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2T/H Wood Pellet Production Line In Netherlands

Name:Wood Pellet Production Line
Pellet Size:6-12mm wood pellet
The install period:15 Days
Certification::CE & SGS & ISO
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The Netherlands has a history as a major market for industrial wood pellets.A data released in March 2020 showed that US producers exported woody biomass pellets to more than 20 countries, of which the Netherlands ranked second with 94,119.1 tons. However, unlike Italy and Germany, the Dutch biomass fuel pellets are mainly used for electricity in power stations. A report submitted by the Dutch government shows that biomass consumption in the Netherlands is expected to increase from about 1.8 million tons in 2018 to about 2.3 million tons in 2020.

The Netherlands customer of this 2 tons wood pellet production line project is aiming at the huge potential of the Dutch biomass pellet fuel market. Based on the customer's actual situation, we recommend a complete set of 2 ton ring die granulation process for the customer. The high-efficiency wood chip production system designed for customers mainly includes:wood sawdust hammer milling equipment(75KW),box cylinder pulse dust remover(11KW),electric control cabinet,vibrating screen classifier(1.5KW),high quality ring die wood pellet machine(37KW),counter-flow pellet cooler(0.75KW),good quality wood sawdust rotary dryer for industrial,automatic bagging system(3KW).

Netherlands is a highly developed country with a high degree of mechanization. Therefore, customer of this CE certified wood sawdust pellet line have strict requirements for project investigation, supervision and quality services. The requirements of project drawings are more elaborate than in the past. The process level and equipment performance must meet the relevant standards of the country, and It is required to provide a cross-sectional view and specific dimensions of each part.Combined with the various needs of Netherlands customer, we finally customized a fully automatic wood sawdust production line for customers, equipped with more than 20 mainframe production equipment and auxiliary equipment.The configuration of this production line ultimately reduced the power of 40 kw, while reducing operating costs for customers. In addition, the professional wood pellet line design from Richi can also save the conveyor length. The scientific and reasonable production line setting not only reduces the investment cost of customers, but also saves the maintenance cost of wearing parts.

The typical advantage of this customized Dutch 2 t/h wood pellet production line is the simple system and compact layout, which can greatly reduce investment costs. Equipped with automatic control system, it can realize remote control and easy operation.With the use of this biomass wood sawdust production line, the target market for wood pellet products is clear, and the demand is increasing year by year. Due to the good product quality, the product users are stable, the market sales prospects are optimistic, and customers are fully confident of rapid cost recovery and profitability.

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