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8-9T/H New Design Completely Biomass Wood Pellet Plant In China

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Name:China 8-9T/H Wood Pellet Factory
Date:July 2019
Capacity:8-9 Tons Per Hour
Pellet Size:6-8mm
The install period:30 Days
Guiding Price:300,000 USD
Raw materials:Wood sawdust, bamboo sawdust, rice husks

8-9T/H New Design Completely Biomass Wood Pellet Plant In China

Overview of 8-9 t/h sawdust wood pellet production line

Conventional energy sources (coal, oil, natural gas) are non-renewable and unevenly distributed. After conventional energy sources are burned, they will cause serious environmental pollution and damage to the human environment. With the rapid growth of the national economy and the improvement of people's living standards, the demand for new energy is also increasing.

The county where the client is located is a large agricultural county, and there are many types of crops, and the quantity is also large. Straws and the like are machined into pellet fuels. This pellet fuel has the advantages of economy and cheapness, wide sources of raw materials, and convenient transportation, which is conducive to the comprehensive utilization of resources.

8-9t/h wood sawdust wood pellet production line
Equipment delivery

It can be said without a doubt that the biomass industry with biomass energy, biomass products and biological raw materials as the main content is a sunrise industry that expands agricultural functions and promotes resource utilization.

In this context, the client of this project (Anfu Rongsheng Energy) invested 2 million yuan to build this 8-9 tons per hour biomass fuel wood pellet manufacturing plant project in Ji'an City, Jiangxi Province, China.

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Engineering content of 8-9 t/h biomass sawdust pellet plant for bamboo husk and wood sawdust

The site of this 8-9tph biomass wood pellet mill plant project is a leased factory building with an area of ​​2500m² and a building area of ​​3000m².

Engineering category Name Function/Content
Structural work Workshop (1F) 1F, including production area 1000m2, raw material area 1200m2, finished product area 500m2
Auxiliary engineering Living and office area Located on the southwest side of the project area, with a construction area of ​​200m2, staff living and office space
Public works Water supply Municipal water supply network
Drain Domestic sewage is pretreated and discharged into the park's sewage treatment plant
Powered by Unified power supply for municipal power supply system
Environmental Engineering Waste water Domestic wastewater is pretreated by septic tank + three-stage oil and residue tank
Exhaust Air collecting hood + bag dust collector + 15m high exhaust pipe
Noise Comprehensive measures such as vibration reduction, sound absorption, and sound insulation
Solid waste The domestic garbage will be collected and transported by the sanitation department after being collected in the trash bin.

Main raw and auxiliary materials of the 8-9 t/h good completely biomass wood pellet production line project

Name Annual consumption Remark
Rice husks 4080.33t/a Outsourcing
Wood sawdust 8160t/a
Bamboo sawdust 8160t/a
8-9t/h completely biomass wood pellet processing line project
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Main pellet mmanufactruing process of the 8-9 t/h sawdust pellet production line project

In addition, the raw materials purchased by the project are all low in water content (water content is about 10%), so the wood pellet production process of this complete biomass pellet plant does not require a drying process.

wood pellet making process

The 8-9t/h wood pellet plant process flow chart

  1. Sieving and crushing
    Fine materials are selected through a screening machine. The raw materials with irregular shapes that cannot be sieved are crushed by biomass sawdust hammer mill and then sieved again until the wood pellet plant production requirements are met.
  2. Granulation and molding
    After passing the sieving, the raw materials are processed into a wood pelletizing machine and pressurized to prepare biomass pellets. Qualified products enter the next process; unqualified products are returned to the wood pellet production process for use as raw materials;
  3. Cooling and packing
    In the process of forming biomass under pressure of wood pellet machine, the biomass will heat up slightly due to physical effects. The pellets from the biomass pellet making machine are transferred to the finished product warehouse for cooling. The qualified biomass fuel pellets are measured and packaged to obtain the finished product, which is temporarily stored in the finished product warehouse of the sawdust pellet production line, waiting for sale.

Main equipments in this 8-9 t/h renewable energy wood pellet plant project

Serial number Equipment name QTY
1 Wood pellet machine 5
2 Screening machine 1
3 Best price wood hammer mill machine 1
4 Forklifts 2
5 Air compressor 1
6 Conveyor belt 10

Labor quota and work system of the 8-9 tonnes per hour bamboo wood pellet plant

The 8-9t/h whole wood pellet plant project has a labor force of 8 people, all of whom will live in the wood pellet factory. The working system of this turn-key biomass pellet plant project is one shift per day (8 hours), with 300 days of work per year.

Finished product warehouse of 8-9t/h wood pellet line

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The 8-9 t/h biomass wood pellet plant layout design

This 8-9t/h complete wood pellet plant is located in Industrial Road, Industrial Park, Anfu County, Ji'an City, Jiangxi Province. The production workshop of this wood pellet mill plant project is basically rectangular and is a steel-frame structure workshop.

8-9t/h biomass wood pellet production plant layout design

The feed inlet facility is on the northeast side, the biomass pellet production line facility is in the middle of the plant area, the raw material area facility is on the east side, close to the feed inlet, and the finished product area is set on the northwest side and on the southeast side, the discharge port is set on the west side to facilitate the transportation of finished products. The living and office area is located on the southwest side, far away from the production area.

The layout of the 8-9t/h wood bamboo pellet production line project is neat and tidy, with clear division of labor, convenient transportation around and superior geographical location, so the layout of the project is relatively reasonable.

Public works of the 8-9 t/h complete wood pellet production line

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