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30T/H Commercial Feed Mill in Russia

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Name:180,000 Tons/Year Pig Feed Mill
Date:February 2021
Pellet Size:2-5mm
The install period:8 Months
Control Mode:Full Automatic
Guiding Price:1,500,000 USD (including silo)

30T/H Commercial Feed Mill in Russia

30 t/h commercial feed mill in Russia

This 30t/h commercial feed mill in Russia project is large pig feed production project for producing pig feed for various growth stages. The customer is a large breeding pig production enterprise.

In order to meet the market and company development needs, the customer invested in the construction of this 30t/h complete compound pig feed plant project.
30 t/h commercial feed mill in Russia

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Product plan

Product Name Annual Output (t/a)
Piglet compound feed 54,000
Compound feed for growing and fattening pigs 90,000
Breeding pig compound 36,000

Construction content

The total area of this 30t/h commercial feed mill in Russia project is 32482m2, with a total construction area of 8299m2. The construction content mainly includes production workshop, raw material workshop, finished product workshop, vertical cylinder warehouse, office building and other public auxiliary projects.

Production equipment needed to start 30 t/h commercial feed mill in Russia

Below are some of the main animal feed mill machine for this 30t/h commercial feed plant in Russia project.

Equipment Name Model Specifications
Pulse dust collector Rotary distributor
Fan Ingredients scale and weighing door
2T/H Boiler High efficiency mixer
Conical powder cleaning screen Conical powder cleaning screen
Impeller feeder Pneumatic round tee
Hammer crusher Twin-shaft paddle mixer
Silencer Animal feed pellet machine
Material sealing screw conveyor Vibrating air hammer
Crusher New Counterflow Cooler
Buried scraper conveyor feeder
Bucket elevator Feeding air shut-off device
Cylindrical primary cleaning screen Cooling fan
Permanent magnet cylinder Rotary grading screen
Bucket elevator Conveying auger
Belt feeding double bucket packaging scale Liquid adding machine

Main raw materials consumption

The following are the main raw materials and annual usage used by this 30t/h commercial feed mill in Russia project for pig feed processing:

Name Annual dosage
Corn 102060t
Fishmeal 9360t
Bean cake 33120t
Wheat bran 13500t
Stone powder 2214t
Calcium hydrogen phosphate 1980t
Rice bran 12960t
Premix 1800t
Vegetable oil 1800t
Salt 540t
Other additives 2466t

Energy and laboratory drugs consumption

Name Annualconsumption
Biomass fuel 800t
Water 6627.1m3
Electricity 400,000 kW·h
Name Annual dosage
Hydrochloric acid 1500ml
Sulfuric acid 3000ml
Nitric acid 1500ml
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General layout

The raw material entrance of the 30t/h commercial feed mill in Russia project is located on the north side of the factory area, and the finished product export is located on the west side of the factory area, connected to the park road, making it easy for vehicles to enter and exit.

Public works


Water consumption

The water source of the 30t/h commercial feed mill in Russia project is tap water, which can meet the needs of this project. The water used in this project is mainly domestic water and production water.

The employee water consumption quota is calculated as 145L/person·d, of which domestic water consumption is 110.88m3/d and 3262.50m3/a;

The water required for boiler heating is soft water, which is produced by a water softener using fresh tap water. The water softening efficiency of the water softening mechanism is 80%, that is, 10.86m3/d (3258t/a) of fresh tap water is required to produce 8.69m3/d (2607t/a) of soft water.(Find RICHI on YouTube)


Power supply

The electrical loads of this project are all level three loads. The total installed capacity of the electrical equipment in this 30t/h commercial feed mill in Russia project is 1345kW, the calculated capacity is about 1013kW, and a 1250kVA transformer is selected.



The heat required for heating during the production process of this 30t/h commercial feed mill in Russia project is provided by a 2t/h fired biomass pellet boiler. The boiler operates 300 days a year, the boiler operates 4 hours a day, and the formed biomass consumption is 800t/a.

According to the information provided by the customer, the sulfur content of biomass briquette fuel is about 0.02%, the calorific value is 4200 kcal/kg, the ash content is 1.59%, and the volatile content is 80.86%.

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Process design of 30t/h commercial feed mill in Russia


Receiving raw materials

After the corn is transported to the factory by truck, it is poured into the discharge port. At the discharge port, it is lifted by a bucket elevator to the cleaning room, where it is passed through a primary cylinder cleaning screen and a high-efficiency vibrating cleaning screen for dust removal.

After that, it is transported to the permanent magnet cylinder by a bucket elevator for iron removal. After the above-mentioned dust removal and impurity removal, the wheat is lifted by the elevator and entered into the vertical warehouse for temporary storage.

The wheat needs to be fumigated based on the wheat storage time and pest and disease conditions; other auxiliary materials (except wheat and corn) are fed through the feed port and stored in zones in the raw material workshop of 30t/h commercial feed mill in Russia.


Grinding system

Corn passes through the scraper and granular auxiliary materials stored in the raw material workshop from the steel silo and is lifted to the main workshop by a bucket elevator for screening (wheat and corn are screened through a circulating high-efficiency vibrating cleaning screen, and the granular auxiliary materials pass through the cone powder sieve for sieving).

After screening, it enters the warehouse to be crushed in the main workshop through the sealed slide pipe. The material directly enters the super micro pulverizer through the slide pipe for crushing. The crushed material is lifted by the bucket elevator to the warehouse for distribution and storage in zones.


Ingredients system

The raw materials and other required premixes, fish bone meal, oil, etc. that are temporarily stored in the main workshop are weighed and batched under computer control and then enter the double-shaft high-efficiency mixer for mixing. The mixing process is completely sealed.

The mixed powder is transported through scraper conveyors and bucket elevators. It is powder after passing the finished product inspection sieve (to clean out large impurities and oily lumps in the mixed materials, sieve hole 16mm).



After being crushed and mixed, the materials that need to be granulated are distributed through the distributor through the distributor, and then sent to the warehouse to be granulated through the chute. During granulation, the materials in the warehouse to be granulated are transported to the pig feed pellet machine through the conveyors.

The granulation temperature is 78-82°C. The steam required for granulation is provided by the boiler. The steam transported from the boiler room is pressure-regulated and decompressed and then filled into the pig feed machine modulator and the materials for full mixing for granulation.


Cooling & Bagging System

After the granulation is completed, it enters the counter-flow cooler to be cooled and air-dried. Then it is lifted by the bucket elevator to the rotary grading screen for screening, and the qualified products enter the finished product warehouse.

It is then bagged by a chute baler and bulk packed in a collection bucket to a special feed truck. After weighing and registration, it is transported to the pig farm. The unqualified products after screening are returned to the pig feed pellet mill for re-pelletization.

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The above are the details of this 30t/h commercial feed mill in Russia project.

Today, RICHI Machinery has helped many Russian customers establish feed plants, including 5t/h puffing & 10t/h pelleting compound line, 5 tons sunflower seed meal feed line + 2-3T wheat bran pellet feed line, 3-4th powder line, 5t /h livestock and poultry feed production line, 1.5-2T/H fish feed production line, 1-1.2th fish feed line, 5-6T fish feed pellet line, etc.

At present, the prospects for feed processing in Russia are very good. If you are also interested in establishing a 1-100t/h commercial feed mill in Russia project, please contact us at any time to inquire about the steps to establish an animal feed mill plant, production line technology, equipment configuration, installation and commissioning and other information.

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