warehouse is located in the north of the east side of the factory area.
  2. Office area: Located on the north side of the eastern part of the animal feed production plant, it is mainly an office building.
  3. Road system planning: starting from the requirements of convenient transportation, reasonably arrange the internal roads of the 9-10t/h capacity of animal feed mill plant to form a complete road system. Since the flow of people and goods in this compound feed mill project is usually small, there is a common import and export for people and goods in the middle of the first floor of the east office in the south of the animal feed processing factory, which can ensure the smooth transportation of product production and goods.

Reasonability analysis of the 9-10t/h animal feed processing miller for compound feed

  • According to the regional wind frequency map and meteorological data, the dominant wind direction in the compound animal feed processing factory project area is SE (southeast wind), and the office area is not located in the downwind direction of the production area. Exhaust gas from the production area of ​​the feed mill project will affect the office area smaller after strict control measures are taken.
  • The noise generated by this 9-10t/h animal feed pellet line project mainly comes from the operating noise of sieving machines, feed crushers, feed mixers, feed granulators, balers, palletizers, fans, pumps and other feed processing equipment, because the noise sources are all arranged in the production Inside the workshop and far from the office area, the noise source has little impact on the office area.Reasonability analysis of the 9-10t/h animal feed
            processing miller for compound feed
  • The facilities in the complete animal feed plant 9-10 tph production area are reasonably arranged in accordance with the technological process, and the material transportation is short and quick, which can meet the needs of the material flow and the purpose of rapid material transportation;
  • The layout of each functional area of ​​this 9-10t/h animal feed production plant project is clearly defined, which can meet the requirements of non-production and irrelevant personnel to enter the 9-10 tph animal feed plant production area;
  • The layout of this 9-10t/h animal feed pellet making machine production line project is compact, which can meet the requirements of saving land.

The main raw and auxiliary materials and power consumption of the 45 thousad ton per year animal feed plant

Serial number Name Unit QTY
1 Production scale    
  Complete formula feed t/a 45,000
2 Annual operating days  d 300
3 Consumption of main raw materials and auxiliary materials    
(1) Corn  t/a 30000
(2) Soybean meal t/a 10000
(3) Corn germ meal t/a 5000
(4) DDJS t/a 5000
(5) Dicalcium Phosphate t/a 500
(6) Soybean oil m3/a 100
(7) Methionine t/a 5
(8) Stone powder t/a 200
(9) Salt t/a 10
4 Utility consumption    
(1) Water m3/a
(2) Electricity kW·h/a 500000
(3) Steam consumption in feed plant million m3/a 45.5
5 Factory-wide quota People 15
6 Plant area 3564
7 Total construction area 3762
8 Financial Evaluation    
(1) Total project investment Ten thousand yuan 480
Investment in fixed assets Ten thousand yuan 400
Working capital Ten thousand yuan 80
(2) Annual sales revenue Ten thousand yuan 8000
(3) Total production cost Ten thousand yuan 7800
(4) Average annual total profit Ten thousand yuan 200
(5) Payback period Year  2

The main animal feed production machine of the 9-10t/h good quality animal feed pellet plant

Serial number Animal feed milling machine name QTY Remarks
3 Animal feed crusher machine 1 Crushing of complete feed ingredients
4 Animal feed pelleting machine 1 Granulation
5 Baler 2 Package
7 Air compressor 1 Gas source
8 Animal feed packaging machine 1 Bagging
9 Animal feed mixer machine 2 Mixing
10 Screening equipment 1 Filter
11 Palletizer 1 Temporary storage
12 Oil storage tank 1 Oil storage (capacity 1t)
13 Corn storage 2 Store
14 Forklift 2 Transport
15 Fan Several Draw the wind
16 1T/H natural gas steam boiler heating 1 Heat
17 Soft water preparation system 1 Soft water preparation

What is a complete compound feed?

Complete formula feed is also called pellet feed, which can be fed directly without reprocessing. The complete formula feed is composed of protein feed (such as fish meal, beans and cakes, etc.), energy feed (such as corn, wheat bran, etc.), rough feed (used only in low-standard compound materials), and additives (excluding grain and its supplements).

Additives other than the product are called additives) a four-part compound feed. This type of feed product is also called a complete ration compound feed. It is usually divided into various models according to the feeding object (animal type, age, production purpose, etc.).
compound animal feed processing plant with the
        capacity of 20 tons hour on 3mm animal feed that can operate 24 hours day for 26

This kind of feed can fully meet the nutritional needs of the feeding objects, and the user does not need to add any additional nutritive feeding substances, but must pay attention to choosing a complete formula feed that is consistent with the feeding objects. The feed contains energy, protein, mineral feed and various feed additives.

The various nutrients are complete in variety, sufficient in quantity and appropriate in proportion, which can meet the production needs of feeding animals and can be directly used for production. Generally, there is no need to supplement other feed.

The above is the article for you: Animal Feed Business Plan Of 9-10T/H Compound Animal Feed Mill Project In China.

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