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16-20T/H Animal Feed Mill in UAE

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Name:Animal feed plant for stock and chicken feed
Country:United Arab Emirates
Date:June 2021
Pellet Size:3-8mm
The install period:90 Days
Control Mode:Automatic
Guiding Price:650,000 USD

16-20T/H Animal Feed Mill in UAE

The client of this 16-20t/h animal feed mill in UAE project is an enterprise that mainly produces compound feed. The business was founded in December 2019 and is based in United Arab Emirates.

In April 2020, the customer invested more than US$1 million to build using existing factory buildings. The project has a total construction area of 9241m2, including production workshops, warehouses, office buildings, and ancillary facilities. After completion, it will have an annual output of 120,000 tons of livestock and poultry feed.

In November 2020, a customer sent us an inquiry:

" Greetings I am interested in purchasing the animal feed production line. Kindly provide me with the pricing information for a 20 ton/hour production line. regards.
We are a compound feed production company.
One of our portfolio is production and processing of animal feeds.
After viewing your website we got interested in exploring one of you Animal Feed Plant.
We would like to process and produce pellets for poultry and cattle as well as for fish from pearl millet.
Kindly advise whether your Animal Feed Production Line is capable of meeting our desire and we would appreciate if you can share with us some of the pricing information about such equipment.
We look forward to hear from you soon.
Kindest regards

In June 2021, the 16-20t/h animal feed mill in UAE project was signed.
16-20T/H Animal Feed Mill in UAE

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Construction content and scale

The total construction area of this 16-20t/h animal feed mill in United Arab Emirates project is 9241m2, of which the workshop and warehouse construction area is 6487m², and the office building and ancillary facilities are 2754m². The project composition and engineering content are shown in the table below:

Building Name Building Area (m²) Dimensions (length*width*height) (m)
Main workshop 1648 23.065×14.28×6.64
Boiler Room 64 9.53×6.55×6.93
Fire Fighting System 498 3.6*3.53*2.83
Office building 2092 28.5×11.4×3.43
Canteen 100 11.4×14.65×6.24
Raw material library 2424 63.5×30×7.5
Finished product warehouse 1452 60.85×24×7.5
Bulk warehouse 155 14×11.1×23.01(bin 6.5)
Silo 808 Two warehouses¢11×21.173(warehouse 14.63),three small warehouses¢6.417×19.53(bin 7.91)
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16-20T/H animal feed mill equipment list

According to the order of the process flow, the animal feed mill machine of this project are shown in the following table:

Equipment Name QTY Equipment Name QTY
Feeding hopper and fence (effective feeding area is about 2.2*2.45 meters) 1 Conical powder sieve 2
Pulse dust collector 1 Permanent magnet cylinder 2
Fan 1 Rotary distributor 2
Scraper conveyor 1 Silo to be granulated 4
Bucket elevator 1 Loading level device 4
Cylindrical primary cleaning screen 1 Lowering level device 4
Pulse dust collector 1 Pneumatic gate 4
Permanent magnet cylinder 1 Buffer bucket 2
Rotary distributor 1 Animal feed pellet machine 2
Feeding hopper and fence (effective feeding area is about 2.2*2.45m) 1 Extended jacketed single layer modulator 2
Pulse dust collector 1 Granulator on-site control box 2
Scraper conveyor 1 Counter flow cooler 2
Bucket elevator 1 Pellet crumbler 2
Permanent magnet cylinder 1 Special air shutter 2
Conical primary cleaning screen 1 Cooling air network 2
Pulse dust collector 1 Manual butterfly valve 2
Rotary distributor 1 Cyclone 2
Bin to be crushed 4 Air shut-off device 2
Loading level device 4 Fan 2
Lowering level device 4 Bucket elevator 2
Pneumatic gate 4 Rotary grading screen 2
Buffer bucket 2 Pneumatic tee 6
Impeller feeder 2 Manual gate 2
Crusher 1 Finished product warehouse 5
Crusher on-site control cabinet 2 Loading level device 5
Pulse dust collector 1 Lowering level device 5
Fan 2 Pneumatic tee 2
Settling chamber 2 Vibrating screen 2
Material sealing auger 2 Buffer bucket 3
Bucket elevator 2 Electronic packing scale 3
Rotary distributor 2 Belt conveyor sewing machine 3
Pulse dust collector 2 Pulse dust collector 1
Ingredients warehouse group 20 Weighing grease adding machine 1
Loading level device 20 Oil storage tank (25 cubic meters/piece) 2
Lowering level device 20 Grease adding pipe 1
Large out-warehouse machine 8 Steam line 2
Out of warehouse machine 9 Air compressor 1
Small warehouse out machine 6 Filter tank 2
Pneumatic gate 4 Gas storage tank (matched with air compressor) 1
Large batching scale (2000KG/batch) 1 Freeze dryer 1
Small ingredient scale (1000KG/batch) 1 Small ingredient batching system 1
Feeding combination dust collector 2 Computer batching system 1
Small material review scale (200kg/p) 2 Double-shaft paddle type high-efficiency mixer 2
Pneumatic tee 2 Scraper conveyor 2
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Main raw and auxiliary materials and energy consumption

Consumption of raw and auxiliary materials

This 16-20t/h animal feed mill in UAE project purchases corn, soybean meal, wine troughs, flour, and bran, and processes them into feed for sale.

Name Consumption (t/a) Storage Method
Corn 70000 Silo
Soybean meal 20000 Bagged
Liquor lees 20000 Bagged
Flour 5000 Bagged
Bran 5000 Bagged
Soybean oil 500 Canned

Project energy consumption:

Name Annual Consumption
Water 6525m³
Electricity 1924240Kw·h
Gas 480,900 m³

Product solutions

The products of this 16-20t/h animal feed mill in UAE project can be sold in bags or bulk. The product plan is shown in the table below:

Product Name Annual Output (t/a) Product Specifications (Kg/bag) Storage Method
Feed 10000 40 Bagged
Feed 110,000 Bulk Bulk warehouse

Public works


Water supply and drainage

Water supply:

The water for this 16-20t/h animal feed mill in UAE project is provided by the local water supply pipe network. Production water and domestic water are used. The fresh water consumption is 21.75m3/d.


The wastewater generated during the production process of this 16-20t/h animal feed mill in UAE project is concentrated brine produced by the soft water preparation system, with a production volume of 3 m³/d.

The concentrated brine produced by the soft water preparation system is used for dust suppression; the amount of wastewater is calculated as 80% of the water consumption, and the amount of domestic wastewater is 1.4m³/d, which includes drinking water. The drinking water is treated in the grease trap and then discharged into the septic tank, which is regularly cleaned and used as agricultural fertilizer.


Power supply

The electricity for this 16-20t/h animal feed mill in UAE project is provided by Local Power Supply. One set of transformers is installed in the factory, with a power of 1000 kVA. The annual electricity consumption is 1,924,240 kW·h, which can meet the project’s electricity needs.



The poultry livestock feed production line project's production heat is planned to be heated by steam; a 2t/h gas boiler will be installed, with an annual natural gas consumption of 480,000 Nm3; the canteen will use natural gas, with an annual natural gas consumption of 945m3. The shared natural gas is 480,900 m3/a, which can meet the gas supply and heat needs of the project.

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Process design of 16-20t/h animal feed mill in UAE

This 16-20t/h animal feed mill in UAE project includes two production lines, each with the same production process. The project purchases raw and auxiliary materials such as corn, soybean meal, and wine troughs, and processes them into finished products through crushing, stirring, mixing, aging, granulation, cooling, and packaging.

The specific animal feed production process is introduced as follows:


Raw material receiving process

Equipment: Silo

Process design: The purchased raw material corn is transported to the unloading shed of the factory area, and the materials are transferred to the silo for storage by the elevator. Other raw materials are stored in the raw material warehouse.


Raw material cleaning process

Equipment: hopper and fence, cylindrical primary cleaning screen, conical primary cleaning screen, permanent magnet drum, etc.

Process design: Since the purchased corn, soybean meal and other raw materials contain impurities, the powder sieve needs to be cleaned. The purchased raw and auxiliary materials are put into the feeding hopper, and then lifted to the feeding port via the conveyor, and then screened by the primary cleaning screen, and then enter the powder waiting bin.


Crushing process

Equipment: bin to be crushed, impeller feeder, pulverizer, etc.

Process design: Corn, soybean meal and other materials to be crushed in the bin enter the crusher for crushing through the upper and lower material levelers and impeller feeders. They are crushed to a qualified particle size and are lifted to the batching bin by the conveyor.


Mixing process

Equipment: batching warehouse group, upper material level device, lower material level device, large batching scale, small batching scale, mixing buffer hopper, double-shaft paddle type high-efficiency mixer, etc.

Process: The crushed materials are fed into the double-shaft paddle-type high-efficiency mixer through the upper material leveler and the lower material leveler. During the mixing process, the materials will produce mixed exhaust gas.


Conditioning process

Equipment: Conditioner

Process design: The mixed materials are matured through boiler steam in the conditioner, and the aging time is 180s. The mixed materials are matured by steam heating.


Granulation and cooling process

Equipment: silo to be granulated, animal livestock poultry feed pellet machine, air hammer, buffer bucket, crusher, counterflow-cooler, etc.

Process design: Transport the matured material to the silo to be granulated, then squeeze it into cake shape through an air hammer, and then transport the material to the animal feed granulator for granulation through the upper and lower material levelers. Because the material is wet, no waste gas will be produced during granulation.
After the pelleting process is completed, the pellets are transported to the cooler for cooling. The cooled feed pellets enter the "fool" type rotary classification screen for screening, and qualified products enter the finished product warehouse to be packaged. Unqualified products are sent to the crusher feeder by the conveyor, enter the crusher for crushing, return to the granulation bin, and then are granulated again.


Packaging process

Equipment: belt conveyor sewing machine

Process design: The materials in the finished product warehouse are transported to the belt conveyor sewing machine through the upper and lower material levelers for packaging processing.



The steam for the aging process of the project is provided by a 2t/h gas boiler. The fuel of this boiler is pipeline natural gas and adopts low-nitrogen combustion technology.YouTube

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Prospects for building a 16-20 t/h animal feed mill in UAE

United Arab Emirates has reportedly relied more on imports to meet its growing demand in Animal Feed Market.

Now, the mollification of high prices in global grain markets is reviving plans to expand UAE poultry and dairy production, supporting higher corn and barley consumption and imports.

United Arab Emirates (UAE) Animal Feed Market is anticipated to project substantial growth during the forthcoming period owing to the increasing imports of grain and feed. Rise in disposable income backed by improvement in standard of living has led to the shift towards high nutritional value food further leading to the United Arab Emirates Animal Feed Market Growth. Additionally, increasing consumption of milk, meat and animal-based products beholds the development of the Animal Feed Market in United Arab Emirates.

Prospects for building a 16-20 t/h animal feed mill in UAE

According to research, United Arab Emirates (UAE) Animal Feed Market size is projected to register growth during 2020-2026. Rising health consciousness and increasing adoption of vegan diet is boosting the growth of the market. Increasing concentration towards the livestock health is adding to the UAE Animal Feed Market Share.

On the basis of Species, the poultry segment accounted for the highest share in UAE Animal Feed Market Revenue and is expected to dominate the market during the forecast period as well.

There is a demand for feed, which means there is a need for feed processing. If you want to start an 16-20t/h animal feed mill in UAE, feel free to contact Richi Machinery for professional feed farm construction solutions and technical support!

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