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Congo 1-1.2 T/H Wood Pellet Plant

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Name:Congo 1-1.2t/H Wood Pellet Production Line
Date:March 28th,2017
Pellet Size:6mm
The install period:20 Days
Workshop size(L*W*H):20m*4m*4m
Wood pellet plant cost:160,000 USD

Congo 1-1.2 T/H Wood Pellet Plant

Overview of small capacity 1-1.2 ton per hour wood pellet production line project in Congo

The customer for this 1-1.2 ton per hour wood pellet production plant project is from Congo. Since he was investing in a wood pellet processing project for the first time, he chose a small capacity wood pellet manufacturing plant project of 1-1.2t/h.

This is a standard pellet line for small scale wood pellet production, non-customized design, the customer's raw materials are various wood waste, wood blocks and sawdust, and the required wood pellet size is 6mm.

Pellet Plant For Wood Shavings And Sawdust

The transaction date of this good completely biomass wood pellet production line project is 2017.03.28. According to the customer's request, the equipment of the new biomass wood pellet production line project was shipped on September 4, 2017. The installation cycle of the wood pellet manufacturing machines for this small wood pellet line project is 20 days, which is completed by 5 installation workers hired by the customer.
Congo 1-1.2 T/H Wood Pellet Manufacturing Plant Site

It is worth mentioning that, in order to adapt to the particularity of the customer's wood pellet plant project site, our engineers adopted such a layout in terms of equipment layout: the wood sawdust dryer and the drum wood chipper are arranged in a row, the size is 15*2 meters; the wood pellet making machine, pellet cooler and the packing scale are arranged in a row, the size is 20*4 meters.
China factory offer new design pellet production line

Project equipment was shipped in September 2017

Regarding the operator configuration required for this 1-1.2 ton per hour fuel biomass pellet production line, a total of 3-4 pellet line operator are required: 2 in the feeding section, 1 in the wood pelletizing section, and 1-2 in the packing section.

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Wood pellet manufacturing process of 1-1.2tph wood pellet line in Congo

Chipping system-Crushing system-Drying system-Pelletizing system -Cooling system-Screening system-Packing system

Wood pellet making process of 1-1.2tph wood pellet line

1-1.2T/H wood pellet plant process flow chart

Machine to make wood pellets in biomass wood pellet production line with 1-1.2tph production capacity in Congo

Wood pellet line machine Model QTY
High efficiency wood chipper JLBX-215 1
Wood hammer mill for sawdust SFSP 66*60 1
Pulse dust collector TBLMa.36b 1
U-Screw conveyor TLSSU30 1
Sawdust dryer machine ф1200*120000 1
Wood pellet processor MZLH420 1
Cooling machine SKLN11*11 1
Packing machine&Belt and sewing machine DCS-50 1
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How Many Biomass Pellets Can I Get From One Ton Of Biomass Material For My Biomass Pellet Plant?

There are various factors which determine the quantity of biomass pellets produced by good completely biomass wood pellet production line:

The cleanliness of the raw materials you are using for pallet production will always determine the quantity of pellets you will produce. The higher the cleanliness of the raw materials being used the more biomass pellets you get from the raw materials. Therefore make sure you always use clean raw materials.
good quality wood pellet production line

There is a very thin line between the moisture content in the raw materials and the biomass pellet plant production output. The acceptable moisture content is between 8% to 15% and as much as drying can leave the materials completely dry, make sure you always maintain the content between this range. The higher the moisture content the raw materials have the lower the pellets you will get from them.
Best design wood pellet production line for energy pellets

Just relying on the moisture level and the cleanliness of the raw materials for high production of the wood pellets is not enough to guarantee you maximum production. The type of biomass pellets making machine you are using is also very important when it comes to quantity and quality of the pellets. Reliable biomass pallet machine in cooperate the ring die and the roller in a perfect way thus attaining over 95% production rate. So the type of wood pellet manufacturing machine you choose plays a major role in the amount of pellets produced. 

The above factors play a major role in biomass wood sawdust pellet plant especially on the output quantity and quality, but there effects vary depending on different situations.

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