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2.5T/H Bamboo Straw Wood Pellets Plant in Malaysia Project

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Name:Straw bamboo wood pellet plant
Date:April 2019
Pellet Size:6-8mm
The install period:3 Months
Control Mode:Semi-automatic
Straw bamboo wood pellets plant cost:300,000 USD

2.5T/H Bamboo Straw Wood Pellets Plant in Malaysia Project

Origin Of 2.5T/H Bamboo Straw Wood Pellets Plant Project

Biomass mainly refers to crop straw, forestry and wood processing waste, etc. Biomass energy is an important renewable energy. Biomass can be converted into high-efficiency solid, liquid and gaseous fuels, which can be used to replace non-renewable energy sources such as coal, oil and natural gas.

Biomass pellet fuel has high volatile content, easy to precipitate, good carbon activity, flammability, less ash content, fast ignition, more fuel saving and lower use cost. The formed biomass particles are small in size, high in specific gravity, high in density, resistant to combustion, convenient for storage and transportation, and have a calorific value of 3900-4800 kcal. They are ideal new fuels and are widely used in domestic stoves and hot water boilers , industrial boilers and biomass power plants, etc.

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In this context, in order to seize market opportunities, the Malaysia client of this project invested 300,000 US dollars to rent an idle plant to build a biomass pellet construction project with an annual output of 6,000 tons.

It is worth mentioning that the client company is engaged in the production and sales of organic fertilizers. Because they are optimistic about the prospects of biomass pellets, they invested in the construction of this 2.5t/h bamboo straw wood pellets plant in Malaysia project.

Since the customer intends to expand the biomass pellet production line project in the future, RICHI engineers reserved at least 5t/h capacity when designing the process.


Construction works

The total land area of the 2.5t/h bamboo straw wood pellets plant in Malaysia project is 10,000m², and the total construction area is 6,400m², including production workshops (slicing area, crushing area, and granulation area), drying workshops, finished product warehouses, raw material warehouses, living and office buildings, etc.

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Equipment For 2.5T/H Bamboo Straw Wood Pellets Plant in Malaysia Project

Device name QTY
Straw wood chipper 1
Straw wood pellet hammer mill 1
Medium-sized drying drum (φ1200×12000) 2
MZLH420 wood pellet mill 2
Conveyor 7
Automatic packaging machine 1
Bag filter 3
Cyclone 2
Electric control cabinet 1
Moisture Meter 1

Raw and auxiliary materials and product solutions

Name Annual usage Source
Straw 3200t/a Local purchase of crop straw
Scrap wood 2000t/a Local lumber mill
Waste bamboo board 2000t/a Local bamboo chip processing factory
Water 420t Tap water
Electricity 100,000 Local grid supply
Biomass pellets 45t Self-sufficient

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2.5T/H Bamboo Straw Wood Pellets Plant Product plan

Product name Annual Production Product Quality Standard
Biomass pellets 6000t Total moisture≤15%, ash≤10%, sulfur≤0.2%, calorific value≥14MJ/Kg

2.5T/H Bamboo Straw Wood Pellets Plant Design

Raw and auxiliary materials sawdust and waste wood are purchased from nearby wood processing factories and bamboo chip processing factories, and straw is purchased from local farmers.

There are two sets of drying furnaces in this biomass pellet plant in Malaysia project, and each drying furnace is equipped with a cyclone dust collector. The drying furnace of this project uses the customer's own product (biomass fuel) as fuel. The annual raw material drying rate of the project is 6000t/a (after drying).

According to the technical data provided by RICHI engineers, the drying speed of each drying furnace is 2t/h, and the biomass fuel consumption is 15kg/h. After calculation, each drying furnace is used for 1,500 hours per year, with an average of 5 hours per day, and the two drying furnaces use 45 tons of biomass fuel per year.


Public works


Water supply

The water source of this 2.5t/h bamboo straw wood pellets plant in Malaysia project is tap water, and the total water consumption is 108m3/a.



Based on 80% of the water consumption, the domestic sewage discharge of the project is 336t/a. The domestic sewage is treated by the septic tank set up in the factory area and used for fertilization of the surrounding farmland.
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Power supply

The project electricity is supplied by the local power grid. .


Labor quota

There are 10 project workers, and the project provides board and lodging. Working 300 days a year, 8 hours a day, one shift.


Construction schedule

The construction period of this project is 3 months, from February 2019 to April 2019.


Malaysia2.5T/H Bamboo Straw Wood Pellet Plant Layout

According to factors such as project terrain, external natural conditions, and access roads, the overall layout pattern is as follows: the gate of the factory area is located in the east of the factory area; the east of the factory area is arranged as an office building and parking lot; Drying area and raw material storage yard.

The layout of the 2.5t/h bamboo straw wood pellets plant area can meet the requirements of the production process, and it is continuous, short and convenient. The layout of the buildings complies with fire protection, sanitation regulations and various safety regulations and requirements, and appropriate greening is arranged on both sides of the road and around the buildings.

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