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Complete Whole 38 Tons Per Hour Advanced Good Quality Poultry Feed Mill Project In China

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Name:China manufacturer poultry feed plant
Country:Hunan, China
Date:June 2019
Capacity:37.5T/H, 180000T/a
Feed Size:2-4mm
The install period (feed plant machine):60 Days
Control Mode:Automatic
Poultry feed manufacturing plant cost:960,000USD(Only poultry feed milling machines)

Complete Whole 38 Tons Per Hour Advanced Good Quality Poultry Feed Mill Project In China

Overview of high technology fully automatic poultry feed mill project in China

On the morning of January 4, 2019, the client poultry feed company and the People's Government of Shebu Town, Hunan Province, China signed the "Xiangtan Lihua Animal Husbandry Annual Production 180,000 Tons of Poultry Feed Factory Construction Project Investment Agreement", and signed a contract with Richi Machinery in June 2019 for the entire poultry feed mill plant project poultry feed making equipment.

Complete Whole 38 Tons Per Hour Advanced Good Quality Poultry Feed Mill Project In China

The total investment of this 38 tons per hour new build customized poultry feed pellet mill plant project is 80 million, of which the total investment in fixed assets is 60 million.

The large scale 38 tons automatic poultry feed manufacturing plant project plans to use about 50 acres of land for the construction of poultry pellet feed plant for broiler feed production, office, research and development and supporting houses. After the land is officially handed over, the turn-key poultry feed mill project has been completed and put into operation within 18 months.
Signing site and client feed company headquarters

Signing site and client's feed company headquarters

At present, the entire chain industry development model of "company + cooperative + base + farmer" of the customer's poultry chicken feed factory has been formally formed in Xiangtan County. It has promoted the development of surrounding farmers by providing bases, feed, medicines, technical services, and insured recovery.

The speed of the adjustment of the agricultural industry structure and the broadening of farmers' income-increasing channels can solve the employment of more than 300 laborers in the 38 tons per hour reasonable design new poultry feed mill project area.

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Customer's poultry feed company introduction

Xiangtan Lihua Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd. is an integrated chicken breeding company formally established on May 23, 2016 with full capital injection by Jiangsu Lihua Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd. It is the largest integrated chicken breeding company currently introduced in Xiangtan County. The poultry feed company of this large capacity poultry feed plant project has a good development trend and meets the needs of local industry development.
Price of setting up a poultry feed plant

Chicken breeds of the client company

Risks can be effectively controlled. The implementation of the good quality poultry feed mill factory project will vigorously promote farmers' income. The entire industrial chain of the 38 tons full poultry feed mill plant project meets environmental protection requirements, and the site selection of the poultry chicken broiler animal feed pellet making plant project meets relevant national regulations.

Main products and production plan of the 38t/h customized poultry feed mill plant project

The large poultry feed mill factory project will produce 180,000 tons of chicken feed per year, which will be used as a poultry feed production line for the Lihua Animal Husbandry Chicken Project.

Product name Annual output Package form
Chicken feed 180 thousand tons Bag Pack

Main poultry feed making process of the turn-key poultry feed pellet plant 38 tons per hour

The 38tph fully automatic poultry feed plant project uses corn, wheat, soybean meal, etc. as raw materials, and the poultry feed processing technology is processed into compound feed products after the raw materials receiving and cleaning section, crushing section, ingredient mixing section, pelletizing section, cooling section and finished product packaging section. (Check more details of this automatic poultry feed mill design)

feed mill design

Main production units and animal feed plant processing machine for 38tph customized poultry feed pellet mill plant

The production unit of this large capacity high return poutry feed plant mill project can be divided into raw material storage, raw material receiving in the main workshop, crushing, liquid (grease) addition, batching, mixing, granulating, and finished products. 

Production workshop device name Specification model Quantity
Raw material storage Sleeve silo for feed mixing 54 feet 12 rings, Φ16.38×H14.15m 5
Temperature and humidity measurement system Digital cable type 1
Axial fan T35-11№3.55A 5
Silo bottom fan 4-72-5A 10
Back-flip hydraulic flap TQXH100 1
Scraper conveyor TGSP32, TGSP25, L=9m~23.4m 14
Hoist T600, H=19m 1
Double-deck cylinder preliminary cleaning screen TCQYS100A-I 2
Gyromagnetic iron separator MY80 1
Hoist T600, H=35.8m 1
Pulse dust collector LNGM40 2
Centrifugal fan 4-72-5A 3
Pulse dust collector LNGM54A 1
Sleeve silo for feed mixing 21 feet with 9 rings, Φ6.37×H10.63m 4
Scraper conveyor TGSP32, TGSP25, L=9.6m~15m 6
Grease storage tank 35t 6
Raw material receiving system in the main workshop Pulse dust collector LNGM18B 1
Scraper conveyor TGSS25 1
Bucket elevator T500 1
Cylinder preliminary cleaning sieve TCQY100 1
Double roller electric permanent magnet drum TCXD60 1
Rotary distributor TFPX6-250A 1
Pulse dust collector TBLMb4 1
Scraper conveyor TGSS20 1
Bucket elevator T400 1
Cone powder sieve SCQZ90X80X110A 1
Double roller electric permanent magnet drum TCXD60 1
Distributor TFPX10-250A 1
Pulse dust collector TBLMb4 1
Smashing system Pulverizer impeller feeder TWLY100 1
Poultry feed grinder machine SWFP66*100 1
Pulse dust collector LNGM63 1
Screw conveyor TLSSF32 1
Bucket elevator T500 1
Distributor TFPX12-250A 1
Pulse dust collector TBLMb4 1
Pulverizer impeller feeder TWLY36D 1
Water drop electric feed grinder SFSP132*36 1
Pulse dust collector LNGM30 1
Screw conveyor TLSSF25 1
Bucket elevator T400 1
Distributor TFPX12-250A 1
Pulse dust collector TBLMb4 1
Dosing system Ingredients warehouse group / 22
Large and small warehouse machines TLSUW32, TLSUW25, TLSUW20, TLSUW16 22
Large, medium and small batching scales 2000KG/batch, 1000KG/batch, 1000KG/batch 3
Small material adding machine TBLMB4 1
Mixed system Double-layer high-efficiency poultry feed mixer SJHS4D 1
Double-layer scraper conveyor TGSSp32 1
Bucket elevator T600 1
Double roller electric permanent magnet drum TCXD80 1
Distributor TFPX8-300A 1
Pulse dust collector TBLMb4 1
Pelletizing system Feeding auger MUWL600B 2
Conditioner MUTZ600 2
Quality Keeper STZL80 2
Conditioner MUTZ600 2
Poultry feed pellet making machine SZLH520 2
Poultry feed crumbles machine MUSL24X165 2
Cyclone dust collector / 2
Bucket elevator T400 2
Classification screen SFJH140X2C 2
Screw conveyor TLSUS20 2
Scraper conveyor TGSSp25 2
Self-cleaning pneumatic gate ZMQP25*70 28
Scraper conveyor TGSSp25 4
Finished product system Finished product warehouse / 4
Vibrating grading screen SFJZ125X1 2
Buffer bucket / 2
Double scale bucket belt feed packing scale PSC50 2
Belt conveyor sewing machine / 2
Pulse dust collector TBLMY8 2
Bulk warehouse for finished products / 20
Liquid addition system Weighing liquid adding system SYTC100 1
Intermediate tank MSYG01 1
Utilities Air compressor SA-37A 1
Gas tank (0.8Mpa) / 1
Biomass steam boiler 4t/h 1
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