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5-7T/H Complete Feed Mill Plant in Haiti

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Name:Animal Feed Mill
Date:December 2020
Pellet Size:2-6mm
The install period:90 Days
Control Mode:Semi-automatic
Guiding Price:230,000 USD

5-7T/H Complete Feed Mill Plant in Haiti

5-7T/H complete feed mill plant in Haiti

5-7T/H complete feed mill plant in Haiti

This 5-7t/h complete feed mill plant in Haiti project is a composite production line for processing poultry feed, pig feed, and corn cattle feed.

On September 9, 2021, the customer sent us a consultation:

“Hi there, can I have a quotation for 10 tons mill pellet plant for chickens feed, and layers. We need pellet feed and crude feed also. We need mesh feed for.layers during production also.

Capacity we need new is 10 tons / hrs and also 2 silos 1250 tons for corn storage and also 2 silos 250 tons for soy beans meal. Please I wish u contact me and send answer as soon as possible. Regard".

In December 2021, the project was signed. Due to changes in customer needs, the final project was a turnkey project of this 5-7 tons per hour feed pellet production line.

The 5-7t/h complete feed mill plant in Haiti project site covers an area of 1,800 square meters. It purchased production and auxiliary equipment such as crushers, elevators, animal feed pellet machine, silos, and natural gas boilers to form an annual production capacity of 15,000 tons of livestock and poultry feed. Currently, the project is scheduled to enter production in July 2022.

  • Product Plan: Livestock and Poultry Feed
  • Annual output: 15,000 tons/a
  • Packaging specifications: 40kg/bag
  • Animal feed mill machine price: 230,000 USD
  • Number of employees: 7
  • Working system: 8-hour production is implemented, and the annual working days are 300 days.
5-7T/H complete feed mill plant in Haiti

Main engineering components of 5-7 t/h complete feed mill plant in Haiti

Equipment for 5-7 t/h complete feed mill plant in Haiti

Equipment Name QTY
Crusher 2
Bucket elevator 10
Cooler 2
Animal feed granulator 2
Silo 2
Pulse bag dust collector 9
Bag filter 3
Cyclone 4
2T/H gas boiler 1

Raw material consumption of 5-7 t/h complete feed mill plant in Haiti

Name Consumption(t/a) Remark
Corn 9000 Bulk, shipping
Soybean meal 3800 70kg/plastic bag, shipped by truck
Rice bran 700 50kg/plastic bag, shipped by truck
Soybean oil 500 The liquid is in bulk and transported via tank truck in a 20m3 storage tank.
Puffed soybeans 200 40kg/plastic bag, shipped by truck
Biscuit 500 40kg/plastic bag, shipped by truck
Wheat middlings 250 40kg/plastic bag, shipped by truck
Other excipients 50 Mainly some feed additives, automobile transportation
Packaging Materials 20 /
Liquified natural gas 71.9 158kg/bottle, convertedinto gaseous natural gas about 100,000 cubic meters

Laboratory reagent consumption

Name Dosage when reaching production Remark
Sulfuric acid 16.5L/a 500ml/bottle, hazardous chemicals
Methanol 7.5L/a 500ml/bottle, hazardous chemicals
Sodium hydroxide 20kg/a 500g/bottle, hazardous chemicals
Anhydrous sodium sulfate 6kg/a 500g/bottle

Public works



The water consumption of this 5-7t/h complete feed mill plant in Haiti project is 2300t/a, of which domestic water comes from tap water, and the water consumption is 900t/a.


Powered by

The electricity for the project is provided by the local power supply bureau, and the electricity consumption is expected to be approximately 500,000 kWh/a.


Air supply

The natural gas used in the 5-7t/h complete feed mill plant in Haiti is transported to the plant in bottled form, and a set of LNG gasification skid equipment is used to convert the LNG into CNG to supply gas to the gas boiler of this project. When reaching capacity, the annual natural gas consumption will be approximately 100,000 cubic meters.

Production process of 5-7 t/h complete feed mill plant in Haiti

  1. Unpacking and feeding (or feeding):
    All kinds of raw materials used in project production are manually unpacked (corn does not need to be unpacked) and then put into the feeding port and measured in the silo before being put into the mixer for mixing.
    Among them, large particles Raw materials such as corn and soybean meal must be crushed by a crusher before entering the silo. Some additives are generally pre-mixed by a mixer before being mixed with other materials to consider the issue of uniform mixing in subsequent processes.
  2. Pulverizer crushing:
    This complete feed mill plant in Haiti project uses a one-time crushing process to crush soybean meal and corn into raw materials with the required particle size.
  3. Transportation:
    Corn and other powdery raw materials crushed by the crusher are lifted by the elevator and then enter their respective silos to be put into the mixer for mixing.
  4. Mixing system:
    Each material in the silo is conveyed by a spiral to the batching scale hopper for measurement (multi-silo one scale batching is used) and then put into the mixer, while soybean oil and various additives after premixing are put into the mix separately. Each material is mixed in a closed manner through the mixer. After being mixed by the mixer, each material is lifted into the silo through the hopper to be granulated.
  5. Granulation process:
    This 5-7t/h complete feed mill plant in Haiti project uses ring die granulation. The poultry livestock feed pellet machine is mainly composed of feeding, stirring, granulating, transmission and lubrication systems. The powdery feed is fed into the two pressing areas.
    The hollow shaft drive wheel drives the die to rotate. The feed is rolled into the space between the die and the pressure roller. The two relatively rotating parts gradually squeeze the feed and squeeze it into the die hole.
    It is formed in the die hole and continuously extruded toward the outer end of the die hole. The formed pellets are then cut into the required length by a cutter, and finally the formed pellets flow out of the animal feed pellet machine.
  6. Cooling process:
    Since high-temperature and high-humidity steam is introduced during the pelleting process and the material is extruded to generate a large amount of heat, the temperature of the pellet feed can reach 75~85°C and the humidity when it just comes out of the animal feed pelletizer, reaching 16-18%.
    Under these conditions, pellet feed is easy to deform and break, and will also cause sticking and mildew during storage. The moisture must be reduced to less than 14%, and the material temperature must be reduced to less than 8°C higher than the air temperature. Therefore cooling is required.
  7. Screening:
    Haiti clients require finished feed pellets to be neat and uniform in size, so they need to be screened to remove unqualified products before packaging. The unqualified materials after screening are used as return materials for the previous process.
  8. Measuring and discharging/sewing packages:
    Qualified feed pellets are measured by a quantitative scale and then packaged.
complete feed mill plant in Haiti

In addition to this 5-7t/h complete feed mill plant in Haiti project, Richi Machinery has currently exported dozens of pellet production lines to North America, covering livestock and poultry feed processing, aquatic feed processing, grass pellet feed processing, wood pellet processing, organic fertilizer pellet processing, and cat litter pellets processing and other fields.

The featured projects include: 12T/H cattle feed plant in USA, American 10t/h sawdust line, Canada 3-3.5T sawdust pellet line, Mexico 2-4t/h organic fertilizer pellet line, Cuba 2t/h rabbit feed production line, Puerto Rico 3t/h fish feed pellet production line, etc.

If you are interested in our 5-7t/h complete feed mill plant in Haiti project, or want to set up a 1-100t/h animal feed pellet production lines in North America, South America, Asia, Africa and other regions, feel free to contact Richi Machinery, no matter what your budget is, within a reasonable range, our complete feed mill plant solutions can be tailored to suit your needs.

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