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25 T/H Poultry Feed Plant in Mexico

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Name:Large poultry feed mill
Date:June 10, 2022
Pellet Size:2-6mm
The install period:150 Days
Control Mode:Automatic
Guiding Price:220,000 USD

25 T/H Poultry Feed Plant in Mexico

This 25 t/h poultry feed plant in Mexico project is a technical transformation project. The client company currently has a feed processing project with an annual output of 60,000 tons.

Due to the needs of enterprise development and the increasing local requirements for environmental protection, the customer decided to carry out technical transformation of the existing project and add some auxiliary materials and environmental protection facilities.

After completion, the poultry feed production process and production capacity will remain unchanged. There will be no new employees in the 25 t/h poultry feed plant in Mexico project, and the total investment is US$220,000.
25 T/H Poultry Feed Plant in Mexico

Project scale and plan

Name Annual Output
Poultry Feed 60000 T/A

Labor quota and work system

There will be no new employees in the poultry feed production line project, and the annual production days will be 300, with each shift lasting 8 hours and a single-shift working system.

Project Engineering Overview

Technical transformation project

Equipment for 25 t/h poultry feed plant in Mexico

The equipment configured by Richi Machinery for the Mexico poultry feed mill plant project is detailed in the table below:

Device Name Existing Quantity Quantity After Technical Transformation
Switchboard 1 1
Granulator 2 2
Poultry feed grinder 2 2
Poultry feed mixer 1 1
Pellet cooler 2 2
Hoist 8 8
Vertical silo 2 2
Baler 2 2
Manipulator 1 1
Natural gas boiler 1 1
Oil storage tank 0 4
Molasses jar 0 2
Filter tank 0 1
Weighing tank 0 2

Raw material consumption

The specific raw material consumption of the 25 t/h poultry feed plant in Mexico is shown in the table below:

Name Existing Project Usage (t/a) After Technical Transformation (t/a)
Corn 30000 30000
Soybean meal 3000 3000
Wheat 10000 10000
Peanut meal 2000 2000
Flour 2000 2000
Liquor lees 5000 4000
Protein powder 1000 500
Rice bran 2000 1500
Germ meal 500 500
Molasses 0 200
Feed oil 0 1800
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Process flow of 25 t/h poultry feed plant in Mexico

  1. Purchase raw materials and put them into warehouse: Stack the purchased raw materials in the raw material warehouse, and store the corn in the cylindrical warehouse;
  2. Crushing: The materials are transported to the pulverizer for feeding. The feeding port is semi-closed. There is an exhaust device above the feeding process. The feeding dust is collected by the exhaust and then enters the bag dust collector for processing. The crushing process is fully enclosed, and the raw materials are broken into suitable sizes by a crusher for processing; there is a ventilation port inside the crusher, and its main function is to balance the air pressure in the crusher. A bag dust collector is installed at the ventilation port. 
  3. Mixing: The crushed raw materials are mixed in proportion through a closed pipe and then transported to the mixer for mixing and mixing; an exhaust device is installed above the feed port of the mixer, and the feed dust is collected by the exhaust and then enters the bag dust collector for processing. The mixing process is fully enclosed. There is a ventilation port in the mixer. Its main function is to balance the air pressure in the mixer. 
  4. Pelleting: The stirred raw materials are transported to the granulator through a closed pipeline. The boiler uses liquefied petroleum gas as fuel to provide steam. The raw materials are heated and matured into granules. The conditioning time is about 30 minutes;
  5. Cooling: The granulated feed is air-cooled by the cooling tower equipped with the animal feed pellet machine;
  6. Sewing packages: Use a sewing machine to sew the cooled finished feed products into packages for easy storage and transportation;
  7. Departure from the factory: Use trucks to transport the feed out of the factory area.

Public works


Water supply and drainage

  • Water supply:The poultry chicken feed factory projects will not require new water use.
  • Drainage:Rainwater and sewage will be diverted, and no new wastewater will be added in technical transformation projects.


Power supply

This 25 t/h poultry feed plant in Mexico project mainly uses electricity for pulse dust collectors and fans, with electricity consumption of 10,000 k·Wh/a.



The technical transformation project will not increase gas consumption.

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25 t/h poultry feed plant in Mexico Project layout

The 25 t/h poultry feed plant in Mexico project factory area mainly includes production workshops, office areas, boiler rooms, dormitory buildings, etc. Each building is independently separated, and the poultry chicken feed factory project is constructed in the production workshop.

The production area is located in the west of the factory area, and mainly includes production workshops, raw material warehouses, finished product warehouses and vertical warehouses.

Ancillary buildings such as offices, dormitories, and restaurants are located in the east of the factory area. The boiler room and bathhouse are located in the northeast corner of the factory area. The southwest corner of the factory area is the hardware warehouse, Storage room and septic tank, etc., the gate is located in the southeast corner of the factory.

The floor plan fully considers factors such as saving space, facilitating production, safety management, and protecting the environment. The specific analysis is as follows:

  1. The raw material warehouse, finished product warehouse and production workshop are adjacent, and the transportation distance of materials and products is short, which improves production efficiency and reduces the impact of noise from the main animal feed mill machine in the factory on the acoustic environment near the factory.
  2. There are no villages or residential areas within the project health protection distance and within 100m around the factory. The nearest sensitive point is the 450m south of the factory. The noise and exhaust gas generated during the production process will be attenuated due to distance after measures are taken. Its impact is small.

In summary, the layout of this 25 t/h poultry feed plant in Mexico project takes into account the production and living environment within the factory area, as well as the surrounding environment outside the factory area. From the perspective of convenient production, safety management, and environmental protection, the layout is relatively reasonable.

Regarding the environmental protection measures



The 25 t/h poultry feed plant in Mexico project produces no production wastewater. The wastewater generated is mainly domestic sewage. After treatment in septic tanks, farmland compost is regularly removed and transported and is not discharged.


Exhaust gas

The waste gas generated by existing chicken feed production line projects is mainly dust from the raw material cleaning process, dust from the crushing process and natural gas boiler waste gas.

According to the current environmental impact assessment report, the concentration of unorganized particulate matter at the factory boundary is 0.419 mg/m3, which meets the monitoring concentration limit requirements of unorganized waste gas at the factory boundary.

The maximum values of particulate matter, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen oxides in the boiler exhaust stack are 6.7 mg/m3 respectively. m3, 13mg/m3, 68mg/m3, meeting the requirements of gas boiler pollutant emission standards.



The main noise source of 25 t/h poultry feed plant in Mexico projects is equipment noise generated by production line equipment and fans. Low-noise equipment should be selected, and measures such as sound insulation, sound absorption, and shock absorption should be adopted to deal with it.

Noise-generating equipment should be reasonably laid out, and the maintenance and upkeep of equipment should be strengthened. Vehicles in the factory area are prohibited from honking their horns and driving at low speeds.

According to the acceptance report, the noise at the factory boundary complies with the "Environmental Noise Emission Standard for Industrial Enterprises at the Boundary of Industrial Enterprises".


Solid waste

The solid waste generated by 25 t/h poultry feed plant in Mexico project is domestic garbage, impurities removed from raw materials, waste packaging materials and waste resin generated from soft water preparation.

Domestic waste and impurities are regularly transported out for processing by the environmental sanitation department, waste packaging materials are collected and sold externally, and waste resin is entrusted to qualified units for processing.

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