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Thailand 3-5T/H Organic Fertilizer Pellet Production Line

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Name:Thailand 3-5T/H Organic Fertilizer Pellet Line
Date:Aug 27th,2018
Pellet Size:4.0mm
The install period:10 Days
Workshop size(L*W*H):9m*3m*10m
Main Raw material:Chicken manure, rice husk

Thailand 3-5T/H Organic Fertilizer Pellet Production Line

Overview of 3-5 t/h organic chicken manure pellets production line in Thailand

Thailand is the agriculture country and has been the number one rice exporter in the world for over the decade. Not only rice exporter but also many kinds of crop and fruits major exporter that supply to the world. That the reason why Thailand uses a lot of chemicals fertilizer and organic fertilizer.

3-5t/h organic chicken manure pellets production line in Thailand

The client of this 3-5t/h chicken poop pellets production line project is a pelletized organic fertilizer manufacturer who has been engaged in organic fertilizer pellets production for 6 years. The raw materials used in this 3-5t/h organic chicken fertilizer pellets plant project are 50% chicken manure and 50% rice husk, the purpose is to process 4mm organic chicken manure pellets.
organic chicken manure pellets production line in Thailand

Ddelivery of organic manure pellets making machine for saleThailand

This time he wants to buy new chicken poultry manure pellets granulator, cooler and other equipment to make fertilizer pellets for plants, and still keep some of his old equipment. So in this fertilizer pellet making plant project, the biggest problem we face is: Our new machines will connect with his old machines, so we need to consider how to connect new nitrogen fertilizer pellets machines to the old machines. Obviously, as you can see from the live video below, we solved this problem perfectly.

Organic fertilizer pellet manufacturing process design of 3-5 t/h chicken pellet fertilizer pellet plant in Thailand

Single MZLH420 chicken manure organic fertilizer pellet production line is to ferment and compost the chicken manure and rice husk waste, after drying process, the material will go into the workshop for grinding , mixing, pelleting, cooling and bagging process, finally into organic fertilizer.

This fertilizer pellet production project could produce 3-5 tons per hour organic fertilizer chicken manure pellets, the total power of chicken manure pellets line machine is about 380kw, the whole organic fertilizer chicken manure pellets plant is characterized by compact design and reasonable structure, and satisfied by environment protection requirements, meanwhile it can be directed to customers design.

Organic fertilizer pellet manufacturing process

Fermentation and compost process ---pre-treatment process---grinding process--- mixing process--pelleting and bagging process

Machinery needed in 3-5 t/h hen manure pellets production plant in Thailand

Organic fertilizer machine name Details
Compost equipment LYFP-6, power: 35.5kw, output 600 m3/h
Fertiliser pellets drying equipment LYHG2.0*20,drum diameter 2.0m, length 20m, power 22kw, output 5-7t/h
Organic fertilizer crushing machine FFSP66×80,110kw, designed output 5-7T/H
Chicken manure mixer SDHJ2, power 22kw, output: 2m3/batch
Chicken manure fertilizer pellet making machine MZLH420 with 110kw, output 3-4t/h quantity: 1sets
Chicken pellet fertilizer cooler FKLB2.5, cooling chamber volume 2.5m3, output 4-5t/h
Chicken pellet fertiliser bagging machine SDBLY-PD belt packing scale, packing range: 20-50kg/ bag, 6-8 bag/min

Advantages of chicken manure pellets made by 3-5t/h organic fertilizer pellets factory in Thailand

RICHI pellet machine and pellet plant for sale Thailand

This is not the first time we have exported equipment to Thailand. Here are some of our projects in Thailand in recent years, if you are interested in these projects, please consult us for project details.

Project Order date
Thailand 3-5t/h fertilizer production plant 2018.08.27
1T/H sinking fish feed plant 2019.12.31
Sawdust drying and conveying equipment 2019.08.16
10 tons manual premixing line 2020.05.28
5-7T/H Animal Feed Pelleting Machine 2019.12.10
2-2.5t/h wood pellet production line 2021.01.06
MZLH350 wood sawdust pelletizer + pressure roller assembly 2021.06.29
3-5T/H Animal Feed Pellet Milling Machine 2020.10.06
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