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Turnkey Project 1-2TPH Advanced Small Poultry Feed Plant For Sale Angola

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Name:Small poultry chicken feed plant
Date:February 18, 2019
Capacity:1-2 Ton per hr
Pellet Size:1.5-4mm
The install period:30 Days
Control Mode:Automatic
Poultry feed manufacturing plant cost:38000-60000USD

Turnkey Project 1-2TPH Advanced Small Poultry Feed Plant For Sale Angola

Overview of 1-2tph advanced small poultry feed plant for sale Angola

Maybe this is the first time you see an Angola poultry feed plant project on Richi Machinery's website, but as a feed equipment manufacturer that has exported to more than 120 countries, it is impossible for Richi Machinery to give up Angola, a very promising market.

The 1-2tph advanced small poultry feed plant project is also very memorable for RICHI, because this is the first complete poultry feed plant project that Richi Machinery has done in Angola, and we have also successively signed 1-1.2TPH biomass pellet plant projects, PLC control 3-5T/H & 5-7T/H feed processing plant project, etc.

poultry feed plant manufactures from china fully automatic poultry feed plant

This 1-2tph advanced small poultry feed plant project is a complete turnkey project with a very complete chicken feed production process. It can be said that the poultry feed making equipment configuration of this poultry feed project is the top configuration of the 1-2t/h poultry feed mill plant.

Although the output does not seem to be large, this is a chicken poultry feed plant for commercial use, and all feed processed in this small scale poultry animal feed mill machine project will be used for sales.

small feed plant animal food manufacturing equipment Cattle and poultry feed plant

In addition, according to the client, this poultry chicken feed production line project is his first investment in feed processing business, but he wants to make the poultry feed equipment quality, installation quality, civil construction quality and other aspects of this poultry feed production plant excellent.

After getting a stable return on investment, he will also expand the output of this poultry feed production plant, because according to his inspection, he sees the field of chicken feed processing very much, and already has a good sales channel.

poutry feed plant mill cattle feed plant cost poultry cattle chicken fish feed plant

The 1-2 tonne per hr poultry feed plant is specially designed for meeting the demand from our Angola client, which can process the poultry chicken feed pellets with the size varying from 1.5 mm to 4 mm based on the requirement of the Angola customer.

It is mainly used for making chicken feed pellets different growth stages. Generally speaking, 1-2t/h production lines are mainly built in poultry farms and small poultry chicken feed factories, and for investors to start poultry feed production business.

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Angola 1-2tph turnkey project poultry feed mill plant layout


1-2T/H poultry feed manufacturing process flow chart

Automatic poultry feed plant China manufacturer poultry feed plant


Customized 1-2tph chicken poultry feed manufacturing process design

The manufacturing process of poultry feed from this Angola 1-2tph poultry feed mill plant can be divided into several stages, and there is one specialized poultry feed making machine for each stage of the poultry feed manufacturing process.

According to the poultry feed raw materials conditions, the poultry feed making process can be added or reduced, RICHI can customize the poultry feed plant process for our clients!

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Cost of setting up a poultry feed plant with 1-2t/h in Angola

The following are the main poultry feed plant machinery and poultry feed plant cost of this Angola poultry feed production project. The total investment of this turnkey poultry feed production plant project is 38000-60000USD.

Poultry feed plant machinery Poultry feed making machine price
Corn grinder for poultry feed 1300-1500USD
Mixing machine for poultry feed 2700-3000USD
Storage bin for making pellet 800-1000USD
Poultry feed pellet machine 7000-8000USD
Poultry pellet cooler 4300-4600USD
Poultry feed crumbling machine 4300-4600USD
Bucket elevator 3500-3800USD
Poultry pellet screening machine 1850-2100USD
Auto Packing machine & Sewing+belt conveyor 5000-6000USD
MCC Control Center ;Mimic Control Panel 2400-2600USD
Get Poultry Feed Manufacturing Plant Cost
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