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Madagascar 1-2T/H Small Animal Poultry Feed Pellet Machine Commercial Use

Name:Small poultry feed pellets making machine
Date:Dec 19th,2017
Feed Pellet Size:3.5mm
The install period:1 Day
Total Power:22KW
Poultry feed pellet machine price:7000-10000USD
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Overview of 1-2tph commercial small animal poultry chicken feed pellet mill machine for sale Madagascar

What poultry feed pellet are made from? How to make pellets poultry feed? The answer to these questions is poultry feed pelletizer.

This Madagascar customer bought a poultry feed pelletizer to process 3.5mm chicken feed. Unlike many other uses of 1-2 ton farm poultry animal pellet mill machine, this with longlife guarantee poultry feed pellet mill is used for commercial purposes, and is used in a 1-2 ton per hour customized compact small poultry feed pellets line.
220v chicken feed pellet mill machine 6mm electric feed device for high producer animal fee

Delivery site of 1-2 ton animal feed pelleting machine for sale Madagascar

This easy to use small animal feed pellet mill machine for 1-2t/h poultry feed production project was completed on December 19, 2017 and shipped on December 25, 2017. Since the Madagascar customer is a professional poultry feed manufacturer, he has a better understanding of the poultry feed pellet mill, so he chose to install it himself.

high efficiency automatic pet bird fish shrimp feed pellet making machine small electric animal poultry food granulator extruderTesting before 1-2t/h commercial animal feed pellet making machine delivery to Madagascar

The mechanism of RICHI's SZLH250 ring die 1-2 ton per hour poultry feed pellet machine is very simple. It only needs to be assembled, so the customer completed the installation of the entire chicken feed pellet mill machine in only 1 day.
2mm 3mm 6mm 8mm farm animal pellet chicken feed pellet duck mill machine 220v commercial mixers

Description of the process configuration of the pelleting system of RICHI poultry feed pelleting machine  

RICHI ring die pelletizers for poultry feeds are one of our most popular products, but it has a wider range of practical uses and can be customized according to the needs of different customers. The electric animal feed pellet mill is used to produce different pellet feeds, and its equipment performance parameters are different, and the corresponding process configurations are also different.

pellet mill 3kw 4hp electric pellet press in stock animal feed

According to the differences in feed varieties and the characteristics of the animal feed production process, feeds for livestock and poultry and freshwater fish are introduced respectively. The configuration of the animal feed pellet milling machine pelleting system, and the configuration of the special aquatic pelleting system based on shrimp feed.

 Process configuration of animal feed pelletizer system used to produce feed for livestock, poultry and freshwater fish  

This animal feed pelleting machine system process configuration is mainly used to produce suckling pig feed, medium and large pig feed, cattle and sheep feed, and poultry feed including chicken feed (duck) feed and ordinary freshwater fish feed, etc., have the characteristics of large particle diameter, small aspect ratio (commonly known as compression ratio) of the ring die, and high system productivity.
new animal feed pelleting machine 220lbs per hour n120c regina regina area business industrial business industrial

After the feed is compressed into pellets, it usually only needs to be cooled, crumbled, and classified. In order to ensure that the moisture content of the finished pellet feed meets the quality requirements, the cooling air volume of the system is generally calculated at 22m3/min·t, and the cyclone has a large air inlet size and a high wind speed (18 m/s-20m/s) , the advantage of large air volume, effectively saves the floor space of cyclone, and facilitates the process layout of the equipment.
where to buy a small pellet mill for making animal feed

The wind speed in the duct in front of the brake and the fan is ≥15m/s, the wind speed in the duct behind the fan is ≥12m/s, and the size of the duct in front of the brake is the same.

Process configuration of animal feed pellet mill system used to produce shrimp and crab feed 

This animal feed pellet machine process configuration is mainly used to produce special aquatic feeds such as shrimp and crab feeds. The feed pellets are small in diameter, the compression ratio of the ring die is relatively large (usually between 20 and 25), the stability of the feed in the water is good, and the feed have neat cuts, low powder content of the pellets, and low system productivity. 
animal feed pellet machine from 1 tonne per hr

In order to ensure that the quality of the finished product meets the above requirements,  The feed must be emphasized before being pressed into pellets.  Usually, it is completed by a configuration of one layer of DDC and two layers of pellet machine conditioners.

After pressing into pellets, a pellet stabilizer must be used for post-curing shrimp and crab feed. Regarding the drying after the particles are stabilized, it needs to be configured according to the actual requirements of the customer, and there is no mandatory requirement here. The cooling air volume of the system is generally calculated according to 20m3/min·t.
new small feed pellet manufacturing line for animal feed

The configuration of the cooler is larger than its actual capacity. The main purpose is to use a long-term and low-speed method for cooling. The air network configuration principle of the cooling system is consistent with that of livestock and poultry. The crab shrimp feed production process configuration is consistent.

How to determine the size of pellet feed made by animal feed pelleting machine?

Pellet feed processing technology has been used for many years, and pellet feed made by animal poultry livestock goat horse cattle pig feed pellet machine has been widely used in livestock and poultry breeding. Pellet feed is based on the nutrients required by different feeding objects, using different raw material formulas, through processes such as crushing, mixing, and pelletizing, to make pellets of various sizes and shapes.
China small animal feed pellet mill machine

Farmers need to determine different sizes of pellets according to the needs of different types of feeds in order to be more adaptable to biological diversity and more conducive to the subsequent nutrient absorption of animals. So how to determine the size of pellet feed?

  • The feed for chickens should not be too fine. Because chickens like to eat pellets or broken grains, they can be used in a combination of thickness and fineness. Paddy and broken rice can be directly added to the mixer in granular form. The fineness of wheat and barley should be less than 2.5 mm. Corn, brown rice and bean cake should be processed into powdered feed. Chicken feed particle size: 1-4mmFarm feed pellet machinery used small pellet machine for to make the pellet in home
  • Piglet feed is better with special pellet feed or broken pellet feed. Beans and other energy feeds can be fried and fed. Piglets under 25 kg can be fed with general pig feed; the fineness of pulverization of pig feed over 25 kg can be controlled within 2 mm. Feed the pigs as finely as possible. Pig feed size: 1-6mm
  • The fineness of crushing of concentrate for cattle and sheep can exceed 2 mm. Because cattle can regurgitate, a slightly coarser feed is good for ruminating and improves the digestibility of feed. The feed for old cattle and sheep can be crushed to within 1 mm to facilitate digestion. While considering the types of livestock and poultry, the fineness of crushing must also consider not crushing fat-rich grain feeds such as corn, oats, etc. too finely and storing them for too long to avoid rancidity. Cattle/Goat feed pellet size: 6.0-12.0mm

What are the issues to consider when buying an animal feed pelleting machine with longlife guarante?

The animal livestock horse goat sheep rabbit shrimp feed pellet machine for sale is the key feed equipment for pellet feed production and is responsible for the pressing of feed. There are two main types of feed pellet forming machines, ring die animal pellet feed machines and flat die animal feed pellet machines.
Simple operation portable small animal feed pellet mill machine

These two kinds of feed machine machinery have their own merits, judging from the current market, the ring die feed mill equipment of pelletization is the mainstream trend. Due to the different design and structure of the animal food pellet mill, different types of pelletizing machine for animal feed are suitable for different types of farms. We also need to consider the following issues when purchasing and using pellet machine for animal feed:
small poultry feed processing machine homemade simple feed pellet machine for food

  • Choose the hole diameter of the animal feed pellet machine ring die that suits you. If the pore size is too small, the output will be low and even the output will be uneven. Therefore, you can consult the technicians in detail to choose the right ring die of the animal feed pellet making machine.
  • Adjust the gap between the animal feed pelletizers ring die and the pressure roller. Appropriate pressure can make the granules mature and compact to achieve good results. There are pressure regulating screws on the pellet machine for animal feed. Adjust the balance and tighten the pressure screws on both sides.
  • Using a uniform feeding method. In this way, the granulation mechanism of the pellet making machine for animal feed can be made smoother and keep the machine running. If you feel that you can't do this, you can buy a animal feed pellet mill feeder for easy use.
  • Pay attention to the cleaning and protection of the animal feed pellet forming machinery. Do a good job of cleaning after each use, and at the same time regularly inject butter and lubricants to improve the efficiency of use.1-2t/h rabbit cattle animal feed pellet machine with manufacturer price

After years of development, the animal feed pelleting machines industry has not only large scale automatic animal feed pellet machines, but also small scale animal feed pellet machine set suitable for small and medium-sized aquaculture industries. Farmers need to choose the appropriate animal feed pellet press according to the type of farming, according to your feed select the appropriate animal feed pellet maker machine capacity for the dosage.

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