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1-1.5T/H Small Wood Pellet Factory in Moldova

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Name:Small Wood Pellet Plant in Moldova
Date:December 15, 2022
Pellet Size:8-10mm
The install period:30 Days
Control Mode:Semi-automatic
Guiding Price:208,000 USD

1-1.5T/H Small Wood Pellet Factory in Moldova

Overview of 1-1.5 t/h small wood pellet factory in Moldova

2022.11.02, customers sent us inquiries:

“We are looking for a Pelleting Line with 1000-1500 kg/hour output.Semiautomatic ( 2-3 people ). Our main raw material will be bark and mixed sawdust and wood chips.

Kindly provide your available solutions and lead time to deliver them. The machinery should be exported and installed in Moldova.

Please include your costs for the installation as well. Let me know if any other details are required. Thank you and looking forward to your feedback. "

On December 15, 2022, the project was signed. Cost of this 1-1.5t/h small wood pellet factory in Moldova is 208,000 USD.

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The client company specializes in the production and sales of biomass wood pellets. The client already has a 2-ton wood pellet production line. Based on the increasing demand for wood pellets, the 1-1.5t/h small wood pellet factory in Moldova project is new investment from clients.
1-1.5T/H Small Wood Pellet Factory in Moldova

The 1-1.5t/h small wood pellet factory in Moldova project uses the existing factory building, covers an area of 1200m², and has a total construction area of 1000m². After completion, it will produce 2500-3000 tons of pellet fuel annually. The project uses the completed factory building, so the construction period is mainly for wood pellet equipment installation.

Labor quota and work system

The 1-1.5t/h small wood biomass pellet plant in Moldova project plans to have 10 laborers, all of whom will have board and lodging in the factory, work 8 hours a day, and work 300 days a year.

Project construction content and scale

The 1-1.5t/h small wood pellet factory in Moldova covers a total area of 1200m², with a total construction area of 1000m², including office, staff dormitory, material storage yard, product storage yard, and raw material processing area. The main The construction contents of the project are shown in the table below:

Name Usage Site area (m²) Building area (m²)
The main project Production plant Processing raw materials 1200 300
Auxiliary project Storage yard Raw material, product yard 800 600
Office For staff office 300 30
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Consumption of raw and auxiliary materials

Name QTY (t/a) Source
Bark 2200 Outsourcing
Shavings, sawdust 60 Outsourcing
Construction wood waste 250 Outsourcing

Consumption of raw and auxiliary materials

Equipment for 1-1.5 t/h small wood pellet factory in Moldova

Device Name QTY Section
Wood Chipper Crusher 1 Chipping
Wood Hammer Mill Grinder 1 Crushing
Wood Pellet Machine 1 Pressure forming
Packing Machine 1 Package
Conveyor belt 1 Transport
Bag filter 1 Dust removal equipment
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Process Flow Design of 1-1.5 t/h small wood pellet factory in Moldova

Public works

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How to start a small wood pellet factory in Moldova?

Wood pellet factory is composed of a unit wood pellet making equipment. 1-1.5t/h small wood pellet factory in Moldova is suitable for small scale or medium scale wood pellet production.

Customers who have small scale wood pellet factory or newly open wood fuel pellet factory, prefer to choose this complete wood pellet production line. Wood pellet manufacturing plants are generally used for the mass production of wood pellets, providing objective benefits to your commercial pellet fuel business.
new biomass wood pellet production line

Since the small wood pellet factory in Moldova is made up of a variety of pellet manufacturing equipment, so it is necessary to consider a certain working space for placing a wood pellet production plant.

As the various equipment in the complete wood pellet production line is optional, a granulation equipment or a combination of more than one granulation equipment can also be selected according to the output, so it is better to choose the complete wood pellet production line from our technical experts according to your actual situation demand to develop solutions for your tailor-made wood pellet production system.

Standard wood pellet processing flow of small wood pellet factory in Moldova:

  1. Raw Material Preparation
    High quality virgin material is supplied as a combination of saw-milling co-products and on site chipping.
  2. Initial Processing
    This is the initial process to reduce particle size and especially screen out oversized material to improve the efficiency of the drying process.
  3. Drying System
    Material dries at an air temperature of more than 100°C reducing moisture content by up to 50%. Indeed, all the heat and electricity is provided from our on site biomass combined heat and power stations.
  4. Wood Hammer Mill System
    Particle size is reduced further in a dry material hammer mill, ready for pressing into ENplus® A1 quality wood pellets.
  5. Wood Pelleting System
    Material is extruded through the pellet forming die at a very high pressure to ensure the highest quality wood pellets. This process draws out the natural lignin in the wood which helps bind the material together. Moreover, occasionally a little natural binder may be added ed to improve the durability of the pellets.field installation provided wood pellet mill machine
  6. Cooling and Screening System
    We cool the pellets from approx. 90℃ to less than 40℃ – This ensures they are fully hardened and are then screened to remove all fines. Then we recycle all fines back into the manufacturing process.
  7. Silos and Distribution
    Then we store all pellets in on-site silos, ready for filling our dedicated pneumatic pellet delivery trucks.

Cost to start Wood Pellet Factory in Moldova: 50,000-3,000,000 USD. Slicers, shredders, granulators, dryers, coolers, screening machines, balers and other equipment are required to start a wood pellet factory. According to the different raw materials, the equipment configuration is also different, and the process flow will also be different.

We are wood pellet factory equipment manufacturer, we have complete wood pellet factory experts to provide technical service for you. Welcome to send inquiry to Richi Machinery, we are always here for you.

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