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China Animal Nutrition Company New Build 800 Tons/Year Animal Feed Supplement Factory

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Name:Animal nutrition company for animal feed supplement products
Date: March 2020
Capacity:800 Tons/Year
Feed Size:Powder and 1-3mm pellets
The install period:20 Days
Control Mode:Automatic
Animal feed supplement plant:1,252,800 USD

China Animal Nutrition Company New Build 800 Tons/Year Animal Feed Supplement Factory

The client of this 800 tons cow animal feed additives company project is one of the China top animal nutrition companies ——Aifuyang Biotechnology (Jiangsu) Feed Co., Ltd., which invested 1,252,800 USD to build the Aifuyang Biotechnology feed additive production factory project in Haian City. After the advanced animal nutrition company project is completed, 600 tons of rumen-protected lysine and 200 tons of rumen-protected methionine have been produced annually.

Overview of the newest technology animal feed supplement company 800 tons/a project

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Animal feed supplement products plan of this 800 tons leading animal nutrition factory project

Project name Product name Product Usage Capacity Annual operating hours (h/a)
Feed additive production line Rumen-protected lysine Feed additives 600 tons/year 8064
Rumen-protected methionine 200 tons/year 8064

Raw and auxiliary materials of the 800t/a animal nutrition manufacturing plant in China

Name of raw materials Physical and chemical properties
Lysine Lysine molecular formula C6 H14N2O2, properties: needle-like crystals, darkened at 210℃, decomposed at 224.5℃, easily soluble in water, slightly soluble in alcohol, insoluble in ether.
Methionine DL-methionine is a chemical substance, the molecular formula is C5H11NO2S, white flake crystal or powder; solution clarity: colorless and clear; PH value: 5.9 (1% aqueous solution).
Starch Starch is a high molecular weight carbohydrate, a polysaccharide composed of a single type of sugar unit. The basic constituent unit of starch is α-D-pyridine starch (2 sheets) glucopyranose. The covalent polymer formed by the glycosidic bond after the glucose has removed the water molecule is the starch molecule.
Palm oil It is a milky white solid at room temperature, with a peculiar smell of palm oil, and palmitic acid (C16:0) accounts for 67.056%.
Natural gas The main component of natural gas is alkanes, of which methane accounts for the vast majority, and a small amount of ethane, propane and butane. In addition, there are generally hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and moisture.

Public and auxiliary works of the animal feed additives companies for cow animal nutrition


Water supply and drainage


Power supply

The electricity consumption of this animal nutrition company project is 200,000 kWh/year, which is provided by the urban area power supply system.


Natural gas

The natural gas consumption of the animal feed supplement factory project is 40,000 cubic meters per year. The natural gas pipeline network where the project is located has been laid, which can meet the gas demand of the animal feed mill machine project.

Project category Building name Scale
Main project Production workshop 756m² (42m×18m)
Auxiliary workshop Office 344m²
Storage project Warehouse 900m²
Utilities Power supply 200,000 kWh/a
Water supply 529t/a
Drainage 234t/a
Gas supply 40,000 m³/a
Environmental protection project Exhaust gas Feeding, screening, crushing, mixing, oil-coated discharge dust, packaging dust Air collecting hood + bag dust collector (1pc)+1#15m high exhaust cylinder
Boiler exhaust gas Ultra-low nitrogen gas burner + 15m exhaust pipe (2#)
Wastewater Wastewater 2m³ septic tank, 1 rainwater outlet, 1 reserved long-term sewage outlet
Noise Production equipment Reasonable nutrition feed mill layout, sound insulation of the feed factory building
Solid waste General solid waste temporary storage room 12m², located on the southeast side of the workshop
Hazardous waste temporary storage library 4m², located on the southeast side of the workshop
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Planning cow feed plant layout of the animal feed supplement company project

The office area of ​​this animal feed supplement company project is located on the south side of the factory area, and the production workshop is located on the north side of the animal feed supplement factory area. The production workshops are screening, crushing, mixing, granulating, drying, oiling, packaging and other areas in sequence from west to east.
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The plane layout is set according to the needs of the animal feed supplement company feed production line process, conforms to the sequence of logistics and energy flow, reduces the transmission time and distance of raw materials between processes, and avoids the waste of time, manpower and energy in the transition process of various production processes. Separate storage areas are set up for raw materials.

Animal feed additives process flow of the animal nutrition company China

The technological production process of animal feed in this animal premix feed mill company project includes screening, crushing, feeding, oiling, packaging and other processes.

  1. Feeding section
    The amount of granular raw materials in the screening process is 400t/a, 50 kg each time, and the amount of raw materials is 400t/a. It needs 8000 feeding times. Each feeding time is about 2 minutes, so the feeding time is 267h/a.
  2. Screening section
    The amount of granular raw materials in the screening process is 400t/a, and the screening time is 500h/a.
  3. Crushing process
    The amount of granular raw materials in the crushing process is 200t/a, 50 kg each time, and the amount of raw materials is 200t/a. It needs to be fed 4000 times. Each feeding time is about 2 minutes, and the feeding time is 133h/a.animal feed supplement companies
  4. Mixing process
    In the animal feed ingredients, the granular raw material is 400t/a, the powder dosage is 20t/a, each time is 50 kg, and the raw material dosage is 420t/a, it needs to be charged 8400 times, and the feeding time is about 2 minutes, so the feeding time is 280h/a.
  5. Granulation process
    Amino acids will produce a small amount of peculiar smell when the granulation process is high in temperature, which will be discharged unorganized after being ventilated in the workshop. This animal feed additive company project has a 0.3t/h gas boiler mainly used for steam production in the drying process. The boiler has a daily operating time of 5 hours and an annual operating time of 336 days.animal feed flavor companies
  6. Oil-coating section
    According to the information provided by the animal feed additive producing company limited, the palm oil consumption is 380t/a, and the oil-in-oil time is 2688h/a.
  7. Packaging section
    The animal feed supplement products are granular product. The animal feed supplement products of this project is 800t/a, and the output is about 0.08t/a. Each packaging is 25 kg, the animal feed supplement products volume is 800t/a, and each packaging time is about 2 minutes, the packaging time is 1067h/a.
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The effect of rumen-protected lysine and rumen-protected methionine on the performance and economic benefits of dairy cows

Lysine is an essential amino acid needed by dairy cows. In the body, the comprehensive functions of lysine used by cows include: maintenance, growth (lactating heifers or primiparous cows), reproduction, lactation and milk protein synthesis. Lysine is often a limiting amino acid, especially in diets of high corn products.

In ruminant diets, lysine is provided by microbial protein and rumen escape or rumen non-degradable feed protein. In many lactating dairy cows, the lysine supplied by microbial protein and rumen non-degradable feed protein may not be sufficient to meet the needs of lysine.
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Methionine is another essential amino acid required by cows, and current industry recommendations indicate that the ratio of lysine: methionine to lactating cows should be 3:1. The animal feed supplement products plan of this project is: annual production of 600 tons of rumen lysine and 200 tons of rumen methionine, which is to follow the scientific ratio of 3:1.

With rumen-protected lysine products, we are now able to increase the supply of lysine in a more targeted or purposeful way. Certain studies and field experience have shown that feeding extra lysine without increasing methionine may be beneficial for increasing milk and milk composition. (Maybe you are interested in our 5 T/H Animal Premix Feed Plant In El Salvador


Prove by experiment of rumen-protected lysine and rumen-protected methionine on dairy cows

In order to evaluate the actual effect of the application of Le Barry, the concentration of lysine in the metabolized protein was increased without increasing the concentration of methionine, so that it reached a ratio of lysine: methionine of 3.6:1. We conducted experiments on the effects of food intake, milk and milk ingredient content, feed efficiency, and income from feed cost minus that is gross profit.
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The trial was conducted on a 3,000 cow-scale free-range dairy farm in Jiangsu Province, China. The lysine concentration in the diet was increased from 6.5% to 6.8% (AMTSv.3.1, CNCPS v.6.1 Biology) with 0.1 lb (45g) of Roborix. No other changes were made to the diet.


Conclusion of the experiment

Applying Le Barry to increase the concentration of lysine in metabolized protein, the production of milk, ECM and FCM is increased by 4 pounds (1.81 kg) per head per day.

Although the percentage of milk composition has not changed, the increase in milk production also increases the production of milk fat and milk protein. When adding animal feed supplement products, the feed efficiency increased, and the income deducting the feed cost increased by 0.48 US dollars per head per day. Once the animal feed supplement products are removed from the diet, milk production, feed efficiency and income after deducting feed costs will all be negatively affected. 

For a dairy herd of this size, continuing to feed Robbery will generate additional income of US$1,440 (US$0.48×3,000) per day and an additional annual income of US$439,200 (US$1,440×305 days).

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