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1-1.2T/H Wood Pellet Production Line in Angola

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Name:Wood Pellet Plant in Angola
Pellet Size:8mm
The install period:30 Days
Control Mode:Manual
Guiding Price:75,100 USD

1-1.2T/H Wood Pellet Production Line in Angola

Overview of 1-1.2 t/h wood pellet production line in Angola

This 1-1.2t/h wood pellet production line in Angola project was signed on 2020.06.01. The pellets produced by the project will be sold in Angola for use in industrial biomass boilers and small-scale biomass power generation.

The client of this project build a new factory building for production. The total investment of this project is 75,100 US dollars, with a total area of 750m² and a construction area of 625m². The project is mainly engaged in the production of wood pellets, with an annual output of 2,700 tons of pellets.

There are 4 employees in the wood pellet processing project, all of whom do not have board and lodging in the factory. The annual working hours are 300 days, and they work 8 hours a day.

The customer purchased very clean dry wood chips, so there is no need for cleaning equipment and drying equipment, only the granulation section and the packaging section. Are Needed. The Main Equipment Configured is MZLH420 Wood Pellet Mill Machine and Packing Scale.


Main Engineering


Wood Pellet Production Line Process Design

Firstly, the sawdust purchased from wood processing enterprises is manually sent to the wood pellet mill machine for extrusion and granulation through a forklift, and then the finished product is packaged by a baler and put into storage for shipment. The whole pellet production process is simple.


Energy Scale

The 1-1.2t/h wood pellet production line in Angola project is not equipped with a generator, and the electricity is connected from the local main power supply line. The annual electricity consumption is about 50,000 kW•h.
cost of Wood Pellet Production Line in Angola


Water Supply


Main Raw Materials

The raw materials of this 1-1.2t/h wood pellet production line in Angola project come from wood chips produced by surrounding wood processing enterprises.

Name Source Consumption
Sawdust Outsourcing 2702 t/a
Main Raw and Auxiliary Materials

Equipment For 1-1.2 t/h wood pellet production line in Angola

Device Name QTY Section
Forklift 1 Loading
Wood Pellet Maker Machine 1 Pelleting
Packer 1 Package

How to build a wood pellet production line in Angola?

Developing wood pellet production line in Angola has good ecological benefits and social benefits from the long run. Wood pellets have increased greatly in popularity as a heating fuel during recent year, with many homeowners and commercial facilities choosing pellet stove or boiler over traditional wood-fired equipment due to their relative ease of use. As a result, the demand for fuel pellets has also grown quickly.

However, wood is not the only suitable raw materials for manufacturing pellet fuel. A wide array of biomass wood materials can be used to manufacture pellets. Straw, rice husk, bamboo, grass can also be used in biomass fuel production.
How to build a wood pellet production line in Angola

Wood pellet production process

  1. Raw Materials Grinding:
    Standard-sized wood pellet mills generally require biomass that is ground to particles that are no more than 3 millimeters in size. Several types of equipment are available to carry out this task. If the biomass is quite large and dense, the materials is first run through a chipper, and then run through a hammer mill to reduce the particles to the required size. Smaller and softer biomass can be fed directly into the hammer mill without first being chipped.
  2. Drying:
    Maintaining an appropriate moisture level in your raw material is vital for overall quality of the final pellets. For wood, the required moisture level of raw material is at or near 15 percent. Other types of biomass wood have other requirements—you may need to experiment a bit. Moisture can be removed from the raw material by oven-drying or by blowing hit air over or through the particles. If the raw material is too dry, moisture can be added by injecting steam or water into the raw material.Wood pellet production process
  3. Pelletizing:
    The pellet is actually created in this step. A roller is used to compress the wood biomass against a heated metal plate called a die. The die includes several small holes drilled though it, which allows the biomass to be squeezed through under high temperature. If the conditions are right, the wood pellets will fuse into a solid mass, thus turning into a pellet. A blade is typically used to slice the pellet to a predefined length as it exits the die.
  4. Cooling:
    Pellets, as they leave the die, are quite hot (150℃) and fairly soft. Therefore, they must be cooled and dried before they are ready for use. This is usually achieved by blowing air through the pellets as they sit in a metal bin. The final moisture content of the pellets should be no higher than 8 percent. Pellet cooling is a dynamic process that involves simultaneous heat and mass transfer between the pellets and the cooling air. 
  5. Packaging:
    Pellets are typically sold in 20-50-kilogram bags, which can be easily filled using an overhead hopper and conveyor belt arrangement. The bags should be clearly labeled with the type of pellet, their grade and heat content.
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How to choose location for your wood pellet production line in Angola?

In recent years, more and more enterprise enter into the biomass pellet plant along with the development of our country sawdust combustion industry, what should be noticed during the selection of address for wood pellet production line in Angola ?

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Main equipment needed to start wood pellet production line in Angola

wood chipper manufacturers

Wood Chipper Machine

Turn raw materials from big size into small chips.(Thickness<3mm and length 10-30 mm)

Wood Pellet Hammer Mill

Wood Pellet Hammer Mill

Crush the raw material chips into powder.(Size<3mm)

Wood Drying Machine

Wood Drying Machine

Dry the moisture percentage of the powder material to 12% to 18%.

Wood Pellet Mill

Wood Pellet Mill

Make the well prepared biomass wood material powder into density, smooth biomass pellets. The diameter of final pellets is adjustable. Choose the right model and capacity depending on your needs.

wood pellet cooling machine manufacturer

Cooling Machine

The pellets will get high temperature during the pelletizing process. They are hot and easy to loosen. This equipment will help cool the finished wood pellets and make them smooth and solid.)

bagging machine for wood pellets

Packaging Machine

Weigh and pack the wood pellets automatically. Then they are ready for sale.

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