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5T/H Wood Sawdust Production Line In Austria

Austria is one of the 11 largest consumer countries of wood pellets in the EU and one of the nine largest producers of pellets in the EU. The pellet market in this country is relatively isolated, relying mainly on its own production for self-sufficiency.The 5 tons per hour biomass wood pellet production line project in cooperation with Austrian customers is to process 4 mm wood chip pellets, which is mainly used for heating small-scale private residential and medium-sized industrial boilers in Austria.

Host equipment of this low investment high return wood pellet line:drum wood chipper machine(30kw),wood hammer mill crusher(75kw),box cylinder pulse dust remover(11kw),electric control cabinet,vibrating screen classifier(1.5kw),Europe use wood pellet machinery(37kw),counter-flow pellet cooler(0.75kw),rotary dryer,automatic bagging system(3kw).

In the process of Austria project execution, the customer requested the assembly to be completed as soon as possible to achieve production. Therefore, the time from construction to production was very short, but we still successfully completed the project with a tight schedule and passed the one-time acceptance. At present, the equipment of this production line has been running smoothly, and all data have met the contract requirements. From design, construction, civil engineering, motors to wood pellet mill machine are all contracted by Richi.Based on the integrated solution, the project construction efficiency is high, the construction period is short and the production is fast. Secondly, customers need less effort and only need to put forward requirements and control and acceptance links, and all specific project construction links are entrusted to Richi. We use our professional knowledge and extensive turnkey experience to achieve customer expectations.

Name:Wood Sawdust Production Line
Pellet Size:6-12mm wood pellet
The install period:30 Days
Certification::CE & SGS & ISO
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