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10-12 T/H Biomass Pellet Production Line in Thailand

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Name:Biomass pellet plant for wood and crop waste
Date:May 17, 2022
Capacity:10-12 T/H
Pellet Size:6-10mm
The install period:60 Days
Control Mode:Semi-automatic
Guiding Price:770,000 USD

10-12 T/H Biomass Pellet Production Line in Thailand

This 10-12t/h biomass pellet production line in Thailand project is the largest agricultural and forestry waste pellet plant project we have ever done in Thailand.

On October 9, 2018, a customer sent us an inquiry:

"Dear Rich Machinery,
I'm a consultant, who is working in a project feasibility study for a public university, where it is expected to produce and export to Japan, Denmark, United Kingdom and Italy wood pellets with ENplus A1 certification.
We are contacting you due that the name of your company appears as a wood pellet plant manufacturer in China and because we want to start creating the project networking to find the right allies through the whole supply chain.
We are interested in installing our 55.000 ton/year ENplus A1 wood pellet plant in Thailand next year with you if we find it beneficial for both of us.
We hope this letter becomes the first step for a meaningful relationship and we will be awaiting your kind reply by a person who available for further communications.
Yours truly,

In July 2019, this 10-12 t/h biomass pellet production line in Thailand project was signed.

10-12 T/H Biomass Pellet Production Line in Thailand

It is worth mentioning that the final project was not what the customer originally requested. The customer's raw materials also changed. He not only used wood waste, but also added a variety of agricultural waste as raw materials.

Therefore, in response to customers' raw materials and needs, our biomass pellet production line process has also changed. However, according to customer feedback, according to testing, the final pellet products still meet higher fuel pellet standards and can still be sold to Japan and other countries. in biomass power plants and other fields. The 10-12 t/h biomass pellet production line in Thailand project has a maximum employee capacity of 40 people, and production adopts a two-shift system, with each shift lasting 8 hours. Sometimes, peak and valley power are used to adjust to mid-shift and evening shifts, and night production is performed. There are 300 working days in the year.

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Composition of 10-12 t/h biomass pellet production line in Thailand project

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Product plans and scale

This 10-12 t/h biomass pellet production line in Thailand project mainly produces biomass pellet fuel. The main products and production scale are shown in the table below.

Product Name Production Capacity (T/A) Packaging Specifications
Biomass pellet fuel 55000 1 Ton/bag, moisture content <8%

Main raw and auxiliary materials

What raw materials were used in this 10-12 t/h biomass pellet production line in Thailand project? How many raw materials are used? How much electricity is used? How much water was used? In the table below you will clearly see:

Name Annual Consumption
Scrap wood blocks 57600 t/a
Sawdust 3000 t/a
Wood shavings 3000 t/a
Peanut shells, straw, rice husks, corn stalks, bark, bamboo materials 3060 t/a
Electricity 2.5 million kWh/year
Water 1400 tons/year

Note: All raw materials come from surrounding farmers and wood processing plants. The average moisture content of raw materials is 24%

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Equipment of 10-12 t/h biomass pellet production line in Thailand

Equipment Name QTY
Slicing machine (with its own feeding conveyor chain plate) 1
Belt conveyor (12m) 3
Bag dust removal device 2
Large wood chip silo (10m*3m*1.5m) 1
Belt conveyor (11m) 3
Crusher 3
Cyclone dust collector (Φ1000) 5
Dragon conveyor (5m) 3
Belt conveyor (8m) 1
Belt conveyor (16m) 1
Powder warehouse (20m*3m*3m) 1
Auger conveyor (Φ400*9500) 2
Feeding dragon (Φ320*3000) 10
Biomass wood pellet mill (MZLH420) 10
Belt conveyor (23m) 1
Skirt belt conveyor (12m) 1
Cooling screening machine (Φ800) 1
Granule silo 1
Fully automatic packaging machine 1
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Process flow design of 10-12 t/h biomass pellet production line in Thailand

The main raw materials of the 10-12 t/h biomass pellet production line in Thailand project include waste wood blocks, sawdust, shavings, rice husks, etc. The raw materials are sliced, crushed, granulated, cooled, screened, and dried. Qualified products are packaged and stored in the warehouse.

The scraps, collected dust, and unqualified products are returned. corresponding process. Cooling adopts sieve machine air cooling. Raw materials and products are naturally dried without drying process.



This 10-12 t/h biomass pellet production line in Thailand project requires slicing the feed material, and cutting into small pieces is beneficial to the crushing process. The waste wood blocks are cut into small pieces by the slicer and transported to the large material warehouse.

The slicer of this project works for 4800 hours per year, and the slicing raw material is 48000t/a, so the slicing dust generated by the project is about 8.4t/a.



The small pieces of raw materials in the large silo are sent to the crusher for crushing through the conveyor belt. This biomass pellet plant project has a total of 3 sets of crushers with an annual crushing capacity of 66,660 tons. The aniseed is transported to the pulverizer, and the negative pressure airflow generated by the high-pressure fan sucks the wood chips into the wood chips and separates the wood chips from the air flow through the separation tube.

The separated air flow (with a small amount of fine powder) is released through the bag dust collector, and a small amount The fine powder is retained on the surface of the bag and is regularly discharged for reuse. Under the action of the air flow, the coarse wood chips rotate downward in the separation cylinder and fall into the air-closed device.

They are sent to the discharge pipe through the air-closed device and are discharged under positive pressure. Under the action of air flow, it is pressure-sent to the elevator through the conveying pipeline, lifted to the powder warehouse by the bucket elevator, and transported to the granule warehouse through a sealed auger conveyor.



The materials in the granule silo are transported to the wood biomass pellet granulator through closed transportation facilities. The granulation process is a closed production. During the granulation process, the screw extrusion generates high temperature, and the water in the raw materials is heated and evaporates, and the granulation process is completed.

The machine outlet will produce a large amount of water vapor mixed with dust particles. The amount of pellet raw materials used in this project is approximately 66,600 tons. The granular material rotates at high speed in the biomass pellet making machine mold and undergoes physical high-pressure extrusion to form a cylindrical-shaped biomass granule product.

The entire process is physical extrusion without adding any binder. The moisture content of the raw materials in this project is about 24%, and the moisture content of the finished product after granulation is about 8%.


Cooling screening:

Since the material will generate a certain amount of heat during the extrusion, granulation and molding process, the temperature of the discharged biomass pellet fuel is as high as 80-90°C. The structure is relatively loose and easy to break, and must be cooled to normal temperature.


Packaging and storage:

Therefore, after pelleting, the biomass pellets are cooled to normal temperature by a cooling fan, and then screened and dried to ensure the factory quality of biomass pellet fuel. The broken materials screened out by the screening machine are connected to the powder silo and directly used for production.YouTube

biomass pellet production line in Thailand

Thailand is one of the upcoming biomass and wood pellet exporters in the Southeast Asia region. Wood biomass pellet production has been gradually increasing in Thailand; however, the recent trend is more rapid.

Thailand has increased biomass wood pellet production for export and domestic use. Thailand has the potential to grow plants throughout the year, so biomass raw materials is readily available.

If you want to develop a 1-90t/h biomass pellet production line in Thailand, you will have very sufficient raw materials and strong government policy support.

Currently, we have established nearly 30 pellet production line projects in Thailand, covering wood pellet processing, biomass pellet processing, crop waste pellet processing, aquatic feed processing, livestock and poultry feed processing, fertilizer pellet production, premix processing, cat litter pellet processing and other fields.

If you also want to set up a feed & cat litter & fertilizer & wood & biomass pellet production line in Thailand, please feel free to contact Richi Machinery for technical support!

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