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Customized 15T/H Turnkey Livestock Feed Mill In Oman

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Name:Turnkey Livestock Feed Mill Plant Oman
Feed Size:3-8mm
Total power:381.57 KW
Control Mode:Automatic
Livestock feed mill investment:400,000-500,000USD

Customized 15T/H Turnkey Livestock Feed Mill In Oman

Recently, the Oman 15t/h livestock feed mill equipment designed and manufactured by Richi Machinery has been delivered. After the epidemic situation improves, Richi Machienry will send professional technical engineers to the stock feed mill project site for installation guidance and final acceptance.

Oman 15tph livestock feed pellet palnt

The Oman 15T/H livestock feed mill (including silos) project adopts the process of 1 crushing line (reserved one), 1 ingredient mixing line, and 1 pelletizing line (reserved one), with the functions of secondary crushing and secondary granulation . A single livestock pellet mill can produce 8-12 tons of livestock feed.

This Oman 15T/H livestock cattle feed mill project was designed in combination with the actual situation of the customer, carried out on-site surveys in advance, adjusted measures to local conditions, and followed the principle of "seeking higher economic benefits for customers". In one piece, the floor area is small, the transmission line is short, and the total stock feed mill investment is saved.

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Oman 15T/H livestock feed mill design

How to make livestock feed in the Oman 15T/H livestock feed mill? The following is the detailed 15t/h livestock feed mill engineering solutions for our Oman customer.

animal poultry cattle livetock feed mill for sale
Oman 15t/h livestock feed mill layout design


Raw material receiving and cleaning section:


Crushing section:


Ingredients and mixing section:


Pelletizing section:


High Output And Low Energ Consumption


Other auxiliary systems:

Oman 15t/h customized feed mill plant for livestock

Electric control cabinet of Oman 15t/h customized feed mill plant project

Richi Machinery has been accurately assigning different professional project managers for different animal aqua poultry ruminant livestock feed mill projects, and implementing "one-to-one" service. Since the start of each animal livestock feed mill project, we have paid great attention to the differentiated and individual needs of each customer, and provided the management of the entire life cycle of the feed mill equipment with professional, dedicated and dedicated ingenuity to ensure stable and reliable subsequent operation.

At present, our customized animal aqua poultry livestock feed mill engineering projects have won the satisfactory reputation of customers! Next, we will continue to intensify our efforts to tackle the toughest projects, strictly manage and strengthen implementation, focus on the progress and quality of the project, and deliver a high-quality answer to our global customers with high and strict international feed mill standards!

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