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5T/H Wood Pellet Factory In Austria

Name:Austria 5T/H Wood Sawdust Pellet Plant
Date:December 2018
Pellet Size:8mm
The install period:30 Days
Certification::CE & SGS & ISO
Guiding Price:300000 USD
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Development of wood pellet manufacturing in Austria

Here is one of the most environmentally friendly countries in the world——Austria. In addition to a high waste recovery rate of 98.5%, biomass pellets are the second largest factor in Austria's inclusion in the list of the world's most environmentally friendly countries. The Austrian government adopts energy and environmental protection adjustment taxes to make the use cost of wood pellet end users lower than that of conventional energy sources. Therefore, the application of wood pellets in Austria is quite common.

Development of wood pellet manufacturing in Austria

Austria is one of the 11 largest consumer countries of wood pellets in the EU and one of the nine largest producers of pellets in the EU. The wood pellet market in this country is relatively isolated, relying mainly on its own wood pellet production for self-sufficiency.The 5 tons per hour biomass wood pellet factory project in cooperation with Austrian customers is to process 8 mm wood chip pellets, which is mainly used for heating small-scale private residential and medium-sized industrial boilers in Austria.

Overview of 5tph good completely biomass wood pellet plant with ce in Austria

automatic wood pellet production lineAustria wood pellet factory civil construction

In the process of setting up this 5 tons per hour ce Austria wood pellet plant project, the customer requested the assembly to be completed as soon as possible to achieve wood pellet production. Therefore, the time from wood pellet line construction to wood pellet manufacturing was very short, but we still successfully completed the 5tph automatic wood pellet plant project with a tight schedule and passed the one-time acceptance.
5tph good completely biomass wood pellet plant

Austria wood pellet production plant equipment arrived

At present, the wood pellet production equipment of this Austria 5t/h biomass wood pellet plant has been running smoothly, and all data have met the contract requirements. From design, construction, civil engineering, motors to wood pellet making machine are all contracted by RICHI. Based on the integrated solution, the 5t/h wood pellet production line for wood pellet plant project construction efficiency is high, the construction period is short and the wood pellet production is fast.

Secondly, customers need less effort and only need to put forward requirements and control and acceptance links, and all specific wood pellet factory project construction links are entrusted to Richi Machienry. We use our professional knowledge and extensive turnkey wood pellet manufacturing plant experience to achieve customer expectations.
professional factory directly offered rubber 5tph wood pellet production line

Austria wood pellet production plant installation site

Wood pellet production process flow of 5tph wood pellet factory in Austria

Process flow of ce wood pellet plant:

Raw material → chipping → crushing → impurity removal → screening → dying→ pelletizing → cooling → packaging → storage → delivery
how to make your own wood pellets

Machine to make wood pellets in a 5 tons per hour professional complete ce wood pellet factory in Austria

What is needed to start a wood pellet plant 5 tons per hour in Austria? The followings are euqipment list of 5 ton per hour wood pellet production line.

Main wood pellet factory equipments Model Quantity
Tree branch wood chipper machine JLBX-218 1
Wood sawdust crusher machine SFSP66*80 2
Wood sawdust rotary dryer ф2400*100000 *3 Layer 1
Wood pellet maker machine MZLH-520 2
Cooling machine SKLN17*17 1
Vibrating screener TDZS80 1
Packing machine DCS-50 1
Bucket elevator TDTG40/23 1
Belt conveyors PDS650 2

best price complete wood pellet production line for sale
Austria wood pellet processing plant trial run

Problems that should be paid attention to in the construction of wood pellet factory in Austria

  • In Austria, pellets are mainly used for heating small-scale private houses and medium-sized industrial boilers, and biomass house heating is subject to federal and local government subsidies or tax reductions. However, government subsidies are limited. Market logistics and economics indicate that the United States, Canada, and Russia will become major suppliers if EU and other EU countries do not increase biomass pellet production.

    Over the years, the growing demand for biomass pellets in Austria and other EU countries will inevitably further increase its domestic wood pellet manufacturing. Therefore, it is a very wise choice to target the biomass wood pellet market with great economic potential.Best design wood pellet production line for energy pellets
  • The Austrian Federal Ministry of Environment sets standards for special environments for biomass fuels. Only natural wood raw materials (sawdust, wood shavings, etc.) for best design wood pellet production line for energy pellets are allowed. The use of packaging, coatings, adhesives, cardboard or fiberboard residues is prohibited.

Why wood pellet manufacturing is popular in Austria?

  • Austria is one of EU members. EU has high standard for environment protection. Conventional fossil fuels produce much smoke and ash during combustion, which can do harm to the environment. Wood pellets are very good biofuel and produce less smoke and ash when burning.
  • After being pretreated, corn stalk, cotton stalk, groundnut shell, soybean husk, bagasse and other agricultural waste can be raw materials for biofue pellets. Trees can also be used as raw material for biomass pellet plant. These materials are easily available.large biomass pellet production line for wood pellets
  • Process being environment friendly is the third reason. The wood pellet processing in wood pellet mills is just a mechanical movement. Raw materials go into the wood pelletizer machine, then wood pellets are formed by pressing raw materials through small holes in the die. No harmful byproduct produced. This confirms to the concept of building a green world.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Wood Pellet Factory?

Numerous environment friendly sources of energy have been developed today. Most of them are also cheaper than traditional energy sources. Wood pellets are one of the favorite alternative sources of energy today. Not only are they safer for the environment but they are also much cheaper than gas, coal and oil. If you have an entrepreneurial mind this is obviously a business opportunity you should take advantage of. First of all, you need to figure out the cost of building a latest technology high quality wood pellet factory.
How Much Does It Cost To Build A Wood Pellet Factory

Estimating What It Will Cost To Start Wood Pelletizing Business

To come up with a good estimate you need to put the following factors into consideration when you are planning for start your own wood pellet factory business of making wood pellets:

  •  Wood Pellet Manufacturing Equipment

This will depend on the raw material you plan to use. This is because wood pellet making machines differ depending on the type of feedstock you wish to use. Softwood, for example, needs a higher compression ratio than hardwood. For that reason each of the types of wood requires different types of wood pellet processing equipment. 
Wood Pellet Manufacturing Equipment

You should also consider the size of wood pellet factory raw material you plan to use. If you plan to use logs you should purchase a wood sawdust hammer mill since an ordinary mill cannot process that size of material. Another factor is the amount of wood pellet factory raw material you would like to process at ago. If you plan to produce large amounts of wood pellet then you should buy larger and more advanced wood pellet manufacturing equipment.

  •   Cost of Raw Material

Once you have decided on the wood pellet plant equipment you must also calculate the cost of biomass raw materials you will need to get your business started. The wood pellet factory raw materials cost here is determined by the type of feedstock you plan to use. Decide on whether you will be using wood as your material or virgin fiber. Virgin fiber is substantially more expensive with a ton going for $70 to $80. Wood on the other hand goes for $55 to $ 65 per ton.
factory offered automatic running wood pellet production line

You should also consider the wood pellet factory processing cost when estimating the raw material cost. Raw materials for wood pellet factory have differing production costs depending on their moisture content. Feedstock usually has 40 to 60% moisture in them. The higher the moisture composition the higher the wood pellet factory production costs since they need much more time and energy to dry. Wood has a much lower percentage of moisture than virgin fiber and hence is much cheaper to process.

  •   Energy Costs

This is another factor to be considered for start your own wood pellet manufacturing business. It costs about $10 to process one ton of feedstock. This, however, varies depending on location of your wood pellet factory. Energy costs will be higher in European countries than in the USA and Canada.
easy to handle 1-20 TPH stable performance biomass wood pellet production line

  •   Wood Pelllet Factory Machine Repairs and Maintenance

This is another important figure to include in your estimate for building your wood pellet factory. You will incur about $5 worth of maintenance costs for every ton your wood pellet factory process. 

  •   Loading and Shipping Costs

These vary depending on your wood pellet manufacturig business' location and working model. Before you get started you must have budgeted for this as well or else you will not be able to make your deliveries. It costs roughly $2.5 to load a ton of wood pellets on to rail for shipping. You should also consider the cost of rail road infrastructure when you make plans for transportation.
good selling new design pellets machine line wood pellet production line

In addition there are several other Wood Pelllet Factory costs that are determined by your wood pellet manufacturing plant's capacity. These are:

  •   The Cost of Grinding On Wood Pelllet Factory Site
  •    Cost of Wood Pelllet Factory Storage
  •   Wood Pelllet Factory Labor Costs

These are can be reduced using economies of scale for example if your wood pellet factory produce 150000 tons of wood pellets per year your labor costs will be $10 for each ton. If your wood pellet production factory output is 100000 tons the cost of labor will be $15 per ton.

  •   Wood Pelllet Factory Construction Cost

Last but certainly not least is the total cost of building your professional factory directly offered wood pellet plant. This is an important cost and it should also be factored in when pricing your wood pellet factory products.

This list should get you started on your journey to profitable wood pellet production and selling. You should also consult an expert in the industry. They will not only explain the points above in greater detail but also give you to insider information about the industry. We hope that this information will help you on your wood pellet business plan and wood pellet factory project proposal!

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