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25T/H Animal Feed Manufacturing Plant For Chicken And Pig Pellets

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Name:Animal Chicken Pig Feed Plant
Date:June 2020
Pellet Size:2-6mm
The install period:60 Days
Control Mode:Automatic
Animal Feed Manufacturing Plant Cost:500,000 USD

25T/H Animal Feed Manufacturing Plant For Chicken And Pig Pellets

The client of this 25t/h animal feed manufacturing plant project has his own feed company, which was established in 2015 with a registered capital of 1 million US dollars.

Since the local power plant steam is no longer available, it cannot meet the current product quality requirements of the feed mill. Therefore, in order to improve product quality, reduce pollutant emissions, and improve clean production efficiency, the client company carried out the "25T/H Feed Production Line Technical Transformation Project" . The content of the technical transformation includes the update of some feed equipment and the addition of natural gas boilers.

animal feed pellet machine price animal feed manufacturing plant

The feed company has 30 employees, all of whom are nearby villagers who do not live in the factory area. They work 300 days a year in one shift with 8 hours per shift..

Construction works

The total construction area of the 25t/h animal feed manufacturing plant project is 4300 m², and the main construction contents are production workshops, warehouses, offices and other facilities.

Building name Area
Production Workshop 1500m²
Office and other supporting facilities 500m²
Warehouse 2300m²

Product solutions

The total investment of the animal feed manufacturing plant project is 500,000 US dollars, with an annual output of 60,000 tons of feed, and an hourly output of 25t/h.

Product name Annual production scale
Chicken Feed 40,000 tons
Pig Feed 20,000 tons

Main animal feed manufacturing equipment

Device name Model QTY
Efficient mixer Volume: 1000KG/time, uniformity≤7% 2
Animal feed grinder SFSP66*80b 2
Bucket elevator TDTG61/29 2
Batching scale Weighing range 0-1000KG±1KG 1
Batching scale Weighing range 0-500KG±1KG 1
Animal feed granulator Production 12/h 2
Dust collector The processing air volume is 4500-6450m3/h, the filter area is 25m2 5
Preliminary cleaning / 1
Natural gas boiler 2t/h 1

animal feed manufacturing plant animal feed pellet machine

Raw and auxiliary materials and energy consumption

Raw and auxiliary materials and annual demand for energy after the technical transformation of the 25t/h animal feed manufacturing plant project:

Name Annual usage
Corn 27000t/a
Soybean Meal 18000t/a
Wheat 7200t/a
rape meal 3000t/a
Soybean oil 3000t/a
Dicalcium phosphate 1200t/a
Liquid Methionine 600t/a
Water 900t/a
Electricity 180,000 Kwh
Natural Gas 150,000 Nm3

25T/H animal feed manufacturing plant process flow design

This chicken and pig feed manufacturing plant project is mainly for the production of feed, and the production process mainly includes primary screening, crushing, batching, mixing, granulation, cooling, and finished products, etc.:


Public works


Water supply and drainage

The project does not use water for production, and the fresh water is mainly domestic water, which is supplied by the animal feed factory’s own well. The waste water generated is domestic sewage, which is treated by the original septic tank of the factory, cleaned and transported regularly, and used for farmland fertilization.animal feed manufacturing plant animal feed machine for sale


Power supply engineering

Relying on the local power supply system, it can meet the electricity demand of this project.


Gas supply

The natural gas used in the production of this project is purchased from the gas company, which can meet the production needs of the 25t/h animal feed manufacturing plant project.

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