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The 600,000 tons/year aquatic livestock and poultry feed factory project undertaken by RICHI was officially put into operation

  • Date: 2021-07-28 17:13:35
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Recently, the commissioning ceremony of the intelligent high-end livestock and poultry aquatic feed manufacturing project with an annual output of 600,000 tons undertaken by Richi Machinery was grandly held.

The intelligent high-end livestock and poultry aquatic animal feed factory project with an annual output of 600,000 tons is a major project of our client. The large animal feed mill project will be trial-produced in August 2021 with a total investment of 1 billion yuan and an annual output of 600,000 tons of high-end aquatic, livestock and poultry feed. The single animal feed production line capacity ranks among the top in the feed industry.

600,000 tons/year animal feed factory

The new aquatic livestock poultry feed factory where the project is located has 14 animal feed production lines, all adopting international standard production technology, achieving a high degree of interconnection between internal and external network services, a high degree of feed mill factory(field) data sharing, a high degree of interoperability between systems, and equipment intelligence.

The high integration of the "three mutual" and "four modernizations" of bulk materials, data visualization, and ecosystem coordination, leading the country in intelligence. This also supports a high degree of synergy in the production and marketing ecology of the customer's feed company, and condenses the strong product competitiveness of the customer company.

Client in this large animal feed factory project

People in China's feed industry are no strangers to the entire industrial chain of laying hens of the client' animal feed factory of the project, but they may know little about the feed sector. The company used to mainly process livestock and poultry feed, but in the past two or three years, the entry of livestock and poultry feed mills into aquatic products has been the main theme of the development of the industry, which is both an opportunity and a challenge for livestock and poultry feed companies.

animal feed plant capacity

Despite the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic this year, the client feed poduction company's 600,000 tons/year high-end aquatic poultry and livestock feed factory project was put into production, declaring to the outside world its determination to speed up the entry into aquatic products.

The super capacity animal feed factory project will focus on building intelligent high-end livestock and poultry aquatic feed production projects, and develop high-end special aquatic feeds such as sea bass feed, yellow catfish feed, vannamei feed, and giant monodon feed.

In 2020, in less than a year, the sales volume of special aquatic feed produced by this customer's new fish feed plant increased by 12,000 tons, and the sales volume of fresh water feed increased by 7,500 tons. The ability to make such great progress in a short period of time is closely related to its continuous satisfaction of customer needs.

On the one hand, this customer' feed company strictly controls the quality of feed products and continuously optimizes feed formulations to meet customer production needs; on the other hand, the feed processing company uses corporate funds to operate safely and efficiently, reduce raw material procurement costs, and provide customers with more cost-effective products and services to win customers' trust.

animal feed factory for sale

It is understood that before the completion of this 600000 tons per year animal feed plant project, the client feed manufacturing company had 5 aquatic feed production lines, including 4 pellet feed production lines and 1 extruded feed production line, each with an hourly output of 15 tons.

Since the beginning of this year, despite the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, with the outstanding advantages of the new project, the total sales volume of the customer's animal feed processing plant is still rising steadily. The new project monitors the quality of the entire animal feed manufacturing process online to ensure product quality. The customer also revealed that two more intelligent animal feed plants will be added in the future to meet the increasing market demand for the feed company's products.

The above is the article for you: The 600,000 tons/year aquatic livestock and poultry feed factory project undertaken by RICHI was officially put into operation.

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