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For a long time, RICHI has accumulated rich experience in the pellet production lines construction, and has established cooperative relations with thousands of customers in more than 130 countries and regions, providing complete solutions for animal feed mill plants, aqua feed production lines, wood pellet production line, and agricultural waste biomass pellet production lines, organic fertilizer production line, cat litter production lines, etc., and provide services covering the entire life cycle of products.

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Senegal 1-2T/H Poultry Farm Use Cheap Price Poultry Feed Plant

Name:Poultry Chicken Feed Processing Plant
Date:Nov 4th, 2016
Feed Pellet Size:3.5mm
The install period:10 Days
Workshop size(L*W*H):13m*4m*8m
Poultry feed production line price:15000-45000USD

Senegal 1-2T/H Poultry Farm Use Cheap Price Poultry Feed Plant

RICHI low cost high quality poultry meat feed plant for sale Senegal

As one of the most stable and promising countries in West Africa for economic expansion, Senegal has had strong economic growth over the past five years. However, there still remains enormous untapped agricultural potential.
RICHI low cost high quality poultry meat feed plant for sale Senegal

The Government of Senegal's growing investment in agriculture — surpassing its goal of 10 percent of annual public spending since 2014 — has opened the door for progress. Feed the Future works in partnership with the Government of Senegal and its people to increase food security and agriculture-led growth while boosting nutrition and reducing poverty.

Overview of simple design 1-2t/h poutry feed plant mill in Senegal

This 1-2 ton per hour complete line feeds for poultry was purchased by a customer in Senegal who has a large scale poultry farm. The feed pellets produced by the 1-2 ton small poultry feed plant is for producing own feed to poultry in his broiler farm and for sale.

animal poultry feed plant production line 1-2 tonEquipment delivery of 1-2 ton per hour small bird feed production line for sale Senegal

This poultry farming feed plant project was concluded on November 4, 2016, uses common poultry feed making raw materials such as corn and soybean meal to process broiler feed pellets, the size of which is 3.5mm. The Senegal customer's animal poultry feed processing plant project site covers an area of ​​13m*4m*8m (Length*width*height), and the poultry feed manufacturing plant project electricity is 380V, 50HZ, 3 phases.

Equipment delivery of 1-2 ton per hour automatic poultry pellet feed plant for sale SenegalEquipment delivery of 1-2 ton per hour automatic poultry pellet feed plant for sale Senegal

This Senegal 1-2t/h feed mill plant for poultry project is not equipped with a package name, nor is it equipped with a boiler. Regarding the steam source of the poultry feed pellet mill, according to the Senegal customer's needs, the customer purchases a second-hand steam boiler to connect to the 1-2 ton per hour capacity poultry feed production line.

small scale poultry feed production line
Site of customizable easy to use small poultry feed plant for sale Senegal

Main poultry broiler feed making machines in this complete China 1-2tph poultry pellet feed production line for sale Senegal

  1. Mill for grinding poultry feeds*11KW
    Transmision : Directly driving type with hammers.
  2. Poultry feed mixing equipment*SLHY0.5A
    High uniform,patent the ribbon design enhanced material flow,shear,mixing,mixing uniformity very good, CV≦5%; Mixing period: 180s.
  3. Poultry animal feed pellet machine*22kw
    This pelletizer machine model is available in a variety of aperture betweenΦ2.0-Φ8.0ring mold,the user can arbitrarily chosen according to different needs,in order to obtain the best technical and economic benefits.Poultry Feed Pellet Processing FlowPoultry feed production process of 1-2tph poultry feed plant for sale Senegal
  4. Cooling machine on poultry feed production
    Widely used for cooling of various materials such as the pelleting feed,extruding feedmmash material and so on,Especially using for the extruding feed.
  5. Poultry feed crumbler machine
    Siemens motor. Used for crumbling 1.8-5.0mm diameter pellet ; After crumbling, the pellets size are about 1.0-1.5mm.
  6. Poultry feed screening machine
    Combining the characteristics of circular motion, ellipse motion and to-and-fro linear motion, high sieving efficiency and low energy consumption.
  7. Other poultry food making machine
    (Screw conveyor*TLSS16, Storage bin for making pellet*1m³, Feeder*WLQ16, Stainless steel condtioner*TZQ273*180, Winnowing elevate box *0.5m³, Bucket elevator*TDTG36/18, etc.

As we all know, feeding poultry feed pellets can greatly improve the health and growth of poultry animals. And, more and more farmers has noticed it and are seeking to buy high quality poultry feed pellets. It is also a great way to produce the poultry chicken feed pellets by setting up your own poultry animal feed plant, which not only can meet your own poultry feed pellet demands, but also allow you to sell the poultry feed pellets to other farmers for more profits. It is definitely a business that is worth of investing.

feed mill equipment small poultry feed production line supplierInstallation site of 1-2t/h animal poulry feed production line project Senegal

If you have any questions on making broiler chicken feed or selecting poultry feed processing equipment for your poultry chicken feed plant, don't hesitate to contact Richi Machienry for help! We are alwasy glad to help you! You are also welcome to inquire about the 1-100t/h poultry feed plant project cost! This is not the first time that we have exported feed processing equipment to Senegal. The key projects we have done in Senegal are as follows:

Project name Order time
3-5T/H Animal Feed Pellet Processing Plant Mar 13th,2017
500kg/batch mixer for animal feed July 17th, 2016
1T/H floating fish feed plant April 20, 2021
1-2T/H Animal Feed Pellet Plant Nov 4th, 2016

Classification of chicken broiler feed for poultry feed production line with small production capacity in Senegal

During the growing days, chickens require proper nutrition and that's the reason there should be a proper chicken feed plans for them. Now talking about the chicken feed consumption, it differs in the egg-producing chickens and meat producing chickens.

The broiler feed should contain a properly balanced nutritional ratio that will prevent slow growth and leg problems in the chicken. The poultry feed production team needs to analyze the requirements of the chicken to prepare a proper feed for them.
animal feed manufacturing process machine of poultry feed plant

Richi machinery is specialize in designing broiler chicken feed manufacturing process, installation, commissioning and maintaining complete poultry feed mill plant. We also provide customized solutions on feed processing for chicken, cattle, fish, and other livestock animals. We have a vast market for our animal feed processing machines which includes the continents of both Latin and North America, Asia, and Europe.

Before starting your business of poultry feed processing, you must have a clear understanding of poultry feed. Here let's get into the classification of chicken feed. Chicken feed can be broadly classified into five categories:

how to make poultry feed for broilers

0~4 Weeks old chicken feed formula for Senegal simple design feed manufacturing plant for poultry

(The followings are some broiler feed formula examples for broiler of 0~4 weeks)

Complete poultry feed formula for 0~8 weeks oil broilers for Senegal feed lines 1-2 ton pellet for poultry fully automatic

(The followings are broiler feed formula examples for broiler of 0~8 weeks)

  1. 0~2 Weeks: Corn 58%, soybean cake 28.0%, fish meal 12.0%, shell powder 0.75%, bone meal 1.0%, salt 0.25%.
  2. 3~4 Weeks: 10.0% of corn and 90% of “0~2 weeks feed formula”.
  3. 5~6 Weeks: 20% of corn and 80% of “0~2 weeks feed formula”.
  4. 7~8 Weeks: 30% of corn and 70% of “0~2 weeks feed formula”.

Overiew of poultry feed production in Senegal

Feed is by far the biggest cost in modern poultry farming and within the feed it is the protein component that is most expensive. Getting a good control on feed quality and costs are thus essential ingredients of a modern, competitive chicken industry.

The feed system in Senegal is well developed. Starter mash, grower and finisher for both broilers and layer chickens are available from agricultural input dealers across the country. The good feed conversion rates amongst large commercial operations suggest that the quality of the feed is good. The feed is also priced in line with producers in the Ivory Coast and Ghana.
pellete machines for feed production of poultry

Interestingly, it seems that Senegalese layers reach a higher weight than those in Ghana and Ivory coast at the end of the production cycle. After 42-49 days chickens in Ivory Coast are approximately 1.7 kg.1 compared to 2.4kg in Senegal before plucking (final weight 2 kg). This suggests a difference in the quality of the available feed as well as growing conditions, but would need to be verified.

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