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Bosnia And Herzegovina 500KG/Batch Livestock Cattle Feed Mixer For Animal Feeds Plant

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Name:Horizontal animal feed mixer machine
Country:Bosnia And Herzegovina
Date:Oct 27th, 2015
The install period:2 Days
Total Power:11kw
Cattle feed mixer machine price:15000-55000 USD

Bosnia And Herzegovina 500KG/Batch Livestock Cattle Feed Mixer For Animal Feeds Plant

Livestock Cattle & Forage Production In Bosnia and Herzegovina

A large part of the agricultural land in BH is suitable for livestock, milk, dairy and meats production, with lots of grassland, and climatic conditions, which are favourable for cattle, sheep and goat intensive and extensive breading, as well as for cultivation of silage etc. B & H is richly endowed with pastures and grazing land, particularly in the Central part of BH, with great mountain grasslands that are full of water.

global company cow feed mixer500KG cattle feed mixer packing before delivery to Bosnia and Herzegovina

Furthermore, BH could be expected to have comparative advantage in products that make onsiderable use of grazing land, such as extensively raised veal and beef as well as meat and dairy products from sheep and goats. In addition, intensive commercial cattle raise for meat production as well as dairy production can be developed in both flat and hilly regions where there are enough ploughed fields for fodder.

The share of livestock in total agricultural production is estimated at 50% what is much lower than it was and could be considering natural preconditions for livestock production and the level of animal production before the war.

Overview of China professional factory offered high quality 500kg cattle feed mixer for sale Bosnia and Herzegovina

This 500kg feed mixing equipment for cattle feed mill project was concluded on October 7, 2015. This customer in Bosnia and Herzegovina, who runs his own cattle feed mill factory, bought this 500kg/batch double-shaft paddle feed mixer from RICHI, which is suitable for feed mill mixing section, used as a mixure feed maching for cows, dairy feeds mixing machine, livestock feed mixer.
cattle feed mixer machine price

Packaging of 500kg dairy feeds mixing machine before shipment to Bosnia and Herzegovina

This horizontal roughage and concentrate feed mixer with 500kg capacity is a widely used feed mixer machine among the mixers using in animal feed plants. It is characterized by high mixing efficiency, good quality, short discharge time, and low residual volume. It can be applied in many industries such as fertilizer, food, chemicals, and feed. The power of the stock feed mixer in this Bosnia and Herzegovina project is 11KW, and the power distribution is 380V, 50HZ, 3 phases. 

cattle feed mixer manufacturersPacking of 500kg cow feed mix machine for sale Bosnia and Herzegovina

Advantages of high efficiency good quality 500kg cow food mixer machine for sale Bosnia and Herzegovina


High uniformity, a new generation of RICHI feed mixing technology

Cv≤5%, the mixing uniformity can reach 2.3% within 30 seconds, greatly increasing the usage value of cattle feed mixer full equipment.


Advanced structure


Various indicators comply with international standards

RICHI CE certificate good selling cattle feed mixers for sale

Model Feed mixer capacity(Kg/Batch) Materials Power (KW) Volume (m³) Time/Batch Mixed Uniformity
SLHJ0.5B 250kg/batch Stainless Steel 5.5KW 0.7 m³ 2-3 minuts 97.7%
SLHJ1A 500kg/batch Carbon Steel 11KW 1.3 m³ 2-3 minuts 97.7%
SLHJ1B 500kg/batch Stainless Steel 11KW 1.3 m³ 2-3 minuts 97.7%
SLHJ2A 1000Kg/batch Carbon Steel 22KW 1.3 m³ 2-3 minuts 97.7%
SLHJ2B 1000Kg/batch Stainless Steel 22KW 2.5 m³ 2-3 minuts 97.7%
SLHJ2L 1000Kg/batch Carbon Steel 22KW 2.5 m³ 2-3 minuts 97.7%
SLHJ4L 2000kg/batch Carbon Steel 30KW 5.0 m³ 2-3 minuts 97.7%
SLHJ4A 2000kg/batch Carbon Steel 37KW 5.0 m³ 2-3 minuts 97.7%
SLHJ6A 3000kg/batch Carbon Steel 55KW 7.5 m³ 2-3 minuts 97.7%
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How to choose and judge the quality of the animal feed mixer for sale?


Mixing performance is the key to determining the quality of the animal feed mixing machine

Nowadays, the feed for livestock, poultry, fish and shrimp is basically a compound feed made by mixing a variety of raw materials, so the mixing performance of the animal feed mixer is directly related to the quality of the feed.


Different types of animal food mixer machines are selected for different situations

To choose a good animal feed mixing machine, understand that the mixing uniformity of the pre-mixed feed should be ≥95% in the machinery industry standard, and the mixing uniformity of the compound concentrated feed should be ≥90%. At present, the common types of feed mixer full equipment include paddle type, spiral cone type, drum type, vertical type, coulter type, spiral belt type, etc.
show cattle feed molasses mixer machine

In the sea cage culture, it is necessary to add small fish paste, etc. When choosing a feeds drum mixer, the power should be increased appropriately. Therefore, you can compare and choose according to your required production volume, feed variety and mixing requirements.


How to judge the quality of the mixer for animal feed?

Poor quality animal fodder mixer machines are mainly manifested in the following 5 aspects:

  1. The uniformity does not meet the requirements
    The uniformity of mixing does not meet the standard requirements, indicating that the nutritional components of the mixed feed are not balanced, which may harm the growth of farmed fish and shrimp, which is caused by the unreasonable design of the grain powder mixer. The worst product mixing uniformity in the national draw is only 61.6%.
  2. High natural residue rate (unreasonable design)
    The high natural residue rate means that after the automatic unloading at the end of mixing, the feed residue in the feed powder mixer is large, which is easy to cause mixed pollution between different feeds, and the deterioration of the residue is easy to cause bacteria to multiply.china manufacturer reasonable price cattle feed mixer grinder machine animal feed crusher and mixer
  3. The electricity consumption per ton of material exceeds the standard, which increases feed mill or farms' production costs.
  4. The discharge port or other joints of the animal feed mixers are not sealed, causing the leakage of dust and raw materials, and the dust exceeds the standard.
  5. Poor safety is manifested in no transmission protection device, no iron removal device, no interlock linkage device, no safety warning sign, etc.
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How to use the animal feed mixing machine correctly?

The machines use for feeds mixturing is a mechanical equipment that uses mechanical force and gravity to uniformly mix two or more materials. During the mixing process, the contact surface area of ​​the material can also be increased to promote chemical reactions; it can also accelerate physical changes.

Multifunctional electric mixing machine are widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, feed, feed additives, pesticide, plastic, rubber, fertilizer, building materials, concrete additives, food, monosodium glutamate, mining and other industries. So how to use the animal feed mixer correctly?

  1. For the production of additive premix, the mixing method should be gradually expanded from micro mixing to small mixing to medium mixing and then to large mixing. The correct order of addition of materials should be:

    The components with large proportions are added first or most of them are added to the animal feed mixer, and then a small amount and trace components are added to it; among various materials, the large particle size group is generally used. Add to the animal feed mixer first, and then add the small particle size; when the specific gravity difference between the materials is large, generally add the small specific gravity material first, and then add the heavy specific material.
  2. For the fixed container mixer, the animal feed mixing machine should be started before feeding to prevent the phenomenon of full load starting, and the material must be unloaded before it can be stopped; while for the rotating container mixer, the mixer should be started after feeding and stop first. Measures should be taken to minimize the influence of other factors on the uniformity of the finished mixture:

    It is best to press the mixed material into granules immediately, so that the various components of the material are fixed in the granules or directly packed in bags; avoid or minimize the transportation and drop of the mixed materials; the loading and unloading work after mixing should be reduced to a minimum; the falling, rolling or sliding of the materials should be minimized; the storage bin after mixing should be as small as possible, and the conveying equipment after mixing should be Belt conveyors. how to build animal feed mixer machine design
  3. In order to ensure the mixing quality, the operating performance of the animal feed mixing machine should be checked regularly, the bearings and the joints of the movable shafts should be frequently added with lubricating oil, and the worn parts should be repaired and replaced in time, and the best mixing should be correctly determined according to the results of the uniformity sampling time.

    Frequently check the operation of each switch, clean up the debris in the animal feed mixing machine, remove residual materials around the door switch, make the door switch flexible, and prevent material leakage.
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